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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

The people and things you love engender powerful deep emotions, and conversations have sensitivity when you talk to close family or to someone you are romantically involved with, also an older person or parent may be a priority this month; responsibilities for relatives will have their rewards, however there is the likelihood of some sort of dispute or ongoing scenario with your partner. There is a focus on your home and inner feelings, it could be that your home has become a weight around your neck as other responsibilities or personal health problems are first in line, so you could be struggling a bit, don't be proud, ask for help. Your saving grace is that there is a lot of love for you which you are aware of early in the month, it's also a good month for travel or thinking about a holiday; you get on well with family doing things you have longed for, certainly you have the urge to 'get up and go' but it may not be possible yet. From the 12th onwards those in a career enter a busy phase, watch out for clashes with authority figures, while those in a caring role have a lot of running about to do, you go out of your way to help those you love. Jupiter continues to make you feel secure and content, bringing love for some and making you proud of your children.