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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2020

You are getting on extremely well with younger family members even if there is a distance between you, and you have a great deal of compassion for them in these difficult times; your own needs are centred on creative ventures and enjoying your hobbies that take place indoors and the various pleasures that keep you smiling. Romance is on the minds of many of you, perhaps reminiscing about past loves or fantasizing about a new love, while those happily attached think deeply about their relationship and how it has changed. It's also a strong possibility that you have holidays on your mind, but whether a holiday transpires is in the lap of the gods; all those things and people that mean so much to you are in focus this month and there is a lot of love surrounding you. There is a powerful feeling of being guided and protected and those of you who are sensitive and spiritual comfort is gained when alone and connecting to the Universe reaching out to something greater. There is an itch to spend at this time, it might be for something special or to help a relative, also a loss of money can occur so be vigilant and don't spend for its own sake; some of you or a relative can require health treatment, however there are plenty of positives this month so keep cheerful.