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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2018


Because of a gathering of Planet in a particular zone there is a powerful emphasis on your daily routine, work and health. There may be more responsibility coming your way and important changes for some of you, but with Venus in this area there are helpful communications and discussions along with a pleasant ambience surrounding work and your daily tasks. There is also a need to attend to any health problems by taking good advice and not procrastinating, treatment for any health issue is helpful. You mind tends to be on travel and all the things that give you pleasure you have stimulating conversation with your partner or close friend about these matters; you are also very creative this year, however not every goal will be realised due to circumstances but many plans will come to fruition and friendships give much to be grateful for. Work in some capacity is done in your home at this time or you may be helping others; Jupiter in this area until the 9th November is beneficial when it comes to home renovations or if you are buying a new home, after that date for a year Jupiter expands your life in some way and your children make you proud, it is a year of fun and special creativity. You are very determined and driven this year and want to change aspects of your life that you aren’t happy about, you could well succeed.

Love and Romance

You find love in the everyday things you do with your partner this year; for those looking for love it may be found at work or getting out and about and maybe through communication, also helping another can result in finding a universal love. From 18th January - 10th February is harmonious for close relationships, words flow with a sweetness, for others February an mean encounters. From 27th January - 17th March you are determined to find love and seek pleasure, in April some of you have a rendezvous with love. Mid May to Mid August brings the unexpected or challenges in a relationship, this continues from mid September to mid November so think with the heart.

Work and Daily Routine

There is a pleasant ambience in the work place this year combined with a need to knuckle down and get the job done; with Saturn now moving through your work and daily routine sector you have no choice other than to take the rough with the smooth as there may not be a great deal of opportunities around at this time. January is important for work matters and April casts a pleasant glow over your career, but it is also a very busy period up to the 16th May, on that date Uranus changes sign for seven years bringing changes or exciting times career wise and in your life’s journey. From August 13th – September 11th is another busy phase and there may be changes in September.