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Your Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

This month reflects the area of your friendships, how they are doing, and do they have any news for you, there is much mutual sympathy and compassion. Your mind is focused on the changes that have taken place in your life in the last few years, or you may be experiencing deep feelings of compassion for your partner or close friend. There is a lot of love for you from family and friends, you might even have a lovely break away or feel very committed to certain areas of your life, especially family. For those in a career there is a sense of security and Venus makes your working life as satisfying as possible; for those in a caring role there is a lot of getting out and about mainly to enjoy yourself, as well as this authority figures are on your side, this also applies to those who work. Your daily routine is extra busy and with Saturn now in this area you may be feeling daunted by your tasks but you always cope; watch your health from now until the end of June, incorporate some periods of relaxation into your daily life and don't do what others can do for themselves. It is possible that you or someone close experiences some kind of transformation in their lives.