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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2019

Your daily routine of helping those you love is special this month, and if you have a lovely holiday to look forward to there may be a surprise along the way. There is a focus on a relationship either past or present and the way in which it has changed your life, there continues to be the possibility of changes or the development of a new relationship; if your memories of a special person are in the past you need to face the future with confidence and hope. Your mind tends to be on deep or weighty matters but a positive link up of Mercury and Jupiter fills you with optimism; however at times you are troubled which deflates your natural bonhomie and zest for life; you also might feel at odds with someone in the family who isn't considering your feelings, this will resolve itself eventually. From the 15th onwards thoughts of a holiday fill you with excitement, and those things and people you treasure are part of the picture. Your public life or career are quite hectic and at times you feel depleted, but in the second half of the month your friendships along with your hopes and plans take centre stage.