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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2019

This is a month when you have more dealings with close family especially your offspring, talking to them is very helpful for many reasons, you assist them with any problems they may have by giving good advice and your sensitivity towards them is much appreciated. Something you hear at this time is surprising or unexpected and it could come completely out of the blue; there is actually a strong focus on all types of communications whether it is discussions, emails, or phone calls. There is much to talk over with your partner or close friend and by discussing matters you will achieve a lot especially when it comes to relatives that you feel responsible for; you also get out and about with a sense of purpose and your partner or lover is grateful for your presence in their life. Your attention is on your home or a parent just now, you need your home to be clean and beautiful and you get on well with any older family member, there is much love for you and your security is assured; the end of the month is about joy and possibly encounters.