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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2020

You feel a greater depth of love for your partner these days, you have much empathy and understand any difficulties you both face; for those without a partner talking with a good friend brings out a mutual sympathy, in fact for all of you friendships are emphasised and friends have a good listening ear when it comes to your hopes and fears, you can rely on them to put things into perspective and cheer you up with their bonhomie. Talking to a woman who is close or your partner about your work or your health is also productive and helpful, there is also the likelihood of a surprise in a communication. You could be reminiscing about the past or concentrating on your plans for the future, it's always good to have a few dreams. You continue to feel very much in charge when it comes to your home and domestic life, creative activities are important as well as some laughter which benefits your family and friends, also an upbeat attitude is helpful where parents are concerned and keeping busy is the way to go. These are difficult circumstances but don't let your natural optimism fade, by the end of the month you will see that you have achieved a lot.