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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2020

This is a month when powerful emotions are the norm, they may be linked to your financial situation especially shared resources, and with Venus still in this area for just over 2 months you are a closed book and keep the financial facts to yourself; things should be looking quite good in the money area and you spend on things and people that enrich your life. Intimacy is also an area that you have strong feelings about, it is a daydream for some of you while others enjoy the attentions of a lover or partner; thinking of a past love is also likely at this time. There is a focus on your private life including secrets, health matters or spirituality, and helpful conversations take place with a possibility of the unexpected, talking to a woman is productive, they can help you with advice, the same applies when talking to your partner. Your daily routine and work are extra busy, you may be helping a family member and there are more activities; you seek enjoyment which can be family orientated, or perhaps your hobbies or a bit of romance, also you are much more creative which keeps you busy, at the end of the month you have a sense of achievement.