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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2022


There is a strong emphasis on communications of all kinds, including a lot of conversation with family, mostly these are pleasant exchanges, but you also discuss problems and difficulties in their lives and yours as there is a mutual sympathy, and this year you leave no stone unturned, a message could astound you. There is a focus on everything that makes you feel secure, including your financial situation, and the people who give you emotional security; you tend to want to spend on close family, as well as those pleasures and happy times that mean so much, you achieve a lot in these areas, but a loss is also possible, so be vigilant with your cash; for some of you it is an emotional loss. Jupiter is in Pisces from January 1st - May 10th, and November and December, therefore your resources enable you to enjoy yourself and have wonderful holidays, you also feel very proud of your children, and any creative ventures could be lucrative. The rest of the year there may be work opportunities, and your everyday routine helps to make you feel secure; those with an illness are helped by a sympathetic and knowledgable doctor. Responsibilities including your home and relatives can worry you or make you feel weary, but your inner strength wins the day, perhaps you could outsource some of your concerns, rather than battle on alone. The way forward this year is to converse with understanding and compassion, and to enjoy all your blessings.

Love and Romance

With Jupiter in your zone of fun, pleasures and romance until 10th May and in November and December, those who seek love and romance could well find it; if you are happily attached you both enjoy those things that you love to do that help you relax, and you are happy in each others company. Love can be found through communications of some sort, or getting out and about locally, it's also likely that romance can be found on holiday. You need your partner to fulfil you emotionally, and if they don't the pairing is on rocky ground. March is a special month for you, with a high and a low, April is great for fun and romance, and from the 15th until mid May your deepest drive is for pleasure, but sparks can fly. From 29th May - 2nd June partnerships fluctuate between bliss and the urge to rebel, July -August 19th there are more mutual activities but possible altercations. December is about joy and good times, words mean a lot.

Work and Daily Routine

Work and duties involve communications or dealings with relatives; earnings are pleasing and help you to feel secure, also you can achieve a great deal. You work hard and expect to be well paid, January is a good example of this, many of you do work that involves distances or there are interactions with those living abroad. From May 11th - late October there could be new earning opportunities and April is significant for your work and daily routine. In May work and tasks bring feelings of well being, and late May until July you are very busy indeed; July and August are great months for your career, while in September and October there are challenges, but you achieve a lot. Deep feeling surround work, duties, and money from 20th August - late March 2023.