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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2019


There could be a life event this year that changes ones aspect of your world forever, it could be linked to family or your financial situation, and with Saturn in this area until March 2020 you need to remain optimistic and accept the cycles of life. Your everyday routine is emphasised this year along with your health and if you do require treatment you will see an improvement, with Venus also in this area your routine and those daily tasks bring you a great deal of pleasure. Your friendships are a major part of your life this year with you taking the lead, however there may be the odd challenging issue; you are also absorbed with certain plans for the future and have the drive to realise your dreams. Jupiter in the sector of significant others until December illuminates your close relationships or dealings with professionals which I will explain more fully in the 'love' section. There may be a sadness or much compassion given or received which is linked to your partner or close friend, it may even be part of your occupation, whichever it is, your life path is significant as it has crossroads or a new direction for you. It is quite an important year for you with the odd surprise along with happiness at home or work so make the most of the good times. Uranus is moving through your 12th house from March onwards (see my blog for how this affects you ).

Love and Romance

Love is found close to home or at work this year, your everyday routine is filled with love and intense feelings; singles may find someone special at work while those attached find new depth in their partnership. For a few there could be a loss or much compassion given or received, also benefits come through relationships this year and you have to go with the flow. In January there is mostly harmony and a lot of love, this continues into early February; around the 28th September is a good phase for romance but in October there are obstacles and other priorities. In November close relationships hit a high spot but there are still other matters which are taking centre stage; in December feelings are deep and powerful.

Work and Daily Routine

Your working life and your daily routine are very much in focus this year bringing you the feel good factor and great benefits, you have strong emotions when it comes to these matters and for some of you there are changes in the offing, changes for the better. January is crucial to your work and routine along with March; harmony career wise descends in April and conversations at work preoccupy you. In May you feel more established, but in July you kick against the status quo. In October there is much joy in your everyday routine and work and you feel settled. From 19th November until January the pace quickens so you need to take time out to relax.