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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

You may have to deal with the unexpected this month, it could come in the form of a new romance or the patter of tiny feet, it could also be linked to shared resources and wanting to use it on pleasures and interests. It is an important month for you in certain ways, it can resonate in your private life especially your home and interests linked to your home, for some of you it refers to your spiritual life and all of you enjoy yourself with your hobbies, wining and dining, or perhaps you are delighting in a new addition to the family and have much love for your children. You have a lot to discuss with your partner, and you take the lead when it comes to your home and domestic life, you want to implement a big change, but will your partner agree ? You are extremely busy but at times feel frustrated or limited and this is the scenario until November; at the start of August there can be work related challenges, you may have to re assess your working life and routine. From the 8th onwards you get on well with your partner and in your interactions with others, so make the most of this harmonious phase even if there is the odd disagreement.