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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

In many ways October reflects your feelings about your close relationships, and there may be surprises or the unexpected, there could also be a situation of career versus a relationship or close friendship, so it's important to put your wise head on and not to make any spur of the moment decisions as later in the month you will feel differently. Mars continues its journey in your sign spurring you on to achieve, but there is an inclination to be impulsive so rein it in a bit, and this month you realise the extent of what you have set out to do but you are more than capable so don't think about giving up. There are plenty of happy times and fun just now, and your creative juices are flowing, you enjoy the company of others and for most of the month your work and daily routine bring a smile to your face, also if you have any health issues there is an improvement. You feel deeply about a surprising piece of news, but on the whole the month is promising. There is a focus on your private life and you feel particularly compassionate, so time spent alone to contemplate your past, present, and future, and to connect with your spiritual self is certainly beneficial.