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Your Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

The pleasurable outings etc. that you are planning are a gift to you this month, but be careful how you go as you may be a little accident prone when pursuing your dreams. Your home and family are high on your list and discussing sensitive issues with a family member is a must, you feel a great deal of compassion this month. There is a lot of love and financial security surrounding you and your self esteem is on the rise, for some a relationship brings out your inner sensuality while others experience a transformation of some sort. For the whole month up to mid May you pursue your objectives and there are more activities with your friends, however friends may have problems, or there are lessons for you when it comes to friendships, as well as this a goal could be difficult to realise or requires much hard work right up to the end of June, however you will get there in the end as you are a natural achiever. For 4 months Venus brings harmony and peace to your communications and conversations, also you get along well with relatives; a link between Jupiter and Pluto can bring power in your career, a change of direction or a sudden transformation.