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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2019

This month is mainly about your daily life including your work and your health, and on the whole it is looking positive with lovely times to look forward to. A holiday or a short break away will be relaxing and great fun, the atmosphere will be pleasant and rewarding. There could be the odd surprise possibly in a communication, and for those at work normal tasks are interwoven with a sense of achievement and satisfaction; you will also find that in the first half of the month work and your daily routine are extra busy but you don't mind that at all. A small problem could surface this month which you deal with and move on, however it could surface again at a later date requiring a solution, there is also the likelihood that a communication you are waiting for does not appear. Later in the month the emphasis shifts to your partner or to dealings with Professionals and in these areas you have a great rapport and are able to sort out any issues without undue stress or argument; you get on well with others at this time and there are more joint activities, interactions are pleasing. There is much to look forward to this month so make the most of it and enjoy yourself.