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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

This busy phase in your life continues but this month it's difficult to feel energised, you may feel you are going round in circles and going over old ground, from the 27th onwards you can move forwards once again. There could be more dealings with your family, you are a support to them and they support you, there is a great deal of empathy and sympathy for each others problems, you are also very caring towards your partner, benefits come through messages and relatives. Venus is still in your sign until the 7th therefore you radiate love and others value your presence in their lives, later in the month financial matters are highlighted so you can make travel plans if you desire, however there may be other priorities or drains on your cash. There is also a focus on your partner this month and how you relate to each other, this also applies to your interactions with other people; your partner may have an ailment or problems for which you feel compassion, Virgo is a sign of service so you are no stranger to helping others.