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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

There may be a setback or a surprise linked to work, a friendship or an objective, but you feel optimistic in these areas and continue to feel more secure when it comes to money matters, however there are still limitations and obstacles when it comes to friendships and your aims. Your home, domestic life, and family are in focus and being cautious with cash is paying off, you are gaining wisdom where money and security are concerned. For most of the month your career is satisfying and work is a pleasure, you have plenty of self belief when it comes to your job and authority figures are pleased with your efforts; you know what the rewards are and the planets are on your side this month. You are particularly fond of a parent and have empathy with them at this time, you get on well together and as long as you take care your public life is improving making things easier all round. Mars continues its journey so the urge is strong to enjoy yourself, but only so much is possible as the difficult situation we all have to endure is restrictive, so it's important to find creativity in your everyday life so you can channel frustrations; try not to be challenging with those you live with as they also have their difficulties.