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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

You feel ultra committed to your partner or to someone else who is close to you, whoever brings significance to your life is top of the tree this month, and with a strong focus on your home and parents you are engrossed in either helping out or giving your home much care and attention. You have a great deal of compassion to express these days maybe linked to friends or family and discussing relevant matters with them is very rewarding; also possible losses of friends or the unreality or loss of a goal can be a likelihood at this time. If you are in a career it continues to be full on and hectic, this also applies to time spent outside the home and some lucky Taurus folk manage to have a great break from routine. Later in the month you are energised when it comes to objectives and friendships, you achieve a lot in this phase as you prepare for celebrations and spend time chatting and enjoying yourself with good friends. Your work and daily routine have a pleasant ambience this month, nothing is too much bother even though you are going over old ground until the 16th when you move forward with ease.