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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2019


This is an important year for you in some ways, you feel more settles and established in your relationship with your family who you are always willing to help; you are learning better ways to communicate with others especially relatives, you are verbally compassionate and sympathetic and feel from the heart. There are crucial changes for you this year with a possible life event, another Scorpio may be involved; your private life and your spiritual life can alter in some way and you do everything with grace; some of you receive beneficial health treatment. It is a busy year for your daily routine, at times you feel you are running out of hours in the day when it comes to all the tasks you have to juggle, but you have amazing stores of energy at your disposal. The journey of Jupiter until December is beneficial to your bank balance, you feel more secure financially and emotionally and conversations about these matters bring a sense of well being. Uranus is in Taurus from March onwards so (see my blog to find out what this means for you). You have very sensitive and tender feelings towards some family members especially with the presence of Neptune in this area, but it also indicates a liking for fantasy or alcohol when it comes to your pleasures, but it's important to keep your feet on the ground as there are down sides. Pluto brings beginnings and endings to communications along with life events, these days you cannot live on the surface of life, you need to delve deep to understand your path in life.

Love and Romance

This is a year when you project all that is amazing about you, therefore if you are looking for love you are likely to attract a partner through communications or getting out and about, while those attached find that talking to their partner with love from the heart adds a new dimension to their relationship. From March onwards Uranus is in Taurus so (see my blog to find out how this affects you). From 14th February - 30th March there are more shared activities with your partner or close friend along with the odd altercation; from 27th March - 20th April romance can become more serious or long term, it's a phase for the pleasures of life. From 15th May - 8th June partnerships are closer and highly electric; in September a friendship becomes deeper, and at the end of the year love is for home and family.

Work and Daily Routine

Your work and daily routine are extra busy this year, but you are no stranger to hard work and always give your all to the job at hand. From the start of the year until 14th February you are industrious and can cope with a lot; from 21st April - 14th May your everyday routine becomes more of a pleasure but be careful how you communicate with others as sparks can fly. Through July until the 17th August is a phase when your career and path in life are particularly hectic but also important, you will find that August is a very pleasing and fruitful month in many ways. You have much energy and a sense of purpose at the end of the year so make the most of it.