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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

When it comes to your career and your path in life it is full steam ahead. Something is wonderful this month, it may involve a friendship or a special aim that is close to your heart, you definitely have something to smile about, you get the go ahead in certain areas of your life. There is also the unexpected and it is an extremely busy month for you, resourceful and determined you don't want too many limitations, but try not to be too headstrong and take care in all you do. You have a lot to talk over this month and a message can leave you feeling a bit deflated or anxious, therefore you need to discuss your hopes and fears with those close to you, family are a good listening ear and can ease your mind. From the 8th onwards Venus smooths the way to happiness when it comes to your home and family filling you with a need to have beautiful surroundings and helping you to feel peaceful; a partner can make you feel emotionally content. There is a lot of compassion and sensitivity in your private life this month, you care deeply for others and can help them with loving words. If you have a decision to make at this time, be sure it is a wise one.