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Your Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

You find joy in your home life with your many pastimes, hobbies and creative pursuits, also something unexpected brings pleasure. It is a good month if you are involved in the arts and music as they bring you much fulfilment, and those of you who are spiritual find it easy to make a connection to the intangibles; however you might be up on cloud 9 without a parachute, so try and keep your feet on the ground; for some of you health appointments keep you busy. There is quite an emphasis on private matters, whether they be medically orientated for yourself or someone close, or simply linked to music, art or the spiritual world; also there can be a difference of opinion just now or an unexpected communication, there is a sense of limitations this month or a secret comes to light. You are extra sensitive and compassionate early in the month, and for 4 months Venus is harmonising your home and domestic life, helping you to feel at peace inwardly, but at the same time you can experience strong emotions. Talking and communicating with those you love helps you to make sense of circumstances and brings a feeling of well being.