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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

There is likely to be a surprise in your private life, possibly linked to someone you are close to or to a health issue, it may even relate to a holiday you were planning. There is a focus on younger family members and you get on particularly well with them just now; there may be joint plans that make you happy and the excitement of life is back. There are things to look forward to and whatever constitutes fun and laughter is possible this month, as long as you take a certain amount of care all should be well. If you are looking for romance in your life and your partner is in a rut, get the cogs moving by a bit of wining and dining and don't forget to look amazing, if you are single you could hit the jackpot. It's also a good month for friendships, especially friends who make you feel secure, and when it comes to your objectives plans are working out well, there is plenty to fill you with enthusiasm. Mars continues to cause a bit of friction when it comes to shared resources, you don't care for recklessness with money and have strong feelings in this area, you have to set limits on spending, perhaps you are becoming wiser. Towards the end of the month is good for communications and there is a lot to talk over with friends and family.