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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2019

Powerful emotions are part of the picture this month, they may be linked to your partner, your financial situation, or some ongoing serious or deep issue; in one of these matters there is the likelihood of changes or obstacles especially when it comes to your objectives and dreams. With Mars in the above areas you could be spending your shared resources which may cause a bit of friction, or it could simply be that you feel strongly about your security whatever that means to you. There is also an accent on the things and people that bring meaning to your life, including travel and holidays or your interests, for some it is your spiritual life; you could also be close to someone who is travelling this month. For others it could be studying something that inspires you that lights you up, whatever it is you are fully committed and have much going for you and from the 9th onwards these matters are charmed by Venus so enjoy this uplifting spell. There could be a surprise of some sort earlier in the month, there may be the chance of a journey or you could receive and unexpected message.