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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Your work may have links to distances and technology plays a big part, however those close to you could have their concerns, so you need to weigh up the pros and cons; you have much to tell your partner this month concerning all aspects of your life, they need to feel secure. There is a focus on your earnings along with all the things and people that give you security, and whether you are working or looking for work you are wealthy in the things that really matter; some of you will find new jobs and eventually have a healthy bank balance. You will find that your confidence and self worth are growing, but there is still a need to be cautious with money as these are peculiar times, you would like a busy social life just now as you are determined to enjoy yourself, but take care as the pandemic is not over, you can find this limiting as the month progresses and this is the scenario until the end of the year, however November looks more positive, channel any frustrations into hobbies and creative ventures and try not to get annoyed with others. You feel deeply about your friends, your objectives and shared resources as well as the intimacy you share with your partner, but for many of you your mother past or present has a special place in your life at this time.