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Your Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

This month your work and daily routine are a priority along with health matters for some of you; managing work and your home life can be trying at times but you have Mars in your sign all month so you are able to deal with the spontaneous and unexpected without too much trouble as you find you have a bottomless well of energy and sense of purpose that helps you dash about to help others with your advice and strength, also communicating by phone or email is a big part of this month. Because Saturn is pairing up with Mars you could be taking on more responsibilities where relatives are concerned, it is indeed a busy time for you, but there is a need to take care when out and about. There is a lot of love for you and something works out in your favour, but watch a tendency to live in a fantasy world rather than face reality; if someone has left your life you feel a connection at this time; also you may be daydreaming when it comes to your financial situation, so get real. Venus shines down blissfully for 4 months bringing joy and creativity to your life, you also get along splendidly with any children in the family. For some romance is in the offing, but if happily attached there is much mutual love.