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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2018

You have a lot to talk about to those who matter most to you, subjects include your working life, family concerns and any exciting plans that are in the pipeline. There can also be a need to consider your financial position and the probability of certain life events, but you have a handle on most things even though money can slip through your fingers. There is a focus on your private life with a surprise or the unexpected and there are health matters for some of you, spiritual epiphanies or awakenings for others, but also secret matters surrounding finances. From the 11th onwards the urge to travel returns for many of you, for students it is a time for getting down to some serious studying if you want to realise your dreams. Some kind of changes linked to family matters, or a obstacle to something that gives you pleasure is likely at this time; deep changes will be part of your life for a few years resulting in new work situations or a totally different daily routine. For most of the month your everyday tasks bring the feel good factor, and your health is good or improved so 'party on'.