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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2018


It’s possible that your beliefs are changing, what was once relevant to your life is no more; there can also be life changing scenarios linked to travel, learning or to someone you are close to. Because Saturn begins its journey in the above areas there are lessons for you and challenging circumstances which lead you to re-assess your beliefs up to December 2020, you will leave this period wiser and stronger. There is also a focus on your financial situation and feelings of self worth, a positive link to Uranus can bring surprises or a pleasing element to your working life and another positive aspect may also bring the unexpected where money or a deep matter is concerned, there could be a windfall of some description. Feelings of self worth are reliant on your work or your public life and you find much inner peace at this time. You could be helping or looking after someone you care about this year and you find great reserves of energy, interactions with others are purposeful but you are sensitive in the extreme when you serve others from the heart. On May 16th Uranus enters Taurus for its seven year journey bringing a change of direction in some area of your life; there may be a sadness linked to a friend and you give out much sympathy and compassion.

Love and Romance

With Mars and Jupiter in your zone of close relationships there are lots of joint activities,you could be going to and fro to help someone close and have deep feelings for those who are special to you; if you are single you could meet a Scorpio type of person (intense and powerful) and it could be the start of something big, you could meet them abroad or at a place of learning; for many of you there are important changes. In April you have an inner radiance and attract others to your side; in July there could be a fateful meeting for those of you looking for love, September and October bring harmony to close relationships and December is special.

Work and Daily Routine

For many of you your work is your meaning in life, some of you have links to abroad in your working life or work to help others in a humanitarian sense; you could also be doing solitary work in private. For those of you at home caring for others it can be hectic at times especially in January, while August - 8th September is still challenging but there is a more enjoyable element to your tasks or your work. Your career or public life are very busy indeed from mid September - 15th November, you work tirelessly behind the scenes; it is your love of a job or love of a person that drives you this year.