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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

A conversation or communication could startle you this month, it may be linked to a sibling or other relative, and may affect your private life, it could even be about a planned holiday. There is a focus on all you share with others especially money, along with everything you feel deeply about; a particular objective might require quite a bit of outlay and you work hard towards the desired outcome; at times however you can be anxious and plagued by fears real or imaginary, so it's important to find things to be cheerful about so you can be that upbeat person that others love. From the 8th onwards you are quite pleased with your earnings and want to do the things that bring you pleasure such as spending on those you love especially your children or even your mother, you need your security whether financial or emotional. You have a lot to talk over with the people who make you feel secure, you need to discuss matters that weigh a little heavy as well as well as happy times you are planning for the future, talking helps you to feel more settled, also a friend who has their own problems has a good rapport with you.