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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2019

This is the month when all those hopes and plans could come together, and friendships established and new will be integral to your life; also a financial surprise is possible or a psychic link to someone you cared about who has passed over. Your occupation and public life are very much in focus but there are difficulties linked to a partnership; maybe you are having to juggle work and other responsibilities, some of you long for a partner to share the load, in time matters will be resolved in a pleasing way. A great link from Mercury to Jupiter is fortunate and you feel optimistic when it comes to your life path and your career; your daily routine is so blessed that inwardly feelings of gratitude make you give thanks. Your private life is busy and you selflessly serve those who bring your life meaning, you can be very caring; also there could be a holiday in the offing or maybe you are dreaming about foreign shores. From 16th May – July Mars in your sign makes your life and work hectic, but you are fired up with energy especially when it comes to your goals and those you care for. From the 15th onwards your friendships bring much joy and surprises, inwardly you feel at peace.