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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2019

August for you is all about communications and relatives, you have a lot to say when it involves your friends and your plans, you are a joy bringer this month. You will be travelling to and fro locally, sending plenty of texts and taking the lead in friendships; you also have strong feelings of compassion for someone close and wish you could help them more; at the same time there is a surprise or the unexpected in a message that may shake you up a little. Earnings along with whoever and whatever makes you feel secure could undergo changes or an obstacle needs to be overcome; there is something you need to sort out as it is making you feel a bit low, not your cheery self. Later in the month the focus is on your home and parents, you could be decorating or making changes to your living space; also you get on well with a parent and will listen to their advice, it is a co-operative and pleasant time. Some of you manage a holiday this month and if you have children they make you proud and enjoy themselves tremendously. At the end of the month you feel peaceful inwardly and count your blessings.