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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2019

There is a theme surrounding close relationships this month, you could feel hemmed in and fractious, you partner is likely to be on the receiving end so try and be tolerant; some of you singles are quite happy being alone and free. There is also a focus on pleasure, hobbies, and younger family members, you talk to them about deep matters that are on your mind, discussions are constructive and sort out a lot, you are good at getting to the route of matters and relatives could be involved in some way. As far as your work and daily routine are concerned a lovely link to Jupiter helps you to feel optimistic about those things and people that represent your security, and a sense of duty or responsibility keeps you busy. Your drives are strong in the first half of the month and you achieve much, but at times you feel depleted of energy. After the 16th you get the urge to travel or to study something, but for some of you it is all about a female you are close to and may be helping; those with a partner enter a more harmonious phase around the 15th.