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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2019

Responsibilities can interfere with a need for a holiday or break from routine, you feel dutiful towards relatives and may have to do a juggling act to have some 'me time' or vacation; some of you do manage however and enjoy yourselves pushing responsibilities to the back of your mind so don't feel guilty. For many of you a woman who you are close to and care about may need you, and for most of the month you are self sacrificing and dutiful; a spiritual connection is helpful at this time and your devotion doesn't go unnoticed. Those of you in a career begin a very busy phase, you don't seem to have enough hours in the day and your daily routine leaves no time for relaxation, but it is essential that you find the time or your body will pay the price in some way. There is the likelihood of an argument or silly accident so take your time and don't be too dogmatic; it's also possible that you will have to be a mediator in someone else's dispute. At the end of the month a pleasant atmosphere descends at work even though it is still busy, this goes for your public life as well and your sense of security gives you the strength to carry on.