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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2019

You would like to have a bit of time to yourself and if you achieve a bit of solitude there is comfort in a spiritual connection or in managing to slow down that racing mind. When it comes to friendships or plans you have set your heart on, deep feelings or financial issues make you think twice; something could be on your mind that haunts your thoughts; however it's not like you to be a pessimist and with Mercury making a lovely link to Jupiter your optimistic side is in charge. In the second half of the month you encounter something that puts a smile on your face, something pleases you, and if anyone close to you needs help you are willing to offer a hand selflessly. In the days up to the 15th Mars continues its journey in your sign making you impulsive and driven especially when it comes to friendships and your goals, after that date you are in the mood to spend on those things you desire or want for others. Your working life is also in focus with the likelihood of changes in the financial area or work agenda, you might even want to escape to another occupation.