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Your Monthly Horoscope for December 2019

Feelings run deep and wide this month when it comes to your plans and your friendships, there may be the unexpected or friction over money as there is a lot of spending, plans require your thinking cap. Venus is hovering over your career, public life and life path making them feel blissful, someone special is the reason for many of you, while singles may have met or could meet someone interesting, they light your fire. Jupiter's change of sign on the 3rd for a year is fabulous when it comes to your aspirations and your career, opportunities will occur including a possible new relationship if you are looking for that; also travel or someone at a distance can be essential to your well being ; students have as amazing year ahead but will have to work hard and go the distance. There could be the unexpected either in a friendship or linked to one of your goals or to finances, but from the 20th onwards Venus makes friendships heart warming, your feelings are powerful around the 22nd. Celebrations can be quite a tonic this year, and talking to someone close is exactly what you need. It is a varied month but with great promise for your future.