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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

The spotlight is on your work, your public life, and your status, and whatever your situation is, hard work reaps rewards as well as being a pleasure; however in one of the above areas there could be the unexpected or unusual especially if you are travelling. Conversations involve sympathy and sensitive matters, there is much to discuss with your partner or good friend, and there is also the likelihood that there will be a need to talk to a professional of some sort. Your daily routine and health are very much in focus, and there are certain important matters in these areas, but on the whole if you discuss your concerns it will be helpful, you can cope and you will make the best of it; some of you have had to incorporate changes into your working life so you have had to adapt. Friendships bring the feel good factor this month, and you take the lead in arranging your social life, also you can see a plan or goal developing, and have strong feelings in these areas, finances may be involved and you are highly motivated at this time. From the middle of the month onwards feelings are deep when it comes to your private life, and there is plenty of action; health or secrets could predominate, but for some it is your spiritual life. Jupiter can bring love to those who are searching, a person who will make you feel good emotionally.