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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

All those things you love to do including, hobbies, time with your children, leisure activities and maybe a spot of romance are well starred this month. Jupiter changes sign for a year which is good news for your work and daily routine, while Uranus backtracks bringing brilliant insights into your career and possibly more cash. Whatever makes you feel secure is relevant at this time whether it's what you earn, your home or those special people in your life , there is a focus on these matters; also you are incredibly busy either to make as much money as possible to finance your plans so you can treat those you love, or maybe there is friction over that which is shared. From the 16th onwards you feel an urge to travel, while those of a spiritual leaning can become a little to dogmatic when it comes to their beliefs, so be open to the opinions of others. Where your home and family are concerned you are retracing your steps or feeling nostalgic in the days up to the 16th, from then on you can move forward with your plans as you feel it is right inwardly. You are filled with a sense of joy and optimism just now, and it is likely there may be something unexpected linked to a friend or an objective.