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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

You talk over matters that are important to you with your partner and with close friends, conversations revolve around sensitive topics that may be related to your home or parents, it could also be that your partner is under par or has worries that you both need to discuss in order to ease their mind. Communications of all kinds are in focus as well as matters linked to relatives, Saturn makes you feel responsible for them, but talking to kin is helpful when it comes to differing points of view. Discussing important issues is the way forwards just now, and early in the month you realise just how much you are loved; inwardly you feel optimistic and positive about the way your life is panning out, and as a bonus Jupiter will help you find your dream home if that is your plan, some of you benefit through a parent. Shared resources are looking good so you want to indulge in a few pleasures, feelings tend to run deep this month and intimacy is special; from the 12th onwards you have the urge to travel and indulge in good times, this becomes more likely at the end of the month when it is a cherished aim to either see friends or family; some of you want to study something profound or there is a marked change in your beliefs.