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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Your work, health and daily routine are in the spotlight this month and there is a chance of the surprising or unexpected with much going on in your private life, friendships can be frustrating or a special goal can hang in the balance, however you are optimistic which helps you deal with any problems; certain things have to change or evolve in our lives which brings us fresh challenges so go with the flow. Those attached feel deeply about their partner who may be going through changes of some sort, but this is necessary and will lead to a better life for you both, this is down to a very positive aspect between Venus and Pluto. You tend to experience powerful feelings this month which may be feelings of love and much happiness, it can also be down to a secure financial position. Holidays are a blessing at this time and agree with you on many levels, for those who are wrapped up in their career this is also a special or even auspicious phase. You can feel as if you are retracing steps you have already trodden for a great deal of this month but from the 27th you can move forwards, also the 27th is significant in some way, you may be able to progress with a goal that you have set your heart on.