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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

There is the possibility of travel this month or at the very least the dream and planning of a lovely holiday, if this is unlikely then the month is focused on loved ones and all you do for them in your private life. At times you will feel restricted or depleted and long to break out in some way, but you have patience and inner strength that can see you through the most difficult times. You are very busy in some capacity and may have appointments or have to support others with health issues; also you can feel a lot of suppressed anger at times and need to channel it into forgiveness and self love, helping others is also therapeutic. From the 8th onwards Venus helps conversations to be rewarding and peaceful; communications of all kinds add to the feeling on kinship and camaraderie, there is a lot to discuss and talking to friends and family about the difficulties of life can make you feel lighter and more optimistic, while discussing those special aims fills you with anticipation. There is much mutual compassion and sensitivity between you and your partner this month with a need to visualise better times ahead, it will do you both good, bringing love and laughter.