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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

You have plenty of productive conversations this month and you continue to refine the way you interact with others especially when communicating; also relatives are very much in the picture upping your sense of responsibility as you might have to do more to help them. Your career and life path are prominent this month along with all you do for a parent and there may be some kind of change or an obstacle to something you want to do; those in a career might have to adapt to a new regime, whatever it is a certain something is calling for adaptation or a new way forward. It is a very busy phase indeed not only for those in an occupation but also for those who work tirelessly in the home caring for family, however from the 16th onwards a bit of pleasure creeps in and you become determined to enjoy yourself, your financial situation may play a big part in this. Something is unexpected or surprising at this time, it could reach you via a message and affect you deeply; also Jupiter changes sign for a year helping you to feel emotionally and financially secure. You will be reminiscing and feel nostalgic for the past until the 16th when you find you can leave it behind and plan for the future.