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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2020

The month focuses on your work and everyday life and the status you have achieved by simply working hard, you tend to be work orientated and even those at home caring for others find their place in the world through their partner. Being careful with your earnings is something you are no stranger to and is essential to your peace of mind and security; there is the possibility of a financial surprise which may come through your partner or something else that is unexpected and comes out of the blue. With Venus in your sector of work and daily routine for just over 2 months you are happy in your daily round, in these strange times this is a positive whether you're caring for others or happily working, tasks are not daunting and you have pastimes that engage you and fill any holes that you have in your life just now. Certain hobbies that are important to you that you can do in your home such as art, music or fantasy are absorbing this month, and for those who are sensitive to the intangibles which many of you are, spiritual links and practises bring a great deal of comfort.