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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2019


Although you enjoy lots of happy times this year Saturn can cramp your style, but of the plus side there is harmony in the family along with empathy and compassion, you learn more about close family because of Saturn's journey. There is a strong focus on siblings or other relatives with a lot of mutual love, they help you to feel secure and bring a lot of positives to your life, and as a bonus they get on well with your partner. Communications of all kinds figure strongly at this time and some of them are linked to money matters and whatever or whoever makes you feel secure, your rapport with others is excellent and brings joy and understanding. Shared resources however can cause a bit of friction as there is quite a lot of spending, or you may have to deal with a difficult person, there may even be a loss. It is a good year for moving house if this applies to you; some of you might not want to move because it would take you away from family, whatever the case there is some good fortune linked to your home and family, however for a few of you a holiday home may have to be sold. In December Jupiter changes sign for a year where it makes you proud of your children and brings many good times. Uranus will be in Taurus from March onwards so (see my blog to discover what this means for you).

Love and Romance

There is harmony and mutual empathy in your close relationships this year even though Saturn is making you more serious and perhaps limiting your capacity for joy. Singles could find that romance is difficult to find or has its down side, but if you do meet someone special there could be an age difference and they may be a Scorpio or simply a passionate type of person, you might meet them locally or online. You have a deep need for intimacy this year, and in February you want romance and pleasure to help you feel secure, March is notable in some way and in April Venus brings peacefulness to your close relationship. In May there is a stronger sense of commitment, while in September you are a shining light; November and December there are good times and surprises in store.

Work and Daily Routine

You feel passionate about your work these days and many of you work from home or are simply happy in your chosen occupation, and from March onwards there could also be extra financial benefits. In March your daily routine and work give much pleasure, while April - 16th May is extremely busy in your public life as well as your career, but in May especially you can feel that you are dragging your heels. June is more conducive for happiness at work but there are still challenges. July is important career wise and you may need to balance work and home; in December your daily routine holds the unexpected and surprising, and from the 20th onwards Venus brings a pleasant phase and some of you work abroad or deal with companies at a distance.