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Your Monthly Horoscope for December 2019

This month is always special for many of you, and it is partly about the ways in which you find pleasure and fun, creativity is high on the list; also your romantic life can be a high priority at this time so try a bit of wining and dining. Your private life and your children mean much to you and you want to do your best for them as this celebratory time of year; also many of you are spiritually inclined and through prayer or meditation you can make a connection to the intangibles; however for a few of you a health issue requires treatment which will be helpful. Conversations revolve around your partner, your parents, money and security issues, and with Jupiter moving sign for a year your financial and security needs are looking promising, even fortunate. There is likely to be a surprise or disagreement in a message or a conversation, but on a lighter note there is also something that makes your heart sing; those who are looking for love could find someone who makes them feel secure, and for many of you a nice surprise is in a communication. From the 20th onwards messages and discussions bring happiness, so enjoy what the month has to offer.