Monthly Horoscope for Cancer by Carol Elaine
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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2019

You are creatively inspired this month and whichever area your talents lie you have the wherewithal that leads to great end products and happy customers. There is also a focus on younger family members with feelings of family unity and much mutual understanding, interactions are warm and helpful. A holiday is a possibility at this time, or it could simply be that you find your enjoyment in your family life, it could also be your spiritual life that gives you much comfort as well as the peace you so need. The main message of the month is one of joy and pleasure along with a possible surprise which could be financial or maybe a psychic revelation. From the 9th onwards you get on well with close family and feel much unconditional love, singles could have a romantic encounter or may be quite happy on their own for the time being, you might not be ready for a new romance. Home is where the heart is at this time and there is much going on in your living space which involves you, you can feel restless and edgy but manage to get a lot done, towards the end of the month you need rest and time to wind down. Friendships give you a lot to be thankful for and your mind could be on a friend that is no more, however a situation involving your partner can be life changing or you could find yourselves at an impasse.