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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2019

During this month you are absorbed with your plans and objectives, there are things you want to achieve and hopes you want to fulfil, friendships are high on the list they are an important part of your life and you get on well with them just now. There is a mutual sympathy between you and your friends and you help each other through troubling times, however a family member may oppose you over one issue. At the end of the month Venus shines on your private life, you feel happier inwardly and in your work and daily routine, you could even have a lovely break away somewhere relaxing or invigorating. Mars is inhabiting your private sector all month so you feel passionate about the selfless service, love and care you give others, your duties are important to you and where family are concerned you go beyond the call of duty, but don't wear yourself out as this would be counter productive, think of your own needs as well and don't be a doormat. You are certainly very busy this month with a possible surprise or the unexpected and you can be emotional at times, however the month has a lot to offer.