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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2022

Your career and status are emphasised this month, and you are very committed to your work and the duties you perform on a daily basis. For many of you a loss in your life affects the everyday things you do, but you have a lot of love in your life helping you to adjust, as well as this you have a lot of care and sympathy for someone close to you. Your drives and emotions are powerful at this time, you may be going on holiday, or you could be involved with something or someone that you are passionate about, also shared finances may be a priority and there might be the odd disagreement over money or a lot of spending. If you are going on holiday it will be good for you, it could even be romantic, however there are limiting factors for many of you, so if you can’t travel, just dream, and do the other things you love with the people you love; it’s a good phase for your sense of self worth. Conversations and communications this month can be about problems and the more serious side of life, but talking to close family is therapeutic, they help you to be positive, there is plenty of empathy and sympathy if you need it.