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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2018

A lot in your life works out well for you this month, you get on well with your family and enjoy your interests and hobbies, if it is romance you are looking for it is there for you. Many of you have a wonderful holiday, while those who are studying are all revved up with a tremendous sense of purpose to begin a journey that will realise their dreams. Whatever and whoever you feel passionate about is at the top of your list this month and if it is all about those you love you have boundless energy when it comes to helping them along with much empathy, your deep feelings when it comes to your family means you will do everything in your power to help them in their daily lives; also your work and your own daily routine engender powerful emotions so there may be some kind of balancing act between your priorities. Changes in the lives of siblings or other relatives are changes for the better, you get on well with them this month and help where you can. Communications could be significant in some way with a possible surprise, but on the whole messages and talks are amiable and well intentioned.