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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2019

This month is all about distances for many of you, there are wonderful holidays with those who mean so much to you and the love is tangible. You know how to enjoy yourself and you are in a great frame of mind, there are also one or two surprises along the way; however it's important to look after your health and to follow a good health regime as an ailment could crop up at this time. Although many of you are travelling for some it is a spiritual journey from which you derive great comfort; if you have children you are extra proud of them just now. You are glad to have a break from routine and work and you pursue pleasure and good times; later in the month the emphasis shifts to your career and public life, a pleasant atmosphere descends in the work place, you will be very busy all with good results. Your feelings run deep this month and your financial situation is on your mind along with a close relationship, you are working towards something you want and are likely to succeed.