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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2022


There is an emphasis on your home, your inner self, and your family, as well as this, inherited conditions may be significant. You will work to make your home beautiful, and an important change is likely in one of the above areas, also there could be some kind of life event, a communication could surprise or shock; however your charm and helpfulness with those you love is well appreciated so give yourself a pat on the back. There is a strong focus on communications of all kinds, whether messaging, phoning, or in deep conversation, you reach out to others this year. Talking to your partner is constructive and productive, you achieve a lot together, also relatives have an important part to play. From 1st January - 10th May, and November and December Jupiter is helpful to you in your daily life and in your work, if you need a good doctor you will be fortunate in this respect, the rest of the year Jupiter can bring love to singles or good fortune through your partner, but some of you freedom loving types will prefer to stay single (see section on love). Saturn can still put a bit of a damper on fun and pleasures, other concerns will tend to weigh you down a little, however your creativity is spot on and well channelled. Music and all types of fantasy including reading will keep you occupied, another thing is that you must remember to show compassion to others, many Libra people become therapists or have an occupation that required gentleness and sensitivity, also you can always see 'the other side' to a viewpoint or situation, making you good advisors. From 20th August - March 2023 you are inspired to travel or study and find more meaning to life, you also develop your spiritual side.

Love and Romance

If you fall in love this year it could be with someone you are distantly related to, or it may be that a person appeals to your emotions and sense of security; those happily attached will find that love deepens. Jupiter's journey can bring love into your life through a communication, or when getting out locally, while those with a partner realise the benefits the relationship can bring, however some of you find freedom very tempting. Saturn brings lessons in love, you find that talking to your partner resolves issues and is helpful especially in January, February can be surprising or difficult, but in March you seek and find romance and pleasure, but there are limitations. Relationships are a focal point in April, and May is wonderful, with many happy activities in June. August is special with lots of love, and in November you spend with care on those you are close to.

Work and Daily Routine

With Jupiter in this zone from January 1st - May 10th, and in November and December you could encounter new opportunities which may be linked to your present occupation or a new career, it will be more lucrative. April is pleasant for your work and routine, but also very busy from the 15th April - 25th May, these two month are fortunate for you. July is significant for your career with promotions or opportunities, while Jupiter returns to your zone of work, routine and health in November bringing benefits, December is special for for these matters with a great atmosphere whether at work or home. By the end of this year there could be important changes in your working life.