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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

This is a good month for the things you plan to do, circumstances are conducive for some of your hopes and goals, also you get on well with others in your private life, communications and discussions leave you feeling content and at one with the Universe, and for some of you talking to a health professional brings hope. It is also a good month for friendships and groups, but there are limiting factors for many of you, Saturn and Pluto in this area can bring endings and difficulties but you gain much wisdom so you will approach the future loaded with knowledge that will help you with any challenges in the above areas. There are deep feelings and much compassion for family early in the month, but from the 8th onwards you start to enjoy life more, you feel creative and happy in your hobbies, you may even do a bit of wining and dining as romance is on your mind. You are in the mood to spend but there are obstacles and other matters to consider which leaves you feeling a bit frustrated so try not to be confrontational to those around you as irritability is likely until the end of the year. You have a lot to say and communicate this month so try and remain calm and listen to others, also you will tend to swing from optimism to pessimism so it's important to count your blessings.