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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

For those in a career there may be the unexpected when it comes to earnings or security, while others are on the receiving end of a different kind of surprise, these matters engender powerful emotions. Any type of communication whether with relatives or others, artistic or musical, as well as spiritual leaves you feeling at peace and satisfied, a lot can be sorted out and organized as friends and groups are in synch with you. This is also a good month if you want a pleasant break away, anything related to distances works out in your favour, it can be very romantic, and when it comes to those who have begun a journey of study this is an excellent month, you sense you are on the right path; it is certainly a month for reaching outwards and upwards and spiritual matters are favoured. You continue a phase of being very busy in your home or looking after family, you have projects and may be having work done in your home, however you feel restricted and cannot achieve all you would wish, fortunately a lot goes your way this month so be grateful for the blessings the rest will work itself out in time.