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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

Friendships, groups, and your goals occupy part of this month and help you feel settled and established; you have sympathy for friends with problems, and artistic, musical, or spiritual groups bring much pleasure. This is a month of powerful emotions especially when it comes to money, you could be spending quite a bit on home and family and there may be a loss somewhere down the line; your own restlessness with a need to purge can be challenging so think before you act or you may have regrets. Something surprises you at this time, it may be in a message or linked to your private life or health, there is also something that fills you with joy and optimism. From the 16th onwards all types of communications escalate especially regarding your family, and in talking to them you settle and achieve much, while your home benefits from a makeover. You tend to be feeling nostalgic in the first half of the month when it comes to your career or a relationship, after that you leave the past behind and concentrate on the present and near future as there is a lot to do. Jupiter changes sign for a year silently protecting you in many areas of your life, some of you make a spiritual connection for the first time and you will fantasize a lot about living abroad and travelling.