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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

This is a month when your feelings run deep and wide, it can be your love life that prompts powerful emotions or it may be your financial situation, all that is shared is relevant along with a strong sense of commitment. This month there is the likelihood of something surprising or unexpected which could be linked to distances or to someone you care about. Also at this time there is a focus on all those things that give you pleasure, everything that you have planned and those special objectives are high on the list along with friendships that give you much support, you tend to be in the position of leader just now. However there is a challenging matter or something is not forthcoming, there may be a need to balance work and pleasure or there is a health issue that needs attention for yourself or someone close; from the 16th onwards you are very busy in private maybe helping those close to you because you are seen as someone strong and capable, you achieve a great deal in this phase. Jupiter changes sign this month for a year bringing you travel, great inspiration and a sense of belonging to something greater.