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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

This is a month when communications, discussions, and getting out and about are ultra important, your talk to good friends and to older people who you consider to be friends; there is the chance of the unexpected or changes in the pipeline, also relatives are a priority. There is a lot of love for you, and your words are like 'the gentle rain', you are also very tuned in and sympathetic with others, whatever your situation is your are being silently protected, and those with a health problem receive the most helpful treatment. You get on well with family members this month or someone you are emotionally close to, again there is much love coming your way, also your want your home to be beautiful and welcoming, perhaps you have a special occasion in mind. It's important to keep negativity at bay and to go for your objectives with confidence and optimism, not all aims are feasible just now so simply plan and concentrate as much as you can, on the present. In the first part of the month you take the lead when it comes to home matters and family, you can feel emotional at times; after the 12th you have a need for enjoyment, so put the fun back into your life, and bring out your creative side, and indulge in a spot of romance.