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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

Siblings or other relatives are a big part of the picture in November with possible surprises, this also applies to communications of all kinds, in fact the unexpected however unimportant or significant is likely, and as a bonus you could hear something wonderful or feel optimistic about the future. Some of you may be having a nice break away, while others feel blessed with a loving family and a great home life. There is a focus on all that takes place in your private life and the selfless way you help others you care for, you are probably very busy just now and if someone you love is unwell you will do everything that is possible for them; your daily routine is hectic and the same applies to your occupation. From the 16th onwards there are more activities with your partner or a friend, you could be getting out and about more and you tend to have strong emotions at this time, also you achieve a great deal of what you set out to do. You could be feeling nostalgic concerning a relationship and your security until the 16th when at last you feel you can move forwards. Jupiter moves sign for a year therefore you are fortunate in home matters and have a sense of optimism for the future.