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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2022


There may have been significant changes in your life either last year or this year which leave you wondering about your aims and objectives, so it's important not to lose focus and to go with the flow; yes it's a tough journey but the rewards at the end are worth waiting for. The year is centred on the people you love and the things that make you happy such as travel, your spiritual life, your friendships, family, and your pastimes, you manage to achieve a lot despite circumstances, but at times you are angry at a deity so it's best to be philosophical. Your mind is keen and researching this year and messages can invoke powerful emotions often felt at the core of your being, you do a lot of communicating and local journeys, also relatives gain importance, especially from August 20th until March 24th 2023. Jupiter acts as a benign and protective influence up the the 10th May and from October 28th - December 20th, for the rest of the year it is in your sign bringing good things into your life and helping you to achieve those things that mean so much. You feel deeply about those you regard as friends, and with Saturn in this area all year a true friendship shines through while other less reliable friendships fall by the wayside, perhaps lessons are learned, the same goes for objectives, some are just not viable, but effort brings one or more aims to a happy conclusion. Uranus continues to bring surprises financially, they can be gains or losses, while someone helps you to feel secure. Trust your inner knowing this year and rise above any adversity, you were born to be special and have gifts for the world, so stay strong and trust your instincts.

Love and Romance

Important beginnings and endings take place in the area that denotes your path in life. A love affair can blossom into something that is more committed, or you may feel you need to move on from it, something can change the status quo, whatever it is it affects finances and engenders powerful emotions. Something makes you happy in July and from 12th August - 4th September Venus brings pleasure in abundance, you are loved and you know it especially in August, September can bring you down to Earth. You could travel in October especially with, or to see a partner, they could also come to see you which results in feelings of more commitment as the month unfolds, but the 20th is challenging. Late December Jupiter enters your sign once again, raising spirits and making a dream come true.

Work and Daily Routine

Your career and path in life are strongly emphasised with a few possible scenarios, students gain insight and power which leads to success , or completely change their field of study; while those in a career feel the sky is the limit, or decide to call it a day and do something else. From late January until 5th March it can be very hectic but in a good way, as Venus is filling your working life with the feel good factor in January and February. In August your daily routine helps you to feel satisfied, and from the 5th to the 28th September your work and routine bring a smile to your face, tasks are tackled with gusto and ease. From December 10th onwards your career and reputation are second to none, and your public life and friendships are uplifting, so enjoy the celebrations.