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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2020

You may have recently had your birthday or will do soon and you make the most of it, you like to let your hair down and immerse yourself in your favourite pastimes and pleasures. There is a lot of love surrounding you as well as sympathy if you need it, and for most of you a bit of romance is just the ticket; however something you would love to experience will have to be shelved for the time being, but you can still dream. With Venus still in your sign for over 2 months you will find that you are a person that others warm to, you are giving off vibes of peace and harmony and love is coming your way, this is very noticeable in your private life and if you have health problems. Mentally you seem to be preoccupied with your financial situation with a need for security in every area of your life, you are wondering if a plan or cherished dream is financially viable, it's possible there is some sort of surprise linked to this just now. For those of you working from home you are missing work friendships, but are in touch with them in a mutually sympathetic way, it is a busy phase for work and at the end of the month you have a sense of achievement.