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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2019

This is such and enjoyable month for you, there may be hobbies and interests that keep you buzzing, you are so creative; it's also a pleasurable time with those you love, you enjoy wining and dining as well as a bit of romance, singles may have found someone special while those with a partner feel more in love than ever. You are determined to have a good time and you look forward to something exciting, however later in the month your work and daily routine can be very busy as a plan comes together and you work towards something special. Because of the journey of Jupiter many of you have distances on your mind and a great holiday is on the cards, also those people who mean so much are the greatest company. There could be the unexpected or surprising this month, but later in the month you have lots going for you, you are happy with your friendships and your objectives. Those of you who are spiritually inclined feel you are being guided so go with your gut feelings in all that you do especially when it concerns others.