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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2019

There are things and people that make you feel good emotionally and this month a friend does that, however there are also matters that require though and a practical approach. Communications of all kinds are highlighted and something comes out of the blue and surprises you, but on the whole communications lift your spirits and make you feel good. Relatives are also in the picture and you feel sensitive and compassionate towards them, your healing presence is helpful. You want your home to be beautiful this month and will take the appropriate steps to make it so, at the end of the month pleasure and romance are on your mind, you are determined to have a good time whether it's your hobbies and interests or simply having fun that floats your boat. When it comes to romance a passing attraction could make your heart flutter, while those with a partner enjoy each others company and discover more about each other. Take care to avoid accidents in the home this month and enjoy this creative and fruitful phase.