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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2019


This year it is likely that you find you have more responsibilities in the home or for family; your home could have its problems in this phase and tasks can seem tedious but you are a great help to a family member as you have much sympathy when it comes to their difficulties. There is a focus on your self worth and all the things and people that make you feel secure, your financial situation could change in some way and a relationship evolve into a new phase; feelings of self worth are climbing with a fresh sense of personal power. Watch out for difficulties when dealing with professionals of any kind, this also goes for close friends so try and see their point of view. With Jupiter in your 3rd house until December there will be a lot of discussions and communications about sensitive matters and health issues, this could involve your work or everyday life, but Jupiter can bring a gift so be aware, this extends to siblings or other relatives who may be fortunate for you. Travel is very much on your mind at this time along with ways of expanding your life, but some of your longings might not be possible at the present time; in December Jupiter moves to a different sign for a year where it brings good fortune if you are looking for a home or doing renovations to your house, while Uranus is in Taurus from March onwards (see my blog for how this affects you). You are able to make a dream reality this year and give concrete form to your imaginings and creations so enjoy!

Love and Romance

There are likely to be positive changes in a close relationship, the year is mainly about who makes you feel secure whether it is emotional or financial or both. It's likely that you are in a partnership for the long haul and there is much mutual sympathy and compassion; if you are single an intense passionate type of person could enter your life, they may even be a Scorpio. There are plenty of happy joint activities for you both but also the likelihood of friction especially in January and the first half of February, in March there could be an attraction which is unlikely to last, but there's a lot of happiness around the 21st. There are many joyful times in April, but in May there are challenges in a close relationship; in September you feel your partner is a soul mate, but there are barriers in October. December is fun from the 20th onwards but the month has ups and downs.

Work and Daily Routine

There continues a theme of dissatisfaction in your working life, it brings in the money but you would love to work when you feel like it; however you are passionate when it comes to your earnings and some of you really love what you do. In April your daily routine bring the feel good factor, and from the 16th May – July your career and public life are buzzing along, where do you find the energy?, also there are certain difficult matters or challenges work wise, in July this settles down to a quieter phase, it is mainly harmonious. In late November and December you concentrate on the money side of things.