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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2019


This is an important year for you, there is a strong emphasis on your path in life involving changes of direction, dealings with authority figures or medical matters which all work out in your favour; changes can come about that improve your life, especially your public life and your career. You do a lot more communicating this year, discussions, emails, phone calls or even writing set the tone along with more dealings with siblings or other relatives, at times it is stressful, however a lovely link between Mercury and Uranus means someone understands you and you have a great rapport with each other. Jupiter may bring you a new friend along with benefits in friendships as well as the possibility of a wish fulfilled, or the realising of a special goal, this applies for most of the year, Jupiter moves on in December. There is the possibility of some sort of deception or loss this year, or it could simply be that much compassion is given or received in a friendship. If you have a health problem there is effective medical treatment that leads to improvement, and your spiritual life reveals a link that ensures help from an unseen source, be glad of this. In March Uranus enters Taurus once again (see my blog on how this affects you). This year any creative work flourishes as you are able to transfer a dream or imagining into something concrete that will sell or be admired; however any career or job you do in solitude may be subject to change or endings and beginnings.

Love and Romance

There is great conversation and happiness when it comes to friendships this year, even though there may be the odd worry or loss of a friend. If you are looking for love it may be found at work or at a distance, and it could have a spiritual dimension, some of you fall for a Scorpio; those happily attached feel more intense or possessive when it comes to their partner, feelings run deep. April – mid May you pursue the fun side of life and the pleasures, but in May something cramps your style, June is more conducive to happy times and romance along with July when a holiday is likely. In July there are lots of joint activities but a heated atmosphere can also bring an occasional disagreement. Partners enjoy being together in August and romance is rekindled, there is a lot of love; In September you feel deeply about your relationship, and there is a new direction for some of you in October.

Work and Daily Routine

January is important when it comes to your direction in life and your career with changes that are positive and needed. Mid May – July is a very busy phase for work and your daily routine, in June there can be frustrating scenarios so take care of your health by having enough rest or doing yoga or mindfulness to ease stress. July has its challenges but generally is a more peaceful month for your everyday routine and health. October finds you more established in your work and in your personal direction, it is also a month of harmony at work and in your public life. From 19th November until January 2020 the pace quickens in your daily round, communicating and getting out and about is more of a necessity, take care in this hectic phase in order to avoid silly accidents.