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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2019

There is a very strong accent on your career and your life path this month, and whether you are planning a new career or submerged in your work you know there are no short cuts, it brings in the money which you delight in spending and gives you a special place in life. You achieve a lot at this time and probably spend a lot, however there is the chance of changes ahead, you could alter your career plans mid stream, or evolve personally and take a completely new direction leaving the past behind. You are likely to be the recipient of some surprising news linked to something you are planning, or it could be in a message from a friend; you are always a good person to talk to as you are compassionate and helpful; it could also be news regarding a health problem which involves your private life. You have a strong creative edge just now and your imaginings can take concrete form, so use this in any creative hobby or occupation. You get on well with your friends and have some great conversations and outings, it's also a good month for special plans or goals; at the end of the month Venus moves on making you more introspective, seeking peace and spiritual solace.