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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2022


You need to rethink your objectives as some of them may not be possible due to personal circumstances, however with your flexibility and ingenuity you will replace them with new aims. When it comes to friendships there may be the loss of a good friend, or a friend who is on your side through thick and thin; deep conversations take place with friends and those you love, a great empathy exists between you and your feelings run deep in your exchanges with others. There is a focus on your status, your career, and your path in life, some event could alter this and set you off in a new direction, also whatever effort you put in pays off with you achieving a great deal. Jupiter is in your sign right up to the 10th May and in November and December, therefore it's your turn to shine and improve your status, beneficial people or resources enter your life so gratitude would be in order, perhaps for those who have supported you. The rest of the year Jupiter improves your financial status, and raises your sense of self worth, making this a special year, and from the 20th August until late March 2023 it is a busy time regarding your home and family, you pour energies into these areas, watch a tendency to rule the roost however. Saturn is bringing lessons when it comes to your health, secrets, or your subconscious, so listen with your inner logic, forgive yourself and others, and don't resort to drink or drugs to escape reality, instead flaunt your talents, use your intuition and carve out a promising future for yourself.

Love and Romance

If you are looking for love this year, it may be found in a friendship, and those in a settled relationship can expect a new level of passion, or an event that could change your life forever; some of you settle for a friendship rather than a relationship, and whether single or attached changes are likely. January and February are significant, especially February when there is much love, March is make or break. There are sweet moments in April when you mesmerise others with your gentle appeal and in May you realise something; there is fun and romance in June, July, and August, especially from the 18th July - 12th August; in September close relationships bring the feel good factor, and at the end of the year you can look back and be proud of how far you have come, and that you are a survivor.

Work and Daily Routine

This is an important year for those in a career, hard work is necessary to reap the rewards, you will be proud of your achievements, however some kind of loss is possible which could affect your work and routine. Some of you find your niche in show business, fantasy, or a compassionate vocation, there are certainly opportunities around for you this year. January is busy and you achieve a lot, February has surprises; late July is wonderful and in the second half of August your work and routine bring pleasure and perhaps financial rewards. It can be career versus home life in October and from 16th November - 9th December your occupation runs smoothly and you feel committed to your life path.