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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Holidays are certainly on your mind this month, at least that is true for many of you; others are concentrating on their spiritual life and feel a strong connection to something greater; students feel optimistic about their choices and news you have been waiting for arrives after the 19th. There is much to talk over with loved ones as there is a worry that finances will not stretch, this could just be excessive caution, also a message or a declaration will be surprising at this time and there is a feeling of going over old ground in one respect, you can move forwards from the 27th. You are on the right track work wise, the same goes for a special objective and something involving finances is just what you were hoping for. There is also an emphasis on your home and close family, you have much compassion for them and feel glad to be in their company there is definitely a beneficial side. The 27th is significant in some way and for much of the month friendships bring comfort and goals are pursued, however one aim meets an impasse or a friend has problems.