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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2019

For many of you events in the past or a loss may be on your mind so it's best to keep busy and to remain positive; those of you in a partnership have much empathy and compassion for your partner, also a surprising message or conversation is likely concerning a sudden event or a financial matter. Another focus is on close family especially younger members and you are beginning to realise just what makes them tick consequently your view of them is beginning to change or it makes you think. You are starting to feel that there is a wide world out there waiting to be explored therefore you could be planning an exciting break or holiday, you get together with family to discuss it and come up with some great ideas; if you are a student you are putting everything you have into your studies and derive satisfaction from this. Your work and daily routine bring pleasure this month, you can be very busy but enjoying every moment, the smallest tasks give you feelings of security, and as a bonus any health problems are less troublesome. There is the possibility of a sudden attraction but it is unlikely to be the love of your life as it may not be long term; towards the end of the month the journey of Venus brings harmony to partnerships and a sense of security.