Monthly Horoscope for Cancer by Carol Elaine
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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

You sense something this month, it may be linked to a friend or a past friendship, or even to a hope or plan, also your home could be a concern in some way, it's also likely that the changes in a relationship, or the lack of a close partner can be on your mind making you feel a bit low. These times are tough in many ways but there is light at the end of the tunnel so look forward to a brighter future. You have much that brings meaning to your life, your work, your family, and for many of you, abundance; you have a strong work ethic and are a natural leader, while the presence of those you love brings out your caring instincts. For most of the month you find talking and communicating with others very pleasing, there is a mutual empathy among family and friends and your conversation is sparkling, there is a lot of love for you; also relatives figure quite strongly and you get on really well with them at this time. Mars continues its journey with an emphasis on your career and public life, you have an inbuilt need to work, but there are limitations and obstacles to all you would like to achieve, this situation will resolve itself in time.