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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

There could be some surprises this month especially in your private life, and there are likely to be restrictive circumstances and obstacles in your path, so wait until next month when the Planetary line up is different and then you can state your case. If you are dealing with any sort of medical matters there can be hold ups or restrictions and spiritually you feel deflated, but time spent alone to come to terms with everything that has taken place, and to connect to something greater will be helpful psychologically, forgiveness is the way forwards. There is a focus on family and happy times, you love their company and have much to talk over, for some of you it's an important month for romance and a good month for creative hobbies. Where friends are concerned it is an exceptional month, you get on well together and the rapport is pleasant and helpful, you understand each others problems and there is a lot of love for you when discussing your hopes, plans, and goals making you feel upbeat and optimistic. Mars continues its journey therefore you are extremely busy but unable to do all you would wish, perhaps due to a health problem or the circumstances we all have to contend with; however this month has many positives so enjoy what is on offer.