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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2019

Something you hear or some other type of communication could be unexpected or surprises you, for some of you it involves a relative, or your work and daily routine. This month is important for you in some way and may be in the area of friendships or the lack of them, also groups with the possibility of changes; where goals and hopes are concerned you work towards them with optimism and a down to earth approach, but with Neptune hovering beware of illusion or self deception. There is a focus on all that makes you feel secure and with a lovely link to Jupiter and the presence of Venus, your reputation is soaring and career opportunities are likely; however there is one area of your life that you feel on shaky ground but you head towards better times so feel confident. You are busy in the home but at times feel a lack of energy, in the second half of the month you seek pleasure and fun and communications and discussions have the feel good factor, you get on well with relatives at this time. Hobbies help you to feel secure and you are ready for a bit of romance, singles are all out for a conquest so wine and dine and enjoy yourself.