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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

The things and people who bring meaning to your life are in the spotlight this month, and there may be the unexpected or you could be prone to restless and unsettled feelings, also someone at a distance could surprise you. You have a handle on money matters and feel reasonably secure, also you may be dealing with unresolved issues the haunt you and lie in the past, however your stronger sense of self worth helps you with problems in the present and forgiveness is the way forwards when it comes to the past. Shared resources and all that you share with another including intimacy are under promising stars this month, there is a lot of deep love for you, and those who are searching for someone to love could have an encounter that leads to romance only dreamed of, something deep and lasting. Any matters of a serious nature that you are dealing with are put into perspective, and the right conversations with the right people are helpful. There are still restrictive circumstances when it comes to getting out and about, and for some reason communications of all kinds are limited, perhaps your own subconscious issues are to blame, you need to look inwardly, also the lives of relatives may be changing and you feel unable to help as much as you would wish.