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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2018

This is a month when strong emotions are the norm, your feelings are powerful in a few areas of your life, in fact you are a force to be reckoned with. There can be an expense or a medical matter at this time but you are quite happy and filled with optimism, this is an important month for you; however a journey may have to be re scheduled or someone close has troubles or changes in their life which impinge on your life. Conversations with your partner, close friend or family bring the feel good factor and there is a lot to discuss, there could also be something unexpected in a message this month, or a sibling or other relative might have a shift in circumstances which involve you in some way. A lot is going on in your private life and this scenario continues until mid November, there is much activity but at least you feel as if you are moving forwards; take extra care when out and about and even in the home to avoid silly accidents. From the 9th onwards your career and life path are helped by the presence of Venus, it all becomes smoother and the atmosphere is one of co-operation, this also applies to anything that is going on in your public life, and with Jupiter also in this area your career tends to be lucrative and goals are realised and as a bonus there is compassion in abundance for those who need it.