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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2019

This month is centred around your close relationships and your dealings with Professionals, and because Venus is in this sector until the 20th you feel extra close to your partner and experience unconditional love, spiritually you are united; also any dealings with health or legal Professionals go well at this time. For those who are alone a passing attraction could perk you up, inwardly all of you need to feel at peace so being in the countryside or by the sea is very healing for you. A holiday may be on the cards, or something takes place that you have longed to do, there are certainly more activities in your life, you get out and about and communicate with others a lot more. You probably feel very sorry for a relative just now and do your best to help or give advice; watch out for annoying scenarios with someone close. Later on in the month your drives tend to be strong and you seek closeness, also for those of you who have lost someone they are likely to be on your mind, but with Venus now in this area others show their love and caring for you; as a bonus the financial picture is positive. There is however an unresolved issue in your life so face it, do something about it then let it go.