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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

How you go about your daily tasks and your work is significant this month, many of you have chores that you do with a glad heart, but at the same time you would love to throw off the shackles and do something you are longing for, but life has ways of changing the status quo, and some things you have to leave behind in order to grow in other ways; it's also important to look after your health as well as the health of others. Some plans and objectives are viable and are highlighted this month along with your friendships, these friends are very supportive and there is much mutual compassion and sympathy, however the loss of a friend is also a possibility. There could be news that surprises you, or when talking to your partner you reach an impasse or hear the unexpected, but on the whole this is a happy month with lots of love, blissful interludes, and a need to be creative. Mars continues its journey in your private sector, therefore you cannot achieve all you would wish which leaves you feeling frustrated, life can feel like all work and no play at times; also subconscious issues need to be processed and left in the past, don't be hard on yourself; however this month has plenty to offer in the way of happiness so enjoy!