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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2019


It can be a lean time for friendships with the chance of making new friends unlikely, one friend will probably stay the course, there are reasons for this, you will learn a better way of relating to potential friends as well as learning much about yourself; there are also some objectives that will not manifest because of circumstances, but you gain wisdom. There is also a focus on all those things and people that give your life meaning including travel, study, or your beliefs, you have great empathy with those you love and there may be changes or challenges to deal with which lead to better times, also distances could become more relevant. You have a great rapport with that special person you value this year, there could also be a financial surprise, and as far as money is concerned you have reason to spend your cash on all those things that matter to you, but it's best to conserve a little as life can be unpredictable; watch a tendency to be verbally forceful as you can be emotionally volatile at this time. There may be a sadness this year with much compassion and sympathy, but you also might undergo some sort of transformation or have a health issue to deal with, because of the position of Neptune it may be psychological or difficult to diagnose. Because Neptune is moving through your sign making you more sensitive and psychic, you may have psychic experiences which could change your beliefs, you also need music, or poetry and the sea, and can find it hard to keep your feet on the ground, you may even fall victim to delusion or illusion so alcohol and drugs are best avoided. Uranus is in Taurus from March onwards (see my blog for how this affects you).

Love and Romance

You feel deeply about your love life this year, for those happily attached your relationship has plenty of depth and you tackle any changes in your lives together. Singles are likely to meet someone special who becomes a passion in their life, while some are absorbed in their spiritual lives or meet someone who is a spiritual soul mate, you could even charm a foreigner and find love at a distance. From mid May – end of June you seek pleasure and romance, in July some of you find what you seek but mainly there are difficulties or challenges to overcome, something could cramp your style. Late August – mid September is great for partnerships, you achieve a lot together, October is important when it comes to those you love, and November for your direction in life.

Work and Daily Routine

Until December your working life is under the benign influence of Jupiter where it brings you work opportunities, promotions, or simply beneficial circumstances on your life path. January is a good month for these matters but make sure you keep your feet on the ground as self delusion or loss is a possibility. February brings something that makes you smile work wise or in your public life, in May however there is an obstacle; July - 17th August is a very busy phase for work and your daily routine, in August there is there is a pleasant ambience surrounding these matters along with a surprise. November is special when it comes to your career and your direction in life, the year ends on a high note.