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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017


This is a year of deep feelings that well up concerning a special person in your life or it could be linked to financial matters; you may be deeply in love or in the throes of a new passion. The above matters have a lovely link to Jupiter which blesses you with affluence or the gift of a deep intimate relationship. It is also a time when there may be some opposition, not everyone is on your side so it is better if you can find forgiveness in your heart; however it could be the end of the line if a relationship isn't working. It is an important year especially if you are involved in the medical or healing field, also if your work is linked to distances or care; compassion is a powerful asset in your life. It is important for students not to resort to escapism, in fact all of you need to avoid activities that will eventually be harmful. Jupiter comes to your aid where your home is concerned, whether you want to renovate or sell and a business run from home will do well. From 11th October for a year Jupiter makes you proud of your children as well as making your life more fun; you also have the urge to create, so get busy with those hobbies; your love life could receive a boost too. Saturn continues its journey helping you to achieve a lot this year; it's also crucial that you look after your health. Use your gut instincts when it comes to your work as being a Cancerian endows you with intuition and feelings that help you with decisions.

Love and Romance

Love has a deeply intimate quality about it this year and you feel passionate whether it is your present partner or someone new in your life. There is much love for you with a sense of contentment and commitment. Some of you are at the finish line in a relationship that has had its day, on the other hand you may be in love with a Scorpio or someone with Scorpio characteristics. November is a special month when it comes to romance and enjoyment, it is a meeting of hearts whether you are attached or looking for love. From December 9th onwards you are determined to enjoy yourself and on the 25th there is an epiphany or realisation.

Work and Daily Routine

Your work goes especially well this year, you use your instincts and the intangibles to help you make decisions and to put you on the right track which brings satisfaction and keeps the money rolling in. You achieve a lot this year and can be proud of yourself. In February, March, May and at the start of June Venus has settled in your house of Career Joined by Mars in February – 9th March; therefore work is a joy and has a very busy period; many of you run a business from home. In December your work and daily routine brings much happiness.