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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2019

This month is centred around your career or public life, for others that are in a caring role, this month is some kind of pinnacle when it comes to looking after someone you love, it may be a parent, your partner or your children and you will do anything in order to ensure their happiness. Those in a career are extra busy and earnings are an encouraging reward; even if you are run off your feet there is a pleasurable and peaceful ambience surrounding your work, for all of you it is a hectic but rewarding month. It may still be difficult to travel for one reason or another; you long for a holiday and to be able to relax; it could also be changes or obstacles in your life that are giving you the most angst. Later in the month friendships are among your priorities and it pleases you that your friends are supportive and there for you, you get on well with them and tend to take the lead in your friendships. It can also be a time when objectives are reachable, in fact you are determined to bring them to fruition, a dream can come true.