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Your Monthly Horoscope for December 2019

You home, family, and domestic life are a high priority this month, you have a lot to talk over and to communicate, especially when it comes to deep or weighty matters; relatives are very much in the picture and not all exchanges are as light as a feather, there could even be a surprise or the unexpected; however for the main part conversations are constructive and helpful and there are things that need to be said. Those with children get on particularly well with them at this time, and there are warm feelings of security; while those who are looking for love could hit the jackpot, it may even have occurred in late November. You are set to have a lovely time and with Jupiter in a new sign for a year children and grandchildren make you proud, beneficial circumstances are linked to them, it will also be a happy, creative, and romantic phase, this month it indicates a lovely surprise. From the 20th onwards your work and daily routine make you feel good and any health problem subsides, or a health issue is less of a worry. The way you feel inwardly is relevant just now, there can be ups and downs but on the whole it is a great month.