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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2019

There's a good chance that many of you will have a nice break away this month, but with Saturn in this area there will be restrictions or other priorities; for some of you it is all about someone close and responsibilities, it is also a time for the unexpected or surprising. You are fired up with energy and a sense of purpose, nothing can deter you from the tasks integral to your day and regime; most of your energies are put to use behind the scenes perhaps helping those you care about, you achieve a great deal just now. Uranus moves back into Taurus giving you fresh perspectives or for some of you a new career, watch out for a tendency to 'rock the boat'. A sense of optimism pervades your friendships and you feel optimistic about a certain plan or goal; sympathy is felt in the area of friendships or is linked to a relative who has been a good friend to you. Your career and everyday routine brings a sense of well being and your financial situation brings a certain amount of satisfaction, in several ways you are blessed. At the end of the month Venus changes sign bringing harmony to friendships and the likelihood of realising a special goal, group matters thrive.