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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

Getting out and about is all about spending on those you love especially in the days following the 16th when you achieve all you set out to do, however it can be stressful and tempers may be frayed. There is also a focus on your interactions with others especially your partner or close friend, there can be heated discussions or a lot to say to a professional of some sort and it is also a very busy phase. It is possible that there may be some sort of heavy issue or a bit of jealousy and a friend could tell you something surprising, or maybe there is the unexpected when it comes to any plans you are making. Jupiter changes sign for a year which is very significant for you, it can bring new friends while old friendships become fortunate in some way, it also makes goals attainable and a wish could even be granted. In the first half of the month you will be feeling nostalgic thinking of those now gone who meant much to you at one time, you may even be reminiscing about past holidays but from the 16th onwards your feet have landed and you plan new holidays and realise the blessings of your life in the present, at the same time an issue is sorted.