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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2022

There are several things going on this month, you are very busy indeed, all of you are occupied in some capacity, it could be mental or physical but you are full of determination and have a strong sense of purpose. You are definitely focused this month with communications and conversations a strong theme; money matters and your security are on your mind, but at times you have negative thoughts so try and remain positive and hopeful, also a friendship can concern you in some way, or maybe it’s something that you want to achieve that is worrying you, so once again put those thoughts in the bin, and go forwards with confidence, concentrate on the happy side of life and believe in yourself. Venus is helping you money wise and security wise at this time, and at the end of the month conversations and communications take on a pleasing vibe which is just the tonic, you feel a lot of love coming your way. Relatives are also in the picture helping you to see just how far you have come and showing you just how much you are loved and appreciated. You have a gentle sensitive side to your nature and you feel a lot of compassion for someone close which they are grateful about.