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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2019

You feel deep emotions at times this month, they may be linked to your financial situation or your private life, whatever it stems from there are feelings of compassion and sympathy. You are prepared to work hard to get what you want out of life and have the power at your fingertips, an Aries will go above and beyond to achieve their dreams. Close relationships can be an issue in some way, perhaps there is a disagreement, and as far as singles are concerned you can feel a bit 'out on a limb', for some of you there are beginnings or endings. Mars enters your relationship sector early in the month and if you have a partner or close friend there can be more activities and altercations; for those who are on their own it could be that hard work conflicts with the need for a relationship. From the 9th onwards money matters are improving and those with partners seek out more time to be close, it is a great phase for improving bonds in a relationship, and any holidays taken later in the month go better than expected and turn out to be a great experience, for some however there are other priorities, or matters that turn plans upside down.