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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2020

You enjoy talking and communicating with others this month, whether it is romantically orientated or centred on friends and relatives, your private life is extremely busy, this phase lasts until early August. Your sensitive and compassionate side is apparent to others and talking to you is helpful making friends and family feel better, you are in a good place emotionally and able to help them with their problems. Your partner or romantic interest is a high priority and the rapport between you both is healing and brings the feel good factor, there may also be the unexpected where a friend or an objective is concerned. You feel quite emotional at times when it comes to the things and people that bring security to your life, you need to talk to those close to you about your deepest feelings and fears. You are certainly absorbed with life behind the scenes, perhaps there is more going on in your private life, you could be working in solitude or have appointments or medical matters; for some of you it is a time of spiritual insights with a need to have space to contemplate your next step, time alone is essential for you now in order to clear a busy mind and put things into perspective.