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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2019

You are happy and feel secure with the love in your life and possibly a new addition to the family, any changes in your world are self engendered especially in the area of relatives, communications, or even the way you think and deal with issues. Many of you feel in tune with the intangibles which guide you in your everyday life, or there may be another way that helps you to rise above the mundane, music, fantasy, or even the route of healing and compassion is possible. Matters to do with your home and family as well as friendships and groups require a bit of thought this month as there may be challenging circumstances; however a lovely link to Jupiter brings optimism and hope. In the first half of the month your work and daily routine are very busy which bothers you as you feel you need a rest; while in the second half there are more activities with your partner as well as the chance of altercations, but something makes you happy. From the 15th onwards fun and pleasure brings joy and singles could have a romantic encounter.