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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

There could be the unexpected financially either linked to work or to some other aspect of your life, your security is important to you especially when it comes to your partner and family. You will have to think carefully about certain matters which may be centred around close family, deep feelings and emotions are par for the course as you continue to experience certain limitations and frustrations in your everyday life. You enjoy helping those you love and will do as much as you are able in order to help them; while those with a health issue continue to benefit from good treatment and attention, some of you have a secret love interest. Partnerships are a theme this month, whether reminiscing about the past, or enjoying the company of someone close; these are strange times and you have a lot to think about, also all of your interactions with others are constructive and helpful. For most of the month you are lucky to have Venus in your sign bringing out your earthy harvest man or maiden you light up the room like a flame and get on well with your family, you are making the most of life. It is wise these days to channel excessive drives into some kind of creative venture or hobby, you will benefit physically and psychologically. Communications with siblings or other relatives may be surprising and can be linked to a holiday or to a friendship; there are highs and lows this month but much to enjoy.