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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2018


This is a year of deep and powerful feelings, there could be important matters or events that shape your life from this year onwards. Financial matters are also very relevant with losses or gains, you could be on the receiving end of a windfall and with Saturn in this area for over two years there may be the odd sad occasion to attend. Deep feelings abound when it comes to your career or to a health issue and work or your daily routine are very busy, some of you are in a caring role, it is literally non – stop, you do however have great reserves of energy and with Jupiter in this area until 9th November there could be beneficial dealings with professionals or good fortune linked to your partner; it is likely that even small tasks will bring much meaning to your life. You are blessed in your friendships and groups this year, they are essential to your wellbeing; you also realise certain objectives and dreams, there could be a wonderful holiday or great strides towards an aim especially if you are studying. The passage of Pluto through your zone of deep matters and finances for a few years can bring beginnings and endings especially linked to work or to helping others; take care of your health in this phase.

Love and Romance

Relationships have something to teach you this year, feelings are powerful where love is concerned and you discover things about your partner possibly linked to finances or to the closeness in your relationship; your partner could undergo some sort of change or transformation which makes you feel deeply compassionate and sensitive towards them. August and early September are notable for fun and romance however there could be challenges or circumstances that will test you. November and December could herald surprises, and with Jupiter moving sign on 9th November for a year singles could meet ‘the one’, while those attached feel blessed at this time; a few of you however will prize your freedom.

Work and Daily Routine

There are opportunities for work coming your way this year and you will be working hard; the pace is hectic when it comes to your daily routine, your feelings are notably powerful in this area; some of you are dealing with health matters or work has a compassionate feel. Mid February to early March are great for career or in a caring sense and May could be special for these matters; September 9th – end of October and most of December are mainly harmonious when it comes to work and your everyday routine, there is love at work and in the home.