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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2018


With the continued transit of Pluto there could be important changes in your life or fated events, and with quite a few other Planets in this area there has to be transformations at the very core of your life. A sensitive Pisces type of person figures strongly or a journey is crucial in some way, there may be a health matter or a deception abroad so take care. There is also an emphasis on selfless service or solitary work and using your gut instinct works out well for you; it’s also possible that there is a need to care for someone or that you could do with a bit of TLC yourself. Work oriented matters thrive and your everyday routine brings much pleasure; you seek happiness, creativity and fun with family this year, or maybe it’s your work that gives you the biggest buzz, whatever it is you will find joy. From the 9th of November for a year Jupiter travels through your zone of work and daily routine bringing pleasure to your everyday tasks and for many of you a period of good health; your energy and enthusiasm is very apparent so live life to the full.

Love and Romance

With Mars and Jupiter in unison your love life is extra important this year; if you are single you actively seek romance and your drives are strong, those attached find new delight in each other and trips away help the flame to burn. With a scattering of Planets in your zone of close relationships there may be beginnings and endings, but if there has been a deep transformation in a partnership it will ride out any storm. You find out more about your partner in the next couple of years and perhaps you will have more tolerance when it comes to their challenging side, loving is never that easy unless you like the person you are with. September, October and December are high spots.

Work and Daily Routine

Your working life is busy this year and on the plus side work is a pleasure; many conversations take place at work or because of the work you do, communication is integral to to your work; January is particularly notable in this respect. In March your daily routine becomes hectic but Venus is now in a helpful position bringing the odd surprise. On November 9th Jupiter enters your sector of work and everyday routine for a year bringing opportunities possibly linked to abroad, you could make helpful connections as you go through an expansive phase, it’s up to you to make the most of it.