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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2022

This is a month when close family are highlighted; you are committed to their well being and have sympathy with their troubles and pride over their achievements; there may be good news around the 20th. Conversations at this time are mainly with family, and cover subjects such as work and health, these talks are therapeutic and much clarity is gained; some of you talk to a doctor and feel satisfied with what they say, it is very helpful. At times however you can feel a little low, or feel you are carrying a heavy load, this eases off with time and you will be back to your positive self. Your home is a special place this month, and keeping it lovely brings satisfaction, you are proud of your home, and inwardly it helps you to feel good about yourself. You are going through a very busy phase, and may be writing, emailing and communicating in all sorts of ways, because Jupiter is involved good things can come in messages, perhaps involving a special objective, or a friend may be beneficial in some way. You have a sense of achievement later in the month, also it is possible that a relative could have good news, or be fortunate for you at this time; also it is a good phase for expanding your knowledge and being guided by your faith or inner knowing.