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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

In your private life you show much compassion for those you love and this is very much in evidence this month, also being careful with your income is definitely paying off, you feel more secure in one or two areas of your life. There is an emphasis on distant shores or those who live a distance away from you along with all those things and people who bring meaning to your life; messages are given and received as there is much to talk over. Your partner and family are pivotal to discussions and you talk over good times, celebrations, and the blessings you have in your lives, however not all messages this month are joyous there can be the unexpected or surprising or someone may have a sadness. This month Jupiter your Planet changes sign to Sagittarius for a year expanding your life and bringing people and resources that will benefit you so enjoy this phase. From the 16th onwards your home and family bring much happiness and you are very busy, you achieve a lot at this time. When it comes to friendships you are feeling nostalgic, or maybe there is an old objective that you want to resurrect, however from the 16th on you are able to move forwards concentrating on the present and future.