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Your Monthly Horoscope for December 2019

You experience a high level of energy, strength, and sense of purpose, and as the month progresses these qualities are magnified, this is especially applicable when it comes to those things and people that make you feel secure. You are likely to be very busy in your home, giving it a makeover in preparation for celebrations, or you may be helping older family members; however there can be a disagreement or something unexpected, you could even feel a bit rebellious in a certain area of your life. Jupiter moves to a new sign for a year bringing good news in communications which may be linked to your financial situation and those things that make you feel secure, relatives could also be fortunate for you. Getting out and about you attract attention, and those looking for love might well find it, a communication may also be lucky for you in the romance department and it has every chance of being long lasting, but for those already in a happy relationship talking to each other is blissful and can lead to moments of passion; conversations are productive and sort out a lot especially if there are impending changes in your life. From the 20th onwards you feel happier and get on well with family, and as a bonus your home is beautiful and welcoming.