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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2018


With a few Planets in your zone of home and domestic life it may be a year in which to make home improvements by doing those jobs you have been putting off, there may be a need for urgent repairs; as far as moving house goes it might not be a good time, but if you do there will be teething troubles. Inwardly you feel as peace but also have strong emotions and much determination; psychologically you are more able to move on from the past thereby healing wounds. There is also an accent on those things and people that make life worth living, it may be travel, a need to learn, or a partnership or close friendship, it could even be your spiritual beliefs that make you feel connected to the Universe. If you are studying the fun side of it comes to the fore and you have a touch of brilliance. It is a busy year for getting out and about and all types of communications, you tend to also be on a bit of a spending spree; with Jupiter in this area until November 9th your bank balance should be growing, there may even be financial surprises which make you feel more secure. There’s a possibility that you could develop hard to diagnose ailments but you feel better with all the sympathy you get at this time; you could also feel a bit adrift and like to do what you want when you want, strict adherence to a routine doesn’t suit you just now.

Love and Romance

Love is found at home for those in a committed relationship and your other half makes you feel good emotionally, you enjoy time together indoors. Singles could meet someone who is attractive in a comfortable easy way rather than someone who blows your mind, that person is who you need. There is an element of care and compassion in your partnerships this year and your partner makes you feel secure, when you talk to them you tend to bounce off each other and conversation is sparkling. In late January and early February pleasure and romance may be part of the scene, while March is important for close relationships. From mid May to mid Novemember you seek fun and romance with your partner and feelings run deep.

Work and Daily Routine

You require variety in your everyday life and work, and you like to work when it suits you so nine to five is not for you these days; for some of you it is a case of home versus work. Work and your everyday routine has a pleasant ambience from mid February to early March, it is helpfully aspected, and from mid May to Mid June much the same but with challenges. From mid November until the end of the year your daily routine and work are very busy indeed and you accomplish a great deal.