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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

This is a good month for seeing to matters connected to your home, you can improve your surroundings methodically, and with a plan you can achieve a lot; however if an inherited condition flares up take care and treat yourself with respect. You realise early in the month that you are well loved and you get on well with family, there is empathy and compassion for yourself or for others, also there can be something unexpected in a communication either linked to family or to your home. There is a focus on your private life which may be linked to health, spirituality, or the subconscious, whatever it is you need time to retreat into your own space for a while to come to terms with the present, and to plan your future, some of you can reach a place of bliss through meditation. There are some happy times this month, you enjoy hobbies and communicating with others, you get on well with younger family members and find happiness in their company; also this month romantic interludes are special. From the 12th onwards work and your daily routine enter a hectic phase, it's also a time when you need to take care of your health, so don't overdo it, allow yourself periods of rest and you will cope, at the end of the month Venus is helpful in these areas.