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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2019

This month there is an accent on your relatives and communications, there may be changes in the lives of close relatives mostly changes for the better, and if they have problems they can rely on your sympathetic response. From the 9th onwards you get on well with siblings or other relatives, there is an atmosphere of mutual love and respect; as some point there is a surprise which could come in a message or via another person. There could also be some sort of hold up or challenge when it comes to your financial situation or your security, perhaps there is a drain on your resources which is linked to family, however you are in the mood to spend and feel deeply about your purchases which might be for others; later in the month you lose your mojo a bit but you will soon be back on form. Communications and chats have the feel good factor, you know how to be a good listener and have a sensible approach in conversation, you are valued. Messages are mostly on the lighter side and there are lots of pleasant discussions.