Monthly Horoscope for Cancer by Carol Elaine
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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

There can be the unexpected when it comes to finances, especially if it concerns an objective you were working towards, the surprise can also come from a friend present or past. There are matters that can make you feel uneasy and a little low in spirits, you sense obstacles to your plans, and there is a need to take care of yourself as well as others; also the focus is on your partner or lack of a partner, even the loss of someone you were close to, however with Venus in your sign from the 8th onwards there is much in your life and your home to be happy about, inwardly you are peaceful even though those fluctuating moods sometimes have you at their mercy, basically you are resourceful and cope well. You continue an extremely busy phase especially in your working and public life, however at times responsibilities take preference making you feel certain limits you have to adhere to, but you are caring and compassionate and act with a glad heart. Your mind may be on travel, learning or a special person in your life, and those of you who follow a spiritual path should go with their instincts and intuition with a pinch of logic.