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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

This month reflects all that is taking place career wise or in your public life, authority figures could loom large including a parent and there may be the unexpected in the area of partnerships or it could be an issue linked to your home. You feel deeply about the above matters and have much to discuss including financial concerns, Jupiter is paving the way nicely for you when it comes to all that makes you feel secure. In your daily routine and work you are very busy especially in the home, and lets face it, you are in charge, however you can feel frustrated and lacking in energy, this will pass in time, you are also retracing your steps in one area of your life but from the 27th you can move forwards. A deep friendship can be your saviour at this time as you can turn to them for advice and support; a communication or interaction brings powerful and positive feelings. There is much going on in your private life including medical matters for some, selfless actions for others, while a few of you have an infatuation which could turn out to be a dead end, but you live to love another day.