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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2019

Some of you spend time in another Country this month or maybe have connections with abroad because of your work, you certainly work hard towards a goal something fills you with anticipation. The Planetary positions could also encompass all those special people you feel deeply about and your involvement with them along with your personal beliefs, it is a month when you connect to something greater, psychically you are second to none. Another important focus is on your close relationships and professional people you come into contact with, you may be struggling on some level, perhaps the relationship requires a fresh approach or mediation, also your partner may have become more of a responsibility; those who are alone should concentrate on other areas of their life until Saturn moves on in December 2020. You achieve much this month when it comes to friendships and mutual plans and your energy levels are high, enjoyment is the result. Something is surprising or unexpected but you are in an optimistic frame of mind, and with the journey of Venus love comes from spirit as well as the living and as a bonus your financial situation is looking good.