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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2019


Your home and family take pride of place this year and you get on particularly well with close family especially older members, inwardly feelings of peacefulness descend. Talking to family about changes in your life is helpful as they can give you good advice; you also discuss plans, holidays, and good times with your friends and cheer them up with your optimistic outlook, there may be a surprise or the unexpected linked to distances, it could reach you in a message, while those who study will be inspired. You have itchy feet this year urging you to travel and explore new destinations as well as experiencing other cultures, so if you have the wherewithal go for it. Jupiter is helpful for you in these matters increasing the joy factor but beware of loss or deception abroad; there may also be a sadness in your life at this time. Jupiter changes sign in December for a year bringing work opportunities and pleasure to your daily routine which balances Saturn's nose to the grindstone effect. Saturn continues its journey making your everyday routine a bit of a chore, it's also wise to take health precautions so begin a new health regime and listen to what your body is telling you, if you are stressed try and little mindfulness. To find out what the position of Uranus means to you (see my blog). Pluto continues its journey giving you power in certain areas while it can also bring changes to your routine so go with the flow.

Love and Romance

Home is where the heart is this year and feelings of love are focused on your partner and family; singles could meet someone who is an intense and passionate person, possibly a Scorpio, this could happen when going about your daily routine or through a communication; linking up with a person who lives abroad is a possibility. Jupiter is helping you in the fun and romance department for a year and in January and early February there is a likelihood of loving trysts and romantic encounters. Partnerships are especially blessed in March and April, while November is flirty and fun, in December there may be the unexpected with harmony from the 20th onwards.

Work and Daily Routine

Uranus in your house of career and life path can bring the unexpected, you could fancy a change of career, something unusual or humanitarian, or you may be dealing with computers and technology a lot more than you have done; however there is a need to take sufficient breaks from technology or it could affect your health. (see my blog on Uranus in Taurus). Work may seem a bit of a chore but it's best just to get on with it, this is because of the journey of Saturn. In February your daily routine brings pleasure, and from the 14th to the end of March your career and public life are hectic but you achieve a great deal. May 15th - 8th June are good for your career and life path you feel satisfied, while 26th November - 19th December your daily routine is blissful, and Jupiter helps to make work a pleasure.