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Your Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

Your feeling run deep and wide this month in many areas of your life, you feel strongly about your home and family, your work and your partner, there is also much sympathy and compassion when it comes to communicating with those you love. Changes in your working life are helpful to you and you feel a sense of commitment and stability, also shared finances and what they mean to you are quite a priority at this time. Venus brings peace and harmony ( most of the time ) to the area of your close relationships and in your interactions with others for a full 4 months, as far as your partner is concerned you are thinking long term, singles could meet the one or at the very least charm the socks off a few. You are extra sociable this month and just love communicating and chatting to others particularly in an upbeat way, you spread joy and positivity, however with Saturn also in this area be careful what you promise, try and stay on Planet Earth. Talking a lot to relatives is likely, there may even be a bit of friction, and as far as getting out and about do take care to avoid silly accidents. You are well thought of when it comes to your daily routine and work so enjoy what the month brings.