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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2018


There may be changes within the family this year, in fact there are a few Planets in this sector highlighting the ways in which you enjoy yourself whether it is your hobbies, your romantic life or having fun with younger family members; Venus in the above areas casts a somewhat rosy glow and if you are single it is especially auspicious due to the journey of Saturn. There is also an emphasis on your career and your life path, perhaps you are setting off in a new direction or are the recipient of a windfall that enables you to change your life for the better. Talking to friends and family about important matters is essential this year, you receive and give good advice but one particular matter sees you at an impasse so feel from the heart when dealing with it. There are strong feelings and a need to help where certain family members are concerned, you are very busy indeed and have a lot to discuss also Jupiter is in this area until December 9th so good things come via communications or relatives; after that date for a year Jupiter is beneficial for your home and helpful if you want to buy a new one. Saturn can limit your fun factor but help you to be creative, you learn more about your children in these next couple of years. Uranus can bring the unexpected money wise or through sudden events, you achieve a lot at this time.

Love and Romance

If you are looking for love or in the throes of a love affair it could become more serious or committed, and singles will either meet someone special or find that it is not the right time for a relationship and need to concentrate on other matters; it’s also possible that a family member could settle down into a serious relationship. January is special for lessons in love while February 11th - 6th March a lot of love is for you in a happy partnership, you find much to be grateful for in each others company. From 18th March - 15th May you have a need for enjoyment and romance, however you also achieve much just now, there is a balance between work and play. From November 16th until the end of December there are a lot of joint activities and successful projects, you may be helping someone close.

Work and Daily Routine

Your work and everyday routine mean a lot to you, many of you are helping family while others pour themselves into their work with gusto and claim the financial rewards; conversations with work friends are uplifting this year. From 18th January - 10th February you find joy in your work and daily routine and for most of May Venus shines a helpful light on your career and direction in life, however there is also a challenging side which you need to think about. From mid May to mid August and mid September to mid November you are extra busy and feel strongly about your tasks and work, take care of your health in this phase.