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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2022


The ways in which you find your greatest pleasures in life are a strong theme this year, it may be all about your hobbies and interests, having fun with your children, or your romantic life. There can be subtle or transforming changes in the lives of family and relatives, and in conversation with them your words carry weight, something may astound you at this time. A spur of the moment holiday is a possibility, and everyday work and duties bring meaning to your life, however this can conflict with doing the things you enjoy, therefore you have to do a juggling act. You get on well with your children and find security in family relationships, your duty towards them is very much appreciated, when it comes to spending you buy for those you love and all the things that bring you joy. Energies and assertiveness are used in the home, as you are passionate about your abode, you manage to achieve a great deal with much determination; some of you yearn for that foreign holiday that is a 'home from home'. Jupiter can transform your life in some way (see section on love), and from mid May onwards it can bring windfalls and powerful emotions; there may be a life event or a psychic experience. Saturn continues its journey bringing duties and responsibilities, and a need to look after your health, so it's important to think of yourself sometimes and take time out to rest and have a bit peace. Friends including work friends are great to have a natter with, it makes you happy as some of you have lost a partner in recent years, however Virgo people are survivors with a realistic approach to their life.

Love and Romance

For those looking for love, it may be found with a strong and passionate person, or someone who is gentle and spiritual; from January - May 10th, and November and December, Jupiter is helping you to find love that appeals to you emotionally, but some of you value your freedom too much. If you are happily attached you will find deep security in each other, and talking frankly to your partner is the way forward, you have empathy and compassion in your relationship, however for a few of you a big change is likely. January - early March is good for romance, and late January until early March you seek fun and good times. April 6th - early May is a happy phase for close relationships, there are more mutual activities and much love; August is a pleasing month and in September you sparkle, September 10th onwards is about pleasures and getting out socially.

Work and Daily Routine

As a Virgo you enjoy your work and duties, but at times you want to jet off somewhere warm and leave it all behind. There can be important changes for you this year, and family will tend to be a priority. In January and February you will have to adapt, and a message is crucial, March is also significant in some way, work and your routine are hectic but enjoyable and this continues up to early April. From late June - mid July your career and public life give you the feel good factor, and from 20th August - late March 2023 you are in a very busy phase, work and duties leave little time for relaxation, in December you achieve much you have set out to do.