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Your Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

This is a significant and emotional month for you, there is a either a focus on a woman in your life or a welcome holiday abroad; another priority is the younger members of your family, your partner or your lover. Someone in your life receives your gentleness and compassion and talking things over with them is healing and helpful. There is a lot of love coming your way at this time helping you to feel secure, for some of you it is your financial situation that settles your mind making you feel content. With Mars and Saturn pairing up you could be very busy in your home or even having work done, your daily routine can be quite hectic, also you are likely to be helping someone in your family and take on more responsibilities when it comes to relatives; for some of you an inherited condition slows you down a bit and there is a need to be careful in the home to avoid silly accidents. Deep feelings in your private life linked to shared finances or intimacy are likely, special moments of love lift your spirits and you feel a strong sense of commitment. Something this month could change your life in some way either radically or subtly.