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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2019

This is a significant month for you, matters that involve relatives work out well and any discussions or communications are constructive and productive, you are learning a new way when it comes to expressing yourself to others. You have much sensitivity and compassion when it comes to those you love and this month is no exception, you will help where you can. Walking by the sea is beneficial to you and if you can manage a cruise it would be wonderful; some of you have a hobby linked to fantasy which gives you much pleasure just now; singles could meet someone they click with, and all of you are up for a bit of fun and enjoyment. There is a lot going on in your private life, you could be dealing with health matters or helping those you are close to, but at times it gets a bit much and later in the month your energy is depleted which might affect your tolerance levels. Something you want is blocked or has a massive obstacle and it is linked to the secret or private side of your life, just be philosophical it is not meant to be. From the 9th onwards Venus in your sign raises your magnetism, others are drawn to your charisma.