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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2019


This year mainly centres around your dealings with others, it could be your partner or close friend in the main frame or it may be your involvement with professionals of some sort. You have much compassion for those close to you along with the people you call friends; the loss of a friend is possible or maybe they have problems that receive your sympathy and sensitivity. There is much selfless service this year, you may be caring for others and have lots to do behind the scenes, you do this with a fierce energy and determination which you have in abundance; there may also be health issues, mainly those of others and you are there to help; any solitary work goes well at this time; however a need for self forgiveness is a possibility this year. Jupiter can bring windfalls and open up a new phase of life for you, however you may find you cannot travel as much or have to think carefully before you do, this is due to the journey of Saturn, it can affect the things and people that give your life meaning; for some the only travel is through work. Those studying just need to keep their head down and get on with it as only hard graft will do at this time, rewards will be forthcoming in due course. To find out how Uranus in Taurus from March onwards will affect you – see my blog. As well as Saturn, Pluto is slowly moving through your zone of travel, spirituality and all those things and people that are special to you, it brings sudden epiphanies, changes in beliefs, and a close passionate person who you love becomes a total priority.

Love and Romance

Because there is much emphasis on your close relationships this year those who are single could encounter the person of their dreams, while those attached find new depth and closeness with their partner they are your meaning in life; late May and June are special for you, you project an earthy sensual image and attract attention. In late August and September you seek romance, fun, and travel, everything that you enjoy, singles could meet someone special to their future. October is mainly harmonious for close relationships, while late November and December sees lots of joint activities and much empathy with the odd altercation.

Work and Daily Routine

Whatever constitutes your daily routine centres around your partner, family or a close friend, in these areas you have intense feelings and sensitivity, so whatever tasks you perform they bring you contentment. March brings a pleasant ambience to your career and public life, while April brings enjoyment or good fortune career wise. Your occupation and daily routine can be challenging in September and October but you can cope and still come out smiling; October and November are particularly busy and December is a mix of frantic activity and all the things you love to do.