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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

This month you are absorbed with your financial situation or feel strongly about some other aspect of your life; you may be travelling to enjoy a lovely holiday or because of your work, these matters are intrinsic to your well being and your sense of fulfilment. There is certainly someone or something that brings meaning to your life and any changes work out well, you have power at your fingertips this month. Something might have to be sacrificed or put on the back burner but this does not worry you unduly when it comes to achieving your aims. In the first part of the month you could feel a lack of energy or purpose, and a money matter could take you by surprise; later in the month Mars in your sign brings determination and 'get up and go', however there is a sense of backtracking over old ground until the 27th when you can move forwards in one area. From the 7th onwards there is a feeling of peace and ease in your career, but there are also challenges or ongoing changes linked to your occupation, take nothing for granted. Communications and getting out and about are also in focus along with more dealings with relatives, as well as this, groups and hobbies thrive especially if are linked to music or spirituality.