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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Your mind is on good times and fun, you have wonderful things to look forward to and happy times to look back on, however a financial quandary gives food for thought or there may be a surprise which could involve a friend or something you have planned. Travel is likely this month and you look forward to this long awaited break, journeys were always your favourite thing as well as your destination, you feel deeply about certain matters at this time. There is also a focus on your spiritual self and the things you seek in your private time; try mindfulness to switch off any agitation or worries it can help you reach a more peaceful place in your psyche. Changes in your daily routine work out well from the 7th onwards, those with a partner feel very positive about their relationship, but sometimes you have anxieties or challenges to deal with, your sensitive compassionate side is in evidence here, friendships also benefit from your empathy. Something especially at the start of the month is limiting where friendships or plans are concerned and you will be going over old ground until Mars turns direct on the 27th.