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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2022


With Saturn continuing its journey in your sign you can feel a bit despondent or exhausted at times, there may be more responsibilities or a health problem to contend with, however you accomplish a great deal and learn much about your inner workings, it's time to leave the past behind and create new structure in your life. Subconsciously old issues require purging so that you can go forward with a fresh vision, it can be difficult but it's in your best interest to process old wounds and leave them in the past. For some there may be successful solitary work or the end of it, while others deal with health issues and find that doctors are helpful and kind. When it comes to friendships and objectives you lead the way this year and achieve a great deal, communication with others is especially significant, relatives are involved. From January - 10th May and in November and December, money matters and health matters receive the beneficial influence of Jupiter, also your self worth is on the rise and something important is achieved. The rest of the year communications can be fortunate for you as can relatives and friends, you could make a new friend in the neighbourhood, it's also possible that you could lose a friend or they could experience a loss. From 20th August - late March 2023 there are more activities and dealings with younger family members, you pursue fun and good times, also you are creatively inspired and want to involve those you love.

Love and Romance

For many of you this year love is wrapped up in devotion and selfless service, or in a kind of universal love, but for some there is a clandestine element with a need to keep love under wraps. If you are looking for love it may be found with a passionate person who makes you feel secure, they could also be sensitive and spiritual, some find love abroad or in a place of learning. February and March are significant, with feelings of commitment in June, there is a lot of love for you in July and from mid August - early September close relationships bring meaning to your life; however there are also challenges or a need to weigh things up. From the 20th August - late March 2023 you seek the pleasures in life including romance, those in a partnership gain much from talking to each other, you achieve a lot in the last three months of the year.

Work and Daily Routine

A lot of you work alone or in your home and this year the spotlight is on you, achieving a great deal is possible when you aim for the stars. Earnings are likely to be good and in the first 5 months of the year you have a sense of satisfaction, in July and August feelings of optimism prevail, while work and those everyday tasks are done with a glad heart. There may be a surprise career wise in September and from 23rd October - 15th November your occupation gives much to be thankful for. You end the year on a pleasurable note and feel pleased with your efforts and rewards.