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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2019

This month there is a strong emphasis on your private life and subconscious, you are very busy behind the scenes and will help those you love with a glad heart. Some of you are absorbed with medical matters and the outlook is good; all of you tend to be busy in some capacity, your feelings are powerful when it comes to those you love. Some of you have endured a big change to your life in the last couple of years and you have had to adapt, no one realises how strong you are. There is some sort of surprise in the offing or a friend is in difficulties, another possibility is that something you had set your heart on has an obstacle, it seems that particular goal can't be realised yet. From the 18th onwards Mars in your sign gives you energy and strength of purpose, you are unstoppable; three days later Venus joins Mars making you deeply attractive to others, they all want your company and serenity. You continue to learn more about loved ones as there are facets of their character that you weren't aware of, it can be surprising at times. These days you can find it hard to really enjoy yourself, this will pass in time and once again you will be your cheery self.