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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2018


One area of your life is likely to undergo change, it may be linked to a family member or to your career, there could even be a turning point in your life and a new direction. Communications of all kinds are highlighted this year and friends play a big part in your life, you spend a lot of time messaging them, talking to them and to special members of your family who bring you their wisdom. Your mind will be on distant locations, spiritual matters or studies for much of the year, but daydreaming could be distracting, you could also come up against an obstacle that will change your outlook, something may happen that will change your life. You get out and about more than usual and feel deeply about certain matters including finances; your life is improving and Jupiter may bring windfalls, exciting studies or time abroad; in the last two months of the year Jupiter brings good times linked to travel and for those who are learning, successful and inspirational studies; spiritually you feel a connection to a higher power. You are helpful to someone you care for at this time and they benefit from your gentle side, but some of you need loving attention yourselves. You are entering a phase when you have to take the rough with the smooth in order to establish yourself in the world, destiny is calling you. Uranus in your zone of self worth and money from mid May brings helpful friendships and financial gains or losses.

Love and Romance

There is a strong indication that romance has a more serious committed feel, love can be enduring and has much to teach you whether you are attached or single. You could be attracted to a Capricorn or a person who steadily climbs the ladder of success, singles could meet this person at work or at a social gathering and whether you have a partner or not you seek intimacy and feeling run deep. You entrance others in March and in June and July there are happy fun times; in August and September there are things to learn about your partner. November is a positive month for close relationships, but in December there could be challenges as well as very fulfilling moments.

Work and Daily Routine

With Saturn moving through your zone of career for over two years it’s time to knuckle down and just get on with it, there are no short cuts, it’s your only option when it comes to establishing yourself in the world. Opportunities can be thin on the ground at this time and Saturn has much to teach you; also the presence of Pluto can bring beginnings and endings to your working life or a new direction. You are very busy from 18th March - 15th May, while July and early August are uplifting for your working life and daily routine; from June onwards there are benefits, cash or otherwise.