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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

This is a month for all those activities and people that are special in your life, in fact all that takes place on a daily basis brings out your talents and empathy with others. Something unexpected or surprising can be part of the scene at this time along with happy messages and feelings of optimism. Your work, daily routine and health are in focus and your occupation could enter a phase of changes, minor or radical, while your daily routine can include appointments for health matters for you or someone close, also there are certain challenging issues perhaps linked to a friendship or to a special aim. You are very busy in your private life with lots to keep you occupied, and in the second half of the month Mars energises you resulting in plenty of achievements, drives can be strong just now but watch your temper and control those over the top emotions. Deep feelings about the past are likely and you secretly reminisce, but from the 16th onwards you leave it all behind, and feet back on the ground you are aware of your blessings. Jupiter changes sign for a year bringing expansion to your life path and for some a new direction or career opportunities, so look forward with optimism.