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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

There is something nice to look forward to this month or you may be planning some good times with family and friends, this is more relevant for many of you; enjoying the rapport and company of others as you talk over your plans and the obstacles that prevent you doing all you would wish is highlighted at this time, you also discuss heavier issues as you need to share your feelings. Changes have taken place career wise but you are okay with most of it; deeper changes resonate in other areas of your life and inwardly you hide powerful emotions. There are some happy times at home and maybe with a parent or other close family, there is a lot of love surrounding you and much falls into place. Your home is a welcoming retreat and this month you will work to have it comfortable, beautiful, and up to date, you enjoy family life and it is special just now. Mars continues its journey affecting your friendships, hopes and wishes, and your plans, you like to take the lead in friendships and be spontaneous but it is difficult these days, you need to take care; it's also important that you look after your health, don't ignore any new ailment that crops up and simply enjoy what the month has to offer.