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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2019

This month reflects the deep feelings you have about your home, your financial situation and your family, you feel sympathetic towards those you love and this month your relationships take centre stage. Your partner is especially precious to you and they may need your love and compassion, it's also possible that they disagree with some situation in your lives which you can understand; however in many areas you agree and work together in unison. In several ways it is a good month for partnerships as you enjoy the closeness; shared resources are also looking satisfactory but you remain cautious in this area. Because of the journey of Mars you have a strong urge to travel and could well do so later in the month, you long for the life at the end of the journey as you know how to enjoy yourself, and with Venus also in this area at the end of the month you are assured of a happy and fruitful interlude. A message could take you by surprise early in the month and there is a lot to talk over and communicate.