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Your Monthly Horoscope for December 2019

A momentous event, Jupiter moves into Capricorn for a year therefore people and resources could enter your life bringing beneficial circumstances, this month you have every reason to be joyful and your spiritual or inner life can become more significant whether it is a hobby that puts you on a higher plane or your private life that brings gratitude and a connection to spirit. With Venus also in Capricorn you are at your alluring best, you spread happiness and good will and those with a partner experience much mutual love, those who are looking for love could well find it at this time and it has every chance of being long term, some of you adore the tiny newcomer in your life. When it comes to friendships and groups you are quite driven, you have plans and dreams and conversations help to put them into action, you can be quite unstoppable. From the 20th onwards you feel satisfied in a financial sense, even though at the start of the month there might have been a surprise or a worry about your security, but at this time feelings of self worth help you to have a great time.