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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2022


What you get out of life is the main theme this year and doing the things you love is paramount. Your creative self is unleashed, and you financial situation enables you to enjoy every moment. A new addition to the family for some of you can be unexpected but the love is there, big surprises are very likely at this time and they can leave you smiling. You experience tremendous personal power but be careful, you need to use caution in your decisions or be left picking up the pieces of an unwise move. Your private life is also in focus, and those with links to abroad whether it's family or otherwise experience more activity than usual in this area, you could travel or even move home to another Country. Other activities that fill your life, could be music, art, looking after someone, or seeing a health professional, while time spent alone in prayer and contemplation, or simply listening to your inner needs brings feelings of well being. Jupiter’s journey from January - May 10th and November and December bring fortunate communications or good fortune through a relative, in the rest of the year a house move is possible and beneficial in many ways; with lots going on in your private life whether health wise or emotional you are being guided and helped. You continue to be cautious with money, but at the same time you seek enjoyment so let your hair down a little and have some fun. Many of you find your spiritual life a comfort, while for others it is music or fantasy, whatever brings a smile to your face is what this year is about.

Love and Romance

There is a theme of beginnings and endings in your love life for some of you, for others there is a love of your friends or a romance blossoming from a friendship. You shine like a star with earthy appeal this year, and those of you looking for love could quite easily find it especially in the work place. Attractions could come out of the blue and there are feelings of security with this person; while those in a happy relationship enjoy their life together to the full. There is a surprise in April and May is special for love and pleasure; June is great for fun and hobbies along with romance, and July - 19th August energies are used in happy occasions and doing the things you love. Partners get on well from mid July - mid August, and in December you exude peaceful attractive vibes, there is a surprise around the 22nd.

Work and Daily Routine

Work as usual is extremely important to you, and this year you reach new heights or change your working life completely, you know your worth and what you want. From 20th August until late March 2023 your feet hardly touch the ground, you are emotionally fired up and achieve a lot especially in November and December; take care of your health in this phase, get plenty of rest. June is a productive month with a holiday for some, and from 23rd June - 17th July work and general tasks go smoothly, in October you are optimistic when it comes to your career and there is a great atmosphere at work. In December all the hard work pays off, time to reap the rewards.