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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2018


Friendships come and go and can give you a false sense of security; with Saturn now travelling through your zone of friendships and aims, true friends can be thin on the ground, you have lessons to learn in this area and will be wiser when Saturn has moved on in 2020; especially be careful what you communicate to those you consider to be friends as powerful emotions can lead you down the wrong path. Objectives also may have to be shelved or re assessed and you will find new aims so go with the flow. Your home life brings a sense of security and you get on well with those you are close to, you have much compassion for partners and family when it comes to their health problems. With Mars and Jupiter pairing up you have a strong urge to travel this year so you get away when you can; it is also a good placing for students who will be flying high to manifest their dreams, studies are inspiring. Some of you will encounter a kind of spiritual awakening and feel connected to a higher power, your life path has some special twists and turns at this time. From mid May to November Uranus can bring the unexpected when it comes to communications and relatives, also things that are hidden can come to light or health issues gain importance. With the influence of Neptune your ruling Planet the Arts especially music enhances your life while the sea fascinates you, but for some of you it’s all about fantasy.

Love and Romance

If you are looking for love it may be found via a friend or in a group situation, however this year Venus is linked to Saturn therefore there could be a difficult lesson or two to learn; if you are in a committed relationship the things you plan to do together could require a re think because of circumstances. There will be plenty of happy times as well as possible beginnings and endings in the friendship area for some of you. From 20th May - 13th June there are fun times but also limitations, in June especially there is a lot of love. From 10th July - 6th August relationships show extra commitment and love shines brightly, December is special for closeness and for those who bring meaning to your life.

Work and Daily Routine

Your life path has undeniable turning points this year, and if you are in a career there could be changes possibly self engendered, but you feel secure and keep earning. For many of you work is a pleasure and caring for others also generates strong emotions; changes can be deep and profound this year. A busy period ensues from 27th January - 17th March and from 14th June - 9th July your daily routine brings satisfaction and challenges. November is busy with the odd surprise, work done in private or selfless service may be relevant. From 9th November for a year Jupiter affects your life path bringing opportunities and expansion, for some a poignant event brings a whole new life experience.