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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2018

Talking to a friend is therapeutic and helpful in many ways, you discuss your problems, your goals, your plans and maybe even your dreams, while they are on the receiving end of your sympathy because of a sadness or a problem in their lives. There is quite a focus on your partner or a close friend with a possible upset or the unexpected, but rather than exploding or over reacting try and put yourself in their shoes, it is probably just a glitch as you have plenty of compassion for those you love, you want to help them in any way you can; your family are used to your intense emotions. In the first half of the month you do a lot of local travel or communicating, not all interactions are harmonious and telling relatives what to do might not go down well, however they are probably grateful for your input. An issue could arise this month linked to your home, your partner or a parent and you will tend to be very busy in some capacity, for some of you it is your career that is full on. Something you want is blocked so be philosophical it is the only way, it may even be the end of situation or relationship however for most of the month Venus is in your sign bringing out your magnetism and personal charm which helps you to deal tolerantly with others and with much grace.