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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2019


Powerful emotions are part of the picture this year, they may centre around shared money and possessions, who spends what and how much is spent are questions needing to be addressed and with a positive aspect to Pluto any changes work out well bringing feelings of satisfaction. You find a great sense of purpose this year and can be spontaneous, charged with energy and ready for whatever comes your way, a need for intimacy can also drive you. Your mind will be on travel, learning or spiritual matters and could involve friends; a sudden decision to travel could work out well for you and any studies are inspirational. Jupiter is beneficial in these areas up to 3rd December so collect those holiday brochures and make those plans; if you are a student it's all systems go as you realise your dreams. Linking up with the 'great beyond' is also favoured as you reach for enlightenment. The position of Saturn helps you to stay grounded as you know in your heart that to play hard you also need to work hard. Uranus brings you Taurus friends or that type of friend, they may be wealthy or down to earth types, they help you to feel secure and there could be surprises in friendships, you might also have financial gains or losses and your self worth is escalating. You are ultra sensitive and compassionate these days and have much empathy with others.

Love and Romance

This year your close relationships have a deep and intimate quality that promises to go forward into the future, also your great sensitivity with this person endears them to you. If you are single you are likely to meet someone who can match your passionate nature, and who will support you in your career. In July and August you are determined to enjoy yourself, any holidays are much looked forward to, there is fun and romance, August is sizzling. There may be a bump or two on the smooth path of love in September and possibly October, but if there is depth of feeling you will avoid the pitfalls. A holiday in November is everything you want it to be, and your drives are strong all through December.

Work and Daily Routine

You are passionate about your work and earning potential and the presence of Saturn in your career zone spurs you on to keep working and become established, however Pluto is also in this sector making some of you crave changes and transformation in your working life, if there is a big change be assured that it will not be an easy ride. In February there is a pleasant atmosphere in your everyday routine and work, although you may want to implement changes workwise or in your personal life; March is significant in some way and near the end of August and in September work and your daily routine are busy but bring satisfaction, you achieve a lot. In December Jupiter moves to your zone of career and life path bringing expansion and opportunities.