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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

There is an accent on all forms of communications, you spend a lot of time talking to friends and family and your partner if you are attached. There could be a surprise or unexpected message or piece of news or even a psychic experience, the surprise might be in the area of friendships or something you have set your heart on, and in the days up to the 27th you could be backtracking in one respect, finances come into the equation, from the 27th onwards you can move forwards. At the start of the month it may feel difficult to achieve some sort of objective the reason could be linked to your work situation, there may be changes to adjust to or even the search for a new occupation. There are some kind of changes for a family member or maybe that is linked to your home, you want it to be welcoming and pleasing to the eye, some of you have a move in mind. From the 7th onwards the love you have for younger family members is very much in evidence, it is also a time when fun is a priority along with romance, however there could be a need to adapt to a new situation.