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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2019

Many of you have your birthday this month and enjoy the celebrations, it is quite an important month with a surprise or the unexpected which resonates in the area of money and security. Pastimes and interests that you enjoy are high on the list just now, there is also the chance of a health matter for yourself or someone close. It is a month that partly focuses on friendships and groups, but with the presence of Saturn in this sector there are limitations or difficulties in this area, this also applies to your goals and plans which may have to be re thought or put on hold. Talking and communicating is the way forward at this time, it is productive and settles certain matters, in fact you achieve a great deal when you talk to your partner or a relative in a reasonable way without undue emotion; indeed there are good portents around discussions for the whole month. It is a great month for your private life when you realise how well you are thought of, helping another is appreciated and spirituality in any form you recognise helps you soar beyond the mundane.