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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2019


This is a year when you feel more established in your life, your work and your interests. There is a very strong focus on your friendships and group matters, you could be in a strong position maybe the leader of a group or the force behind your friendships; It's important to channel your energies into these or your working life rather than use your personal power to demolish everything you have built. Longed for holidays or dealings with abroad go well this year, there may even be a surprise; you are a secret globe trotter but find you are tied up with other priorities. There could be concerns linked to relatives requiring your sympathy or practical assistance, there may also be psychic experiences or a need to be more earthed, as you might have your head in the clouds. You are very busy in your home at this time and tend to rule the roost, some of you are helping someone close. Jupiter's position is blessing you with silent protection especially if medical treatment is involved as well as in general, also there may be a need to find a spiritual connection through prayer or meditation which will guide you and lead you to peaceful waters. In March Uranus enters Taurus once again so (see my blog for how this affects you). You continue in your fascination for music, fantasy, or metaphysical matters, and Pluto encourages you to purge your life of everything that is not necessary, just take care that you don't go to extremes as you could be left with little of value.

Love and Romance

If you are single strong bonds can be forged this year, and whether single or attached your feelings are intense and passionate. Partners may be found in the realms of friendship or within a group, you will be attracted to charismatic types or deep Scorpio types; this pairing could change your life forever and have potential for longevity. You seek romance and fun from 14th February- end of March, and from 15th May-8th June attractions can be inevitable, you could find 'the one' and it will come out of the blue; June looks amazing for all those things that give you pleasure. From the 16th May – end of June those attached enjoy lots of mutual activities but also have a few altercations. July is more settled where partnerships are concerned but there are still challenges or even the unexpected. In December you are in sparkling form and end the year on a high.

Work and Daily Routine

Your career and life path are subject to changes for the better, and whether you work alone or your occupation is linked to abroad or to health matters you find your job very lucrative. April until mid May is a very busy phase for work and your everyday routine, May can be frustrating for these matters. From 9th June – early July work is more settled but there are still certain difficulties to contend with, the same applies from mid September - 8th October when you find your life path may be blocked when it comes a direction you would like to take, it is this way for a reason. October and most of November are very busy and you can feel a lack of achievement but you soldier on, while in December things are looking up.