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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2019

It is quite a mixed month, hobbies and interests take up part of your time along with all other avenues incorporating fun and pleasure; there is much you feel deeply about including creative ventures so make the most of this phase, however something you hear takes you by surprise or even shocks you at this time. You also get along well with younger family members and if you have a partner a bit of wining and dining wouldn't go amiss; singles could have a romantic encounter or receive a message that makes their heart flutter, while those in a relationship build bridges and find new things to love about each other. Your home and family are also in focus and jobs around the house bring feelings of satisfaction, you like your living space to be pleasant. Inwardly you are quite content and have sympathy for those around you, however some of you have a health problem or the health of another brings out your compassionate side. Work and your daily routine are very busy this month, there is a lot to keep you occupied but it may stress you a bit, however at the end of the month Venus enters this area easing your work load and making tasks pleasurable, there could even be a holiday soon which you look forward to.