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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

Work matters a great deal to you, it not only feeds your soul, it is also about earning and making as much money as possible, you like to feel secure and this month conversations in the work place and a pleasant ambience fills you with the feel good factor and much optimism. Early in the month you are very aware of just how much your partner loves you, in private you hear all the things you want to hear. At times this month is emotionally challenging with much activity in the home, but on the whole there are plenty of blissful times with those you love, and an ease when interacting with others. Jupiter continues to bring fortunate communications, there can be beneficial messages, phone calls, or spiritual experiences, you certainly sense a connection to something greater; some of you reach others with music or singing. From the 12th onwards to tend to feel deeply or passionately about certain areas of your life, shared resources can be paramount as you may be occupied with plans that require cash, also your drives are strong just now with a need for more intimacy in your partnership, or in your life if you are single; for some of you there is more interest in the metaphysical side of life. At the end of the month you feel uplifted and have a great sense of satisfaction.