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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2018

There are plenty of great discussions and communications with special friends and family, a lot is sorted out and if money is the issue positive interactions help you to feel secure. This month there is an important focus on your friendships, goals, hopes and wishes and some sort of balancing act is required, while objectives that are close to your heart are quite likely to be realised along with changes that have a positive outcome; as far as friends go they bring something magical to your life even if their influence comes from beyond this world. From the 11th onwards your work is enhanced by your sixth sense, so following your heart and inner feelings is the way to go, also money matters are more crucial in this phase. There may be important changes in your home life or a barrier to something or someone you desire, but from the 9th onwards Venus brings pleasure, enjoyment and good times with close family, also anything creative has pleasing results; if you are craving romance you just might find it so enjoy all that the month brings and express the love in your heart.