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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2019

There is a theme surrounding communications of all kinds this month, you have a lot to discuss with relatives, but there is the likelihood of a road block at some point. There is also a focus on earnings and security in general and with Venus gracing this sector you are fairly happy with these matters, also feelings of self worth are on the up and up. From the 4th onwards Venus changes sign helping conversations to run smoothly, your words are like gentle rain and your daily routine is making you feel good; any kind of work is blessed with harmony. You get on really well with relatives just now and have much sympathy for them, but you might not be able to explore a needed side of life, you feel a bit limited in one or more ways. Energies this month are used in the home and for the needs of family or in your emotional life; you may be having work done in the home and have a sense of being in charge which may annoy someone close. However a journey will lighten your spirits and at the end of the month peace reigns apart from around the 30th when there could be sparks.