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Your Monthly Horoscope for December 2019

It's full on activity whether you are at work or home, you have plans and projects which include friends and family; in your working life you have deadlines to meet but try not to get in a spin and make sure you have time to relax. Jupiter moves sign for a year bringing benefits which come from others, your partner is significant in all of this and surprises are likely. For those who are looking for love someone who has a passionate nature could enter your life, it is a great month for romance whether you are attached or single, and getting up close and personal is definitely on the agenda. Conversations with an older person are very helpful at this time, and talking to others at work about sensitive issues brings empathy and is positive for all concerned; also talking to close family brings you even closer. From the 20th onwards everything that brings meaning to your life comes together, some of you even manage to celebrate abroad, a surprise is quite likely. Family life is exceptional to you in this phase and for those who are spiritual a lot of love is coming from an unseen place, you may even sense this and could have a sudden realisation.