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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2022


There is a strong focus on all the things and people you treasure in your life, and whatever takes place you are supported by those who know and understand you, however it is necessary to let go of any negativity and to forgive and forget. A message or conversation could stop you in your tracks, and something could occur that changes things forever, fate is unavoidable, however you can cope and gain strength through any adversity, especially as there will be lots of good times, which is the case this year. Your drives will be strong therefore you achieve a great deal, but there could be friction over money especially shared resources, also there are lots of activities related to this area of your life so put your wise head on and figure out what to do next. From January 1st until 10th May and 28th October - 20th December Jupiter could bring and new and influential friend into your life, and objectives are easier to realise, the rest of the year Jupiter acts as a protector, you are in good hands especially if you need any medical treatment. Getting away from it all combined with your outdoor and social life help to make life worth living, you could be busy helping others but love that sense of freedom that travelling brings. Someone you know, a relative or a friend is very significant to your life this year, they may be troubled or have tragedy or adversity to deal with, you feel duty bound to help them in any way you can. Neptune continues to bring sensitivity and compassion to friendships, but also the occasional loss of a friend, while Pluto can change the status quo and your beliefs, opening up a whole new vista.

Love and Romance

Those looking for love could find it on holiday or travelling, even in a place of learning, it is likely to be a passionate encounter that changes your life, while those happily attached experience more romance with their partner and a deepening of their relationship. You crave intimacy especially in January and it is a year when emotions are powerful when it comes to those you love. May is important for you and significant for you hopes and dreams, in June you are at your 'earthy' best and your senses are alive. August is a great month for pleasure and romance along with September, singles could meet someone special and those with a partner share happy times together. In November a close relationship is a priority with certain challenges, and there may be a journey in December.

Work and Daily Routine

With Saturn continuing its journey in your zone of career and life path, work can give you meaning in life, but it comes with certain sacrifices and is no easy ride, for those in a caring role your activities outside the home bring satisfaction. February and March are important, even crucial for the above matters which are pleasant and very busy especially from 6th March – mid April. Your work and daily routine bring the feel good factor in October, much is achieved in your private life. November focuses on your career and outdoor activities, perhaps a rest is due in December so make the most of this celebratory month to just chill and enjoy.