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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

You feel a sense of commitment to your work and daily routine it helps you to feel secure, and for those of you who have a health issue you have every chance of helpful treatment at this time. All types of communications are in focus whether it's emails, phone calls or simply talking to those people who matter such as siblings, other relatives, or work friends, and if you have a partner, close friend or feel happy on your own you are still in a very optimistic frame of mind. Jupiter moves sign for a year bringing good fortune possibly linked to your partner or a new partner for those who are looking, it could also make you want to be as free as a bird. Many of you have a great holiday this month or at the very least could be planning one; also a close friend could become someone special in your life, you will enjoy time together and they could become a great source of support. You achieve a lot in the latter part of the month and a plan is realised, you also have a lot of fun and laughter as well as a bit of romance even though you have been feeling nostalgic; plans for celebrations get the go ahead from the 16th onwards so use your many talents to make it splendid.