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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2019


The presence of Saturn in your 2nd house until December 2020 denotes a phase when those matters that help you to feel secure such as your financial situation and those you love are a high priority; a nice link to your home and family especially parents are helpful to your sense of security; it also helps that you are going through a cautious phase when it comes to finances, you are gaining strength. There is an emphasis on your private life and your spiritual self, you have a link to spirit which guides you if you listen to your heart, it's possible for some of you that there is a health issue for yourself or someone close, treatment helps at this time and you are ultra compassionate with those you love. This year you pursue all those pleasures that mean so much, your drives are strong and you are at your creative best; if you have children try to be understanding rather than annoyed, you know they are a gift. Talking and discussing issues with your partner and friends is helpful and worthwhile this year, you have a great rapport with them and find conversation uplifting. Jupiter in your sign until 2nd December can bring resources and helpful people into your life, there may also be an unexpected or surprise event within your close circle. Uranus moves back into Taurus in March (see my blog for how this affects you). With a lovely link up between Venus and Pluto it seems your security is assured, you may even be a recipient of a sum of money or a wage rise at work.

Love and Romance

You have a great rapport with your partner or close friend, you find them inspirational and a great joy in your life. Those of you looking for love might find it in a friendship or at work, and for some of you love has an under wraps quality about it, you might fall in love with a Scorpio, while those happily attached will have more intense feelings about their partner. February will be blissful, but sparks fly in April, there is much love in May and June can bring a mutual goal to fruition. You could have a wonderful holiday in August and experience some deep emotions; in October there is a possible end to a friendship, or an objective has to be shelved for the moment. The year brings a new love for some while those in a happy partnership find new depth in their relationship.

Work and Daily Routine

Friendships at work along with old friends are a blessing to your life and very inspirational; you are working away diligently or doing solitary work and promotions of some kind are a possibility. From mid February including March is a very busy phase for your daily routine and work and you achieve a great deal; mid May - 8th June is calmer with feelings of commitment and security, June is actually pivotal to these matters. Another busy period ensues from Late August - 3rd October but it is also pleasant in the work place, you have energy and a sense of purpose. In late November and December the emphasis is on the work you do in private.