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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2022

Plans you have had to make your home more comfortable and your life easier are panning out just the way you want, but there are still objectives that come up against road blocks, you have to think of alternatives. For some of you, family are in the main frame and something makes you a little sad, however a family member you regard as a friend is there for you. Communications are highlighted, and you talk and exchange messages about difficulties and problems, but you find it extremely helpful when talking to someone close as it sorts out a lot that is on your mind, you gain much clarity. With Venus in this area for most of the month, most messages, emails, conversations etc. are pleasant and harmless, around the 11th there can be a surprise message, or the unexpected when out and about, also you get on well with relatives in this phase. You are very busy in some capacity at this time, you carry on a phase of spending or ensuring your security as this is very important to you, and with Mars pairing up to Jupiter you may be fortunate in earnings or raising your status, also someone close is a valuable asset. At the end of the month a new Moon opens up a phase of creativity and everything that makes you happy.