Monthly Horoscope for Cancer by Carol Elaine
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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2019

There is a strong focus on everyone and everything that represents your security; it could be your financial situation including earnings or it may be close family and friends that make you feel secure. With Venus in this area until the 21st you have a sense of satisfaction and feelings of self worth are rising steadily, however something could surprise you at this time and you may be saving towards a special objective. It seems that you are in a bit of a spending mood as well as being very busy just now, however you rarely spend what you haven't got, therefore spending is likely to be a wise move especially when it is linked to work or your daily routine and family. It's possible that a communication you are waiting for is not forthcoming, it is something you are waiting to hear; put it down to experience and don't brood, it may be linked to your partner or someone else who is close. Later in the month the emphasis shifts to communications of all kinds along with more dealings with relatives, some messages can be so uplifting, this is a happy productive time for you, but a word of warning, try not to be critical of yourself and others, or maybe you are being criticised by someone, a friend will understand.