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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2022


Your financial situation is somehow intertwined with communications and relatives, as well as your work, it all helps to make you feel secure. It is an important year for you in certain ways, you are absorbed with plans and ideas that will help you to enjoy yourself and make the most of your leisure time, your partner and your family are included in your revelry. You are enthusiastic and have a sense of purpose and determination making this year special, travel is likely and you achieve all you set out to do; also it is make or break where security and money are concerned, you know where you stand at this time, as well as this you have much sympathy for a parent. From January until May 10th, November and December, Jupiter helps enormously if you are looking for a new home, you could well land on your feet, or maybe you will update your present home, and for many of you a parent or parents could be fortunate for you; the rest of the year Jupiter brings travel, and fun into your life, and you are proud of your children's achievements, it also unleashes your creative self and your romantic life sizzles. The journey of Saturn continues a need to refine your communication with others, it can also bring responsibility for a relative, and it can be a case of duty versus work. Take care with your health this year, don't ignore anything unusual, see a doctor if need be, it's important to take time out for rest and relaxation and then health problems will be at a minimum, for many of you your spiritual life is helpful so connect to the intangibles and feel the peace wash over you.

Love and Romance

The love in your life is all tied up with your security this year, feeling safe is what it's all about along with your sensual life. Singles are all fired up and ready to steal someone's heart, this could happen abroad or when out having fun; some of you experience a big change in your life or some kind of epiphany. In January you seek enjoyment and find it, March is good for communications, May is especially nice for pleasure and romance, this wonderful phase lasts until late October, and in June you could have a lovely holiday and indulge in all that life has to offer, your partner is a priority now. From late June until mid July there is a lot of mutual love, and from August 20th until late March 2023 there are more activities for you both as well as some friction, but you achieve a lot together.

Work and Daily Routine

Your work is likely to involve technology, many of you work in private and your aim is to make as much money as possible, this year you have every chance of doing so. Some of you seek a change of career especially if it involves a pay rise or has a humanitarian element. February and March are interesting and very promising when work is concerned, May has challenges and surprises and from 29th May - 22nd June your work and daily tasks are done with a glad heart. A busy phase ensues from 5th July - 19th August and your career is a priority, you are flying high, in September you do well, and in December you reap the rewards of all your hard work.