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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2019

Your work and daily routine should be balanced by also getting close to nature, it is very healing for you and relieves the stress of everyday life. For most of the month Venus is affecting the above area bringing a calmness and helping you feel content; this all brings meaning to your life and the way you feel comes from the heart, tasks bring pleasure and your routine – security, as a bonus any health problem improves. You are ultra sympathetic with certain family members especially younger ones, you are proud of them and get on well with them; it's likely you will all have a lovely holiday soon and enjoy planning the vacation. Mars is stirring up your relationship sector and there may be more activities with your partner or a close friend, also relatives can come into the equation, however there can be altercations or silly accidents so be careful when out and about and deal calmly with others. Your partner could surprise you this month with something they say or they could oppose you over some matter, so try not to overreact and listen to their point of view which will defuse the situation. It really is a month for fun and pleasure, singles could make a conquest and anything creative you do will be admired, so make the most of this heart warming phase.