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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

This month is about coming to terms with responsibilities, health matters, or the past, it's time to start living with a peaceful mind and to make the most of every single day, and as a bonus Jupiter brings expansion in the area finances and your sense of self worth is on the rise. It's the right time to get out there and enjoy yourself in the company of those you love and like, you also get on well with your children and realise just how much you are loved, conversations with them have a sensitive or compassionate edge. Getting out there and doing the things you love does deplete your resources, but it's worth every penny, as well as this many of you become more creative and indulge in hobbies that inspire; also romance may be on the agenda, it's time to show appreciation to your partner, while you singles could encounter a new love interest. When it comes to your work and daily routine things run smoothly, inwardly you feel at peace and quite fulfilled in all you do, early in the month however an ailment could be bothersome, but as the month progresses your health is better with little to cause you stress. From the 12th onwards there are more activities with others especially your partner or close friend, but at times exchanges can get a little heated so think before you speak; by the end of the month Venus will harmonise all relationships.