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Your Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

There is a bit of a focus on your material world this month, and whatever or whoever makes you feel secure, you can be quite emotional when it comes to these matters. A lot is tied up in your work with a need to feel secure in your job and perhaps a nice surprise is in order, also on the plus side you have Jupiter and Pluto affecting your financial situation, so money could come through your partner or be an unexpected bonus. Out of the public eye you are well loved by those close to you, some of you have a secret love or simply delight in moments of intimacy with your partner. Mars and Saturn pair up in your zone linked to travel and learning, therefore you are itching to fly off somewhere warm, but there may be limiting circumstances, Saturn can bring lessons to learn so be careful when you travel, don't take any chances, think of the cost; students know that they have to work hard to succeed and are prepared to do so. Now for the prize, Venus graces your sign for 4 months bringing out your flirty vivacious side, you will have to beat them off with sticks, those with a partner receive a lot of attention and love from them.