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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

A communication of some kind engenders deep feelings, it can take you by surprise, or it may be in getting out and about that something unusual occurs, whatever it is there is definitely the unexpected this month. The focus is on you and your projects, friendships and plans, a project goes just the way you want it to bringing feelings of satisfaction, and you are well on the way in coming to terms with matters that have changed your life, you are realising certain things about yourself that you have been blind to before. For most of the month you get on well with your partner and have depth of feeling for them, they in turn show their love to you and you reciprocate, you are committed to standing by them whatever takes place; while those of you who are looking for love could hit the jackpot and begin a romance that will be long and lasting. There continues to be an urge to spend but you feel a need for caution in these difficult times so you set yourself limits, this is probably wise considering the financial climate that would follow the pandemic, however a brighter future is a prospect for us all when the recovery takes place.