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Your Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

Your close relationships and interactions with others are a focal point this month, and whatever problems they might have you react with much sympathy. You haven't quite got your feet on the ground and are inclined to drift off into a world of fantasy, for some of you this centres around relatives, for others there is illusion, delusion, or a preoccupation with your spiritual life, you find it very easy to connect to the intangibles, or maybe it is music that has you floating above the clouds. There is a lot of love and enjoyment for you but watch out for a tendency to want to change your life radically, it may not be a good move, an unsettled feeling will pass in time. For 4 months Venus travels through your 6th house, therefore work and your daily routine will be stimulating and a pleasant challenge, daily tasks are rewarding and help you to feel content, another bonus is that any health problems subside and you receive beneficial treatment. When it comes to spending you want the things that bring you pleasure but with Saturn in this area there is a need to think twice, also watch out for emotional outbursts as you are feeling feisty.