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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2022

The things and people you feel passionate about or feel deep emotions about gain centre stage this month. You experience strong feelings when talking to an older family member, or someone you have a great rapport with, and there is much empathy with any younger family members who may have their troubles; some of you could have experienced a loss, or have dark imaginings about someone close. However you can also be quite optimistic at this time, especially when is comes to the financial picture which enables you to enrich your everyday life. Whether you work or have a caring role you are extremely busy this month, and manage to find the energy and sense of purpose for everything you have to do, you were never one to shirk your duties or your work. If you have a health condition it’s in your best interests to have quiet time to yourself to unwind from the stresses of the day; if you need to, see a doctor and they will help you. Those of you with a partner go through a phase that repairs wounds, and you find mutual love in each other’s company, the 11th can be special for those looking for love, the 21st is a notable day also. Conversations revolve around relationships and words carry weight sorting out a lot of issues, but don’t let negative thinking spoil your day.