Monthly Horoscope for Cancer by Carol Elaine
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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2020

This month time spent on your own is precious, contemplation helps you to move forwards and deal with a set of unusual circumstances, it is a good time for spiritual practises when links to spirit can help you see problems in a new light, and with Venus in this area for another 2 months you help others with your wisdom especially those you share a home with. There is a focus on your home and domestic life and all that takes place in your private life, friendships also come into the equation and a surprise linked to a friend is possible, or it could be the unexpected when it comes to something your were planning, something you were dreaming of or a particular objective. Time is spent discussing your aims and communicating with your friends, you have powerful feelings in these areas, but you have to be in the mood to talk; there are also discussions about financial matters, most Cancer people have plenty of savings for a rainy day. Work is a big part of your meaning in life and for some of you it may be linked to distances, it is a very busy time work wise, it is also possible that a journey has to be delayed to a later date because of circumstances. Try not to be too dogmatic about your beliefs and enjoy the blessings this month has to offer.