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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2019

The influence of Uranus which is now in your life can make you want to branch out or change direction, it can bring out the rebel in you and affect your career or public life, it may also have a knock on effect when it comes to your relationships, so be aware of this and you can't go wrong. You can desperately want to travel this month and are prepared to spend the money, however you know there are other matters to consider; at times you feel despondent but an underlying sense of optimism takes centre stage. You may be spending time helping someone, a sense of duty is overriding and harmony is likely; from the 15th onwards until 8th June Venus in your sign brings out your sparkle and sensuality, singles could make a conquest. The urge to spend tails off around the 16th, after that date energies are used in discussions and communications, there may even be a surprise, also you will tend to feel in charge of relatives; there is discussion about financial or weighty matters, or simply your private life.