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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Your home and family are highlighted at this time with a possible surprise or the unexpected, you may have to balance these matters with your public life or your career and with Uranus now in your sign your can feel a sense of not wanting any restraints in life and a need to follow a humanitarian path. In your private life you may be treading a path you have trodden before but when the reverse path of Mars reaches the 27th you will be able to move forwards. There is a lot to talk over with your partner, close friend or parent, conversations are optimistic and will be about financial matters or deep issues. There is also an accent on your friendships or goals with much sensitivity and compassion where a friend is concerned; when it comes to your aims there are ongoing changes in your life so goals have to be re assessed and planned accordingly. There is something this month that brings much joy to you and your significant other, you are indeed blessed. From the 7th onwards your work and daily routine bring comfort and satisfaction, you have much to do these days but have an indomitable spirit.