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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

The way you define security in your life is a main topic of conversation, those who help you to feel secure and your financial situation are ultra important, perhaps in some way you feel on shaky ground, therefore it is important to discuss your fears and your hopes, a lot can be sorted out. For some, your career and path in life can seem hard going, but at the same time it brings meaning to your life so take the rough with the smooth and enjoy the rewards and blessings. A friend can help you gain a new perspective or be beneficial in some other way, also a goal can be realised so there are plenty of positives to be happy about. There is a lot of love for you, and talking to or communicating with others helps you to realise this; relatives are appreciative of your efforts and you get on well with them, pleasant exchanges are the way forwards, you will feel much empathy and compassion. From the middle of the month onwards energies are used in the home and in helping others, health may be relevant, especially the health of those close, and you feel very much in charge in your private life, but don't take on too much, think of your own well being. At the end of the month peace descends on your surroundings, work, and daily routine, you feel happy inwardly.