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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2019

Although this is a birthday and celebratory month for many of you there are some matters that weigh a little heavy, you may feel limited by having more responsibilities, also at the beginning of the month Mars in your sign fire's you up when it comes to your career but it could require a juggling act. There is a focus on all that is private including solitary work, medical matters and psychic or spiritual leanings, Cancer people do tend to sense and experience the intangibles and this month is no exception; it's also crucial that you spend time alone to be at peace and connect with your inner needs. For a great deal of the month Venus is in your sign so wear silver and white and you will make a spectacular entrance, others respond to you favourably as you have a peaceful aura. There is also an emphasis on money matters and you are in the mood to spend on all those things and people that mean so much; there is a chance of a financial surprise either a loss or a gain, and later in the month you feel blessed as you are earning and busy which is just the way you like it. Your daily routine and work incorporate care or compassion and as a reward you could have a lovely holiday soon.