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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2019

You could be tempted to spend money on your home and family this month but there is a need to be sensible and aware of your spending as there may be the unexpected or losses if you are not vigilant; as well as this remember to love who you are and feelings of self worth will remain strong. There could also be a health issue which receives the appropriate treatment and turns out to be very helpful for you. There is a focus on your private life along with your spiritual self, you might want to have time alone to contemplate what has been and the pathways to your future, a deep connection to the intangibles is possible, however you can feel a bit melancholy at times; on a positive note, most of the time you feel optimistic and are good company. You feel very much in charge of your surroundings at this time and manage to achieve a lot, there is a restlessness about you that has inner roots, you might drive others to distraction if you nag, so put on your most charming face if you want any jobs done. For a great deal of the month Venus is in your sign giving you a peaceful and magnetic aura, you realise just how much you are loved even if you can be challenging at times.