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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

There may be family wrangles this month or surprises career wise especially in the area of finances, also you and an older family member have a lot to say to each other concerning matters linked to abroad, your hopes and your fears; Scorpio resists change which makes things more difficult when change is inevitable, so try and prepare for every eventuality. You have deep feelings about any kind of loss financial or emotional, but there are words of comfort from you or for you this month. There is a focus on communications of all kinds as well as more dealings with relatives, and talking to someone close whether it is a friend or a relative is very heart warming and helpful, you also have a good rapport with your partner. You are going through a very busy phase that continues until the end of the year, it could be work that is hectic or your daily routine if you are at home, don't ignore any health niggles in this phase and try to relax periodically. From the 8th onwards there is the possibility of distant shores or romance with someone who is special to you, spiritually you are on a high, you also get on well with a woman who brings meaning to your life, and some of you get the go ahead for higher learning.