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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2018


There is a strong emphasis this year on your earnings as well as all the things and people that make you feel secure; you have compassion for close family and your sensitive side is very much in evidence. Because Saturn is moving through the above area you are being ultra cautious when it comes to money whether it is warranted or not, you spend only when necessary and have a fear of not having enough; however Jupiter’s journey until early November ensures that you are protected in many ways, the cavalry will always come to the rescue. Jupiter is also joined by Mars ensuring that working hard behind the scenes pays off in a big way, you have power at your fingertips. Jupiter changes sign on November 9th for a year therefore an expansive phase begins for you, resources and people who will benefit you in some way could enter your life. Talking to your partner or close friend this year generates bright ideas and solutions to problems, there is a lot of mutual sympathy. For some of you there is a life event that changes things forever while others are busy caring for those they love with a great deal of empathy and compassion that goes beyond the call of duty.

Love and Romance

Love takes on a very committed feel this year; it’s all about the person who makes you feel secure and how you work together to create a good life. Talking to each other is especially important and having a great rapport helps to smooth troubled waters, there is a mutual empathy and compassion; singles are ready to settle down and a friendship can turn into love. There is fun and romance in March and for some of you a sudden attraction; there may also be challenges relating to your financial situation. Late April - 20th May there is harmony in a partnership but something under the surface which needs to be addressed, or perhaps there are feeling of sympathy for you or your partner.

Work and Daily Routine

You have a strong drive when it comes to your work this year; you accrue money for those special objectives and may even work long hours to do so. Some of you are working hard in solitude and reaping the rewards, you are in a learning process when it comes to money. You achieve a lot work wise in April and your daily routine gives you pleasure; from 10th July - 6th August is a great time for your career, much works out well for you and by December you will have gained power in your chosen occupation. You enter a period when hard work pays off and life rewards you.