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Your Monthly Horoscope for December 2019

There is something this month that takes you by surprise, it could require a lot of deep thought, there is also a need to find balance between home and your career or public life. It has been an important year for friendships and for your goals, there have been gifts in these areas because of the journey of Jupiter, but this month it moves on, lighting up your sector covering your private life and spiritual life for a year, it will afford you much protection especially if you need medical treatment or work in solitude, this month it puts a smile on your face. For those in a career this is a very busy month, combined with a busy public life, you will be getting out and about and enjoying social occasions, however there is a need to take care or silly accidents could occur. Conversations revolve around your career, your private life, and your spiritual beliefs as well as any changes that are impending, exchanges with others settles your mind. For some a romantic conquest needs keeping under wraps, while others find that health treatment is very helpful; you feel happier about who you are at this time if self love is needed. From the 20th onwards Venus is in your sign making you mellow, peaceable and deeply attractive, so enjoy this special month of the year.