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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2019

You are either happy at work and using technology throughout the day, or you feel a need to try something different, for many of you your daily routine entails lots of short journeys. There is a focus on your home life or parents and there may be some friction at this time especially with your partner, or it could be an upsurge in activities, money can come into the equation and limit you in some way so there might be a need to plan carefully. Life is good to you in many ways and a lovely link from Mercury to Jupiter brings optimism and happiness especially in your close relationships; you are managing life well and your cautious approach to finances in paying off. Your daily routine is mostly harmonious, you and your partner tackle jobs with energy and determination, it all runs smoothly and as a bonus you feel well and able. Someone you know has a worry at this time and you try to help them with your optimism and sympathy. From the 16th onwards you feel deeply about certain issues and your financial situation, you have a sense of satisfaction; also your drives are strong in this phase which lasts until July.