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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2019

There could be some sort of surprise in the area of money and your security, it may involve a friend or something you are planning. There is quite a focus on your private life with some positive matters as well as some challenges and you are not shy about telling it as it is. In the first half of the month communications are buzzing especially when it comes to relatives and anything going on in your personal life; however work can cause hold ups or limit you in some way or simply be something you have to get on with whilst dreaming about good times. You need time alone to be rested and at peace, you could feel caring towards someone and release the healing and therapeutic side of your persona; you also contemplate how changes will affect your life. You are a mix of the optimistic and pessimistic this month, a bit like being on a roller coaster, but from the 16th onwards your attention turns to your home where you feel in charge of your living space as well as your family. Venus continues its journey through your sign up to the 15th bringing a sense of peace and harmony to your life, after that date the area of money and security bring surprises and feelings of hopefulness.