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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2019

It could be that someone who brings meaning to your life is having problems, or it may be that although you would love to travel it is unlikely or has to be arranged at a later date, there is definitely the feeling of obstacles or changes that have to be made due to circumstances. There is still a lot of getting out and about and communicating to others especially those who are special to your life, but later in the month energies are depleted, it's time to look after yourself. There is quite an emphasis at this time on your place in the world and your career, you feel very committed to your work and the path your life has taken, and with Venus in this area from the 9th onwards your tasks and your job bring much meaning to your life, there is a pleasant atmosphere at work and in your public life and helpful appointments with health professionals are also likely for some of you. There is a lot of love for you from those special people and you can sense the good vibes so enjoy the admiration. It's likely that there is something unexpected early in the month possibly linked to work, but your mind is on travel or your spiritual life, you have itchy feet but feel limited especially later in the month; in many ways this is a significant month for you.