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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2018

This is a month of awakenings and certain realisations, those with a partner feel a total commitment in their relationship, for others interactions with friends and family prove to be of great value, communications of all kinds have a sympathetic edge and your words carry weight so choose them carefully, you have an inherent wisdom at your disposal so use it and don't get sidetracked. A message or a discussion can be surprising or unexpected at this time and could involve a sibling or other relative, for a few of you it is linked to your partner. You have a strong urge to spend on all those objectives and plans that mean so much to you but there is a need to keep within boundaries and save for a rainy day. Most of the month you are absorbed with private matters and a good source of support for someone close, however it could be a time of tension but you are a sensitive and compassionate person and verbal explosions are regretted and made good. On the 9th and the days that follow a break from routine goes well and feelings are powerful for those who matter, so take chances to enjoy yourself this month and do whatever it takes to create balance in your life.