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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

There may be a difference of opinion between you and your partner or someone you see on a professional basis, they could surprise you in some way, also you feel a bit restless and long for a change of scenery. There is a focus on your private life and all that you do selflessly for others, this month there is a reward; silent protection is very much with you and any medical matters are helpful in the long run, a professional is on your side. It is a good month for quiet reflection with a need to calm that busy mind, those who are spiritual find much comfort in the knowledge that they can connect with something greater, faith in a safe and happy future does not go unnoticed. In your daily life or work there is much to talk over, but when you are alone you tend to churn over the past, you need to resolve issues that disturb you by talking, forgiving and then put it behind you. There is a lot of activity involving siblings or other relatives, and at times you cannot do all you would wish for various reasons, this scenario continues until the end of the year; also there may be a need to listen to others rather than be dogmatic in your approach. The pandemic is still around so there are certain obstacles when it comes to those you love, but from the 8th onwards your work and daily routine bring peace and happiness, and any health problems ease.