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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2019

Deep feelings about various issues pervade this month, you could still be experiencing sadness over some matter and somehow it hits home leaving you tangled; you feel much compassion and sympathy for someone close at this time. However there are plenty of pluses at the moment, you could be absorbed in plans for a holiday or something else that requires financial outlay which is no problem for many of you, others will have to see if there money stretches; you achieve a great deal at this time with the help of friends or working in solitude; whatever is private to your life is strived for and shows results. Changes may have rocked your life at times but you are adaptable and let nothing deter you from your goals. There is the unexpected this month perhaps linked to work or an outing or maybe something annoys you, there could also be a passing attraction and if you manage to have a lovely break away be assured it will have romantic overtones and much enjoyment. Family are a joy just now especially younger members, they fill your life with love and times that are blessed; at the end of the month Venus moves on and good vibes settle on your career, those looking for love may find it at work or at a social occasion.