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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2018

This month tends to centre on all those things and people who bring meaning to your life including travel for some, study for others, while many of you concentrate on your spiritual self. Singles could meet somebody new out of the blue and some of you find a baby is on the way which may have been quite unexpected. There is a strong focus on younger family members and on all those things in life that bring you joy whether it is your hobbies and interests or wining and dining with someone you love; your life is changing and it is down to you, there is much that is right about this month. Something in your world is blocked or has a major obstacle, and when it comes to your career, changes are self engendered. Friendships and groups thrive at this time, and a goal stands a good chance of being realised as you have a sense of purpose and energy to pour into an objective. Later in the month you are in the mood to spend on your home or things you need and perhaps stuff you don't need!