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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2019

Home and family are strongly in focus this month and you can be absorbed in home related matters or helping those you are close to. You are very busy in these areas and working behind the scenes takes up a lot of your time, you are compassionate with those you love and care for but you are restless because of Uranus in your sign and worry about getting too involved or trapped by circumstances. However your home gives you pleasure when it is just the way you want it, but inwardly your feelings are mixed, you sometimes feel entirely at peace but at the same time want to be in charge and active. From the 18th onwards you seek fun and pleasure and do all the things you love to do, there will be pleasant outings and a closeness with your partner; those of you who are creative find much inspiration and make great end products, you have lots going for you at this time. Singles have every chance of meeting someone new especially later in the month, it can come out of the blue. Messages and communications tend to be a bit challenging or you can feel a bit despondent at times, so think positively and act from the heart.