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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Whatever security means to you whether it's money in the Bank or those special people in your life a theme centres around these matters just now, and there could be some sort of financial surprise or maybe something not tangible but felt deeply. You could have a wonderful holiday this month and want to spend your hard earned cash on having a great time, those with children are extra proud of them and have much compassion and sympathy if it is needed, they give your life meaning. You use your hunches and sensitivity in your work, for some the intangibles guide you, but from the middle of the month onwards until the 27th you are retracing steps in your close relationship or in your interactions with others, after that date you are able to move forwards. You manage to hit the spot when it comes to discussions or advice, your words have great resonance and power and you realise without a doubt that siblings or other relatives have a meaningful place in your life. From the 7th onwards your home or parents are in the spotlight, your surroundings bring a sense of peace and warmth you also get on well with a parent just now, but at times there are challenges perhaps linked to your partner, maybe they have troubles or worries and need your support, for some of you it is the lack of a partner that is difficult but it wont always be the case.