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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2019

Your close relationships and close friendships are highlighted this month and there is a great deal of mutual sympathy and love when it comes to your significant other. There is also a strong sense of permanence and mutual care for other family members or friends, and from the 9th onwards Venus in the zone of close relationships results in a pulling together combined with feelings of joy in your union, your daily routine is harmonious for you both. For others who are on their own find that interactions with other people make you feel good, you could even meet someone who will be important in your life. At the beginning of the month your work and daily routine is quite harmonious and easy going even though there are certain responsibilities, from the 4th onwards these areas can become very busy but your energy and optimism doesn't let you down, however later in the month you could feel depleted and need a little rest. You can also find in this phase that there are obstacles when it comes to doing what you want, there may be a delay or need for a rethink.