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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2019


This year reflects the dynamics within your family, especially the love that is shared and given unconditionally; changes that take place this year resonate in all your lives. Your hobbies and how you express yourself creatively are also in focus with much enjoyment, good times with friends are part of this picture along with your partner; those without someone special in their lives discover a feeling of wholeness and are quite satisfied on their own. The position of Mars indicates a very busy year career wise or in your public life, but you like it that way. The journey of Jupiter until December is beneficial in your working life and makes your daily routine a blessing, all those small tasks bring feelings of well being, it can also indicate improved health; Jupiter is comfortable in this area for you Cancer people so make the most of it. The journey of Saturn is in the area of close relationships which I expand upon in the section 'Love'. The journey of Uranus is crucial when it comes to your friendships and your goals, it is in this area from March onwards (see my blog to discover what this means for you). Where Neptune is concerned try to keep your feet on the ground as you may be prone to deception abroad; however this placing also indicates strong spiritual leanings which need channelling in a positive way.

Love and Romance

Those of you who are seeking love are quite likely to have romantic adventures with lots of wining and dining, it is a year when fun and romance are a priority, the happily attached also enjoy themselves with joint activities; however some of you are happy on your own and still manage to have a great time. Until March 2020 there are lessons to be learned when it comes to close relationships, this applies from February 2019 when a relationship has its challenges, in March a partner may surprise you. October is a romantic or fun month with the deepening of a bond, and from the 19th November through December you make sure that you and your loved ones enjoy the season, partnerships go with a swing.

Work and Daily Routine

Your mental processes and your work are very much in tune this year, your occupation brings accolades and you drive yourself to your limits to achieve excellence. Jupiter is helping you to reach a pinnacle and brings opportunities to your daily life so grab them before they slip by. Your daily routine fills a need in January and February, in these month you also work flat out and find that your occupation is inspiring. From 21st April - 14th May a peacefulness descends in the work place but a challenge rears its head; take care of your health these days and use compassion in your daily round. November is significant in a way that can affect your everyday life.