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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

June is often a good month for you, and getting on with those you have deep feelings for is part of the picture. You really enjoy conversations and communications this month and there is lots of love coming your way, you are sensitive and sympathetic in your approach to others especially friends who may be having problems, and if you have a health issue you can be assured there will be helpful treatments. There is the possibility of promotions or work opportunities, you are well thought of and a rise in status is likely, and your public life is opening up. Those who make you feel secure and your financial situation give little to complain about and you want to spread laughter and enjoyment to others, also your children bring you much joy and you are happy in the company of your partner. Early in the month you continue a phase of spending especially when it comes to those plans and wishes, however there could be challenges or hold ups, so take that into account. From the 12th onwards energies are used in conversations and all kinds of communications, as well as in getting out and about, relatives are integral to your plans and goals and you feel that you are in charge, and you will help them if need be.