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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2018


Subconscious matters continue to surface to be accepted and relegated to the past, and with Saturn now travelling through this area lessons of forgiveness for the self and others is appropriate; also with Venus pairing up with Saturn you may be caring for others or find that solitary work is your niche; spirituality is important for some of you with a sense of universal love. There is fun to be had this year when getting out and about, chatting to your children your partner and your friends, there may be surprises however, one friend could have a problem or the friendship might change or end. You will be busy where your public life is concerned, you may be travelling locally to help someone out or attending appointments for a health issue; if you are looking after others you find extra reserves of energy and with Jupiter in this area until early November influencing the zones of hopes, objectives and finances there are beneficial circumstances. You are ultra compassionate and have great sensitivity when dealing with those who need your help, just make sure you aren’t taking on too much as you may have health issues yourself. Up to May Uranus continues to make conversations and communications surprising or exciting and siblings or other relatives could bring the unexpected, but after May Uranus changes sign for seven years which will be explained in my coming new blog.

Love and Romance

Love has a devoted universal quality about it this year, it could express itself in selfless service or maybe it is about a secret infatuation or a need to keep a love affair under wraps; it’s also possible you could fall for a Capricorn who is a lot older or younger than you. Singles could meet someone via a friendship or a communication and you are looking for intensity and passion. From 25th April - 19th May there is fun and laughter but also some challenges, from 14th June - 9th July is notable where close relationships are concerned, the same applies to November, in December deep feelings abound and moments of intimacy are a priority.

Work and Daily Routine

Those in a career are very busy indeed this year, and with Jupiter influencing this area until early November there are opportunities for advancement and for finding new jobs that suit you down to the ground, just keep your eyes and ears open, it’s up to you to grab opportunities. Many of you find your niche in your own business or working in the health field and from 20th May - 13th June your daily routine is a blessing as is the love that surrounds you. From 9th September until November and from the 3rd December - 6th January Venus graces your area of career and public life so expect a happy atmosphere and feelings of fulfillment.