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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2018


With several Planets in your zone of communications there may be more of a need to talk, have discussions, email and make telephone calls; Saturn is one of the Planets and in the next couple of years it will help you to refine the ways in which you interact with others, Venus also in this area makes you a delight to converse with as you convey sympathy and compassion with ease. You get on well with relatives at this time but they may have their troubles and consequently seek support from you. You are very energised with a sense of purpose this year, whether you are caring for others or getting your point across; Jupiter in Scorpio until the 8th November sees you reaping well deserved rewards, they may be financial or emotional, what you gain through others helps your life change for the better, there could also be a surpise for you. Feelings run deep just now especially where finances and your need for security is concerned; for some there may be a sadness or unexpected message. Family matters are important to you and you will do all you can to help a family member, but you also need to look after yourself and realise that you are not indispensable, relinquish control now and then.

Love and Romance

Those of you looking for love might possibly find it getting out and about locally or through some form of communication. There could be an under wraps quality about it and the person may be a Capricorn or Aquarian, it could also indicate lessons to learn about love and a need for kindness whether you are happily attached or single. From mid February to early March is a good time for romance and for stabilising an uncertain love affair; April is a good month for close relationships as you have a great rapport with that special person. From mid November and throughout December you concentrate on enjoyment and show your best face to the world.

Work and Daily Routine

With Uranus in your zone of work and daily routine until mid May you may be working from home or looking after someone in the family; if you have a job it needs to be unusual and interesting or you could grow tired of it. Talking about the financial side of things is helpful this year and with Jupiter in your sign until early November your sense of security is paramount, earnings tend to be good. In June and July there may be changes or challenges work wise and from the 9th November for a year there is a boost to earnings or windfalls for some of you.