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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2022


Friends are a big part of your life this year and they rally round in times of need; there may be an ending to deal with, a sadness, or a lack of something that was integral to your life. Loving words are exchanged and resonate deeply in the psyche, they may be between you and your partner, or others who are special to you and there is sympathy and compassion; also your beliefs and a spiritual connection serve you well, you sense that you are watched over. There is also a focus this year on your work, daily routine, and your health; you use your energies, skills, gifts and determination in all you do, and because of this you manage to achieve all that is important to you, however there is a need to take periods of rest and relaxation or your health may suffer. Up to the 10th May, and from late October - 20th December Jupiter brings travel for work and recreation and your spiritual life soars, if you study you are flying high, and as a bonus there is a lot of love for you . In between those dates Jupiter brings career opportunities, and a good feeling when it comes to your occupation, it is a time of expansion. The journey of Saturn can indicate that you miss certain things and people you have had affection for and you may need a new strategy money wise, however you are equipped with the life skills to deal with anything and any scenario. A Pisces person, or someone with a compassionate nature is important to you, or it may be travel you feel passionate about, you might even want to live in another Country, but you need to think carefully. From late August – late March 2023 you are very busy in your private life, perhaps helping others or working behind the scenes, your career is highlighted.

Love and Romance

There is something important in the area of close relationships this year, and because of the intensity of your feelings you will tend to pour yourself into your work and helping those close to you. There could be a transformation, an ending or a beginning, and an event causes you to feel poignant or sad. February and March are significant for your love life or your financial situation; there may be serious or important issues to deal with; these two months are special for close relationships with more activities, but as well as this there is much inner peacefulness in your home. From the 18th July – 11th August Venus in your sign helps you to be accepting and at peace, and from the 23rd October - 15th November you concentrate on being happy, and joy that you have love in your life, creativity shines just now. From 10th December onwards close relationships and your interactions with others helps you to feel blessed.

Work and Daily Routine

There is a strong emphasis on your work and daily routine this year, you will tend to be very busy and manage to achieve a great deal; many of you have dealings with abroad, or spend a lot of time caring for others, some of you do spiritual work, or may be heavily occupied with studies. In January your routine is hectic, and in April you career is a priority, from the 25th May -4th July your occupation calls for dedication, also from 10th May – late October there are work opportunities or promotions on the cards, May is particularly harmonious in your working life. In October you do what needs to be done very successfully, and from 16th November - 9th December tasks, duties and work help you to feel fulfilled, goals are realised.