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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2022


There may be new routines to consider this year because of changes linked to work or to someone close, friendships will be a saving grace. A message is transforming in some way, and there could be the end of a phase with new doors opening for you; also a health issue for some of you can be a priority in your life, and changes to your lifestyle may be appropriate, however Venus in this area assures you of good advice, helpful conversations, and loving relatives, if you need health treatment you will find it beneficial. There is a strong focus this year on everything that brings you joy, whether it is travel, hobbies, creative projects, or your children; you actively seek happy times that bring meaning to your life, however a worry or sadness requires adjustment on your part. From January - 10th May, and from 28th October - 20th December, Jupiter can bring windfalls or an upswing in shared resources, it can also bring beneficial matters to a partnership, or a significant life event; for the rest of the year Jupiter indicates joyful travel, renewed faith, and much inspiration if you study or write. There is a learning process going on when it comes to your interactions with others, and in relationships, working relationships in some cases, this will leave you wiser when Saturn moves on in March 2023, so it's best to concentrate on other areas of your life, your time will come and you will be ready. Being cautious with money continues to apply, so check all transactions and you will have a safe and secure year. From 20th August - March 2023 your friendships and your aims and hopes are a top priority in your life.

Love and Romance

With or without a partner your pursuit of pleasure and fun is second to none, for those seeking romance it is a distinct possibility, but with Saturn in the zone of close relationships until March 2023, there is a need to analyse how you relate to others in your daily life. Love is interwoven with duty or work and your emotions are strong, some of you find romance at work, and an immense change is a possibility; also you gain something wonderful through someone close. In January you seek pleasure and you find it, February and March bring you down to earth, but a relationship in March is also a blessing, with more activities to enjoy together, this continues in April when drives become strong, also financial matters may be significant. A holiday is possible, in May, June or October, and there are good times in November; December is special, you feel committed.

Work and Daily Routine

Some of you will stick to your chosen career, no matter what, while others feel weary or dissatisfied, however you are a dedicated worker and you don't take unnecessary risks. There is a pleasant atmosphere at work despite the likelihood of certain changes, discussions are helpful when it comes to adapting to a new regime. From January - 5th March, work and your routine are harmonious, you incorporate any changes easily, and from 25th January - early March your work is also hectic. May has certain career challenges, but June is better as things run smoothly. From 5th July until the 19th August it is a busy time in your career or public life, and from 10th December onwards your work and daily tasks bring the feel good factor.