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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017


There are likely to be changes in your life or in its direction, they may be self engendered or forced upon you because of circumstances; the future will be faced with optimism. You have plenty of energy to move with the tides and some of you will be very busy helping others; for some there are medical matters while others need to stand up for themselves or leave a difficult situation. Watch a tendency for escapism this year as it could lead to problems. There is a strong emphasis on friendships and friends give you a lot to be thankful for, they may even be fortunate for you so show them just how much they mean to you and feel the love. There is also a focus on those special goals which you have every chance of realising. Jupiter brings happy and positive interactions with others right up to October 11th, something wonderful brings meaning to your life. After October 11th for a year Jupiter brings welcome changes and possibly a cash bonus. Saturn shows that work is instrumental in bringing positive change along with great rewards. Uranus is still in your sign making your goals and friendships very significant when it comes to the way your future unfolds.

Love and Romance

If you are single you are very likely to find love, it could develop from a friendship or be found via a friend. It is also possible that you could meet someone at the end of a journey or in a place of learning. If you are happily attached you have a loving and pleasing year ahead; however if you want to remain single Jupiter will help you to be a happy loner. From July 21st - September 4th you are determined to enjoy yourself, so have a holiday or get romantic, Venus helps in these areas especially around the 15th - 17th September. You feel so close to someone from 14th October - 6th November, in November you feel a sense of commitment.

Work and Daily Routine

It is an important year for your work and whatever you do or change in your working life should be fortunate for you. You are on a roll especially if you work with the public or do work that is linked to distances. Something could force you to make changes but you are up for it. January and February are crucial work wise with the unexpected in February. Work and your daily routine are busy from 5th September - 22nd October but there is also a great enjoyment of what you do from 20th September - 13th October; your work ethic is second to none.