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Your Monthly Horoscope for December 2019

Some of you are thinking about distances and holidays, but if you are travelling you need to take care; it's also a month that is special for those things and people who give you security and give your life meaning. There is a likelihood of a surprise or the unexpected which comes in a message, it may be linked to your private life, your health or someone else's, or it may be a secret or of spiritual significance; your gifts in life can also be included, it is a month of action. Jupiter enters a new sign for a year so the friendship scene improves and aims are easier to manifest, this month Jupiter delivers a nice surprise. The journey of Venus is helpful in friendships at this time, singles could have a romantic encounter, is is also beneficial when it comes to those plans and goals close to your heart; from the 20th onwards Venus is in your private and spiritual zone, you will treasure your quiet time or be engrossed in music or your own thoughts, you could also be helping someone close and any health problems could subside; in this phase a message may surprise you. Conversations sort out a lot and are the way forward, so don't be afraid to speak in this surprising and interesting month.