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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2019

It's possible that some of you would like to move house, or at the very least feel a stronger urge to get out of the house more. This placing can also indicate an inherited condition that might require treatment, so get out of the house and appreciate nature as it is very healing; for those of you with a health issue there is good management of your condition and a helpful health professional; however for others it is about the financial side of your life in which you feel optimistic as you have a good handle on your in goings and out goings. It's a bit of an emotional see saw just now, some of the time you feel happy about the way your life is shaping and have a lot to talk about to family and friends, but at other times you feel pessimistic or down hearted about certain matters, family member may contribute to these feelings as they could have problems. Communications can be upbeat and harmonious or news can be difficult, there may also there may be a communication that doesn't materialise. A loss of some kind could be on your mind, but you are determined to enjoy life so don't let irrational fears stop you from moving forwards. From the middle of the month your home and health are top priorities and your daily routine is very busy, but it's essential to make time to be relaxed and at peace, you have much to look forward to.