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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2018


There may still be a temptation to ‘shake up your world’ and it could hit the area of friendships and groups which may be in a state of flux; objectives might have to be shelved, rethought or replaced by new aims. However there are positive’s, you will be in the lead where friendships and groups are concerned and will put your energies and know how in to your endevours, and with Jupiter in this area until early November these matters should flourish; for some of you spiritual or music groups will attract. Your everyday routine is important this year especially the many tasks and activities that take place in your home; for some of you health mattters are a priority which could lead you to adopting a new health regime, however some of you are helping a family member who has a health issue. With Saturn now travelling through your sign there are life lessons to absorb in the next couple of years, it won’t be easy but you will come out of the transit a wiser or more mature person and hard work will have its rewards. Up to May the position of Uranus continues to show that your security lies with home and family, money in property could spur you on to bigger things or maybe you could work from home, after May and in the next seven years you find self worth through hobbies or for some a new love or a birth. This year you will make your mark in some way so be proud of your achievements.

Love and Romance

You will mature in some way this year when it comes to matters of the heart or at the very least become more committed to your present partner, singles may meet someone who will be important to them as you all attract others with ease at this time because of your fun loving persona. For some of you there are challenges in partnerships which could be sorted with some straight talking. April looks good for fun and romance and from May 20th – June 13th there is a lot of love in close relationships and with Uranus now bringing surprises watch out for unplanned events and attractions. June is noteworthy and December is special.

Work and Daily Routine

Work and your home life are in balance this year, work is a priority to you and you thrive in the career you love; there may be promotions or welcome changes at this time; those in a caring role do so with compassion and love. From 25th April - 19th May your daily routine is mostly pleasing with one or two challenges, August and early September also reflect the same scenarios; your life path has the odd twist and turn. November could be surprising in some way or require a balancing act.