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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2022


There may be significant changes in your life this year, and although you crave a change of scenery circumstances could prevent this apart from those who travel for work. There is a feeling of leaving a phase of life behind while another opens up. When it comes to your partner or close friend and your interactions with others such as professional of some kind you will find that this is an important year when you can take nothing for granted. There may be certain issues surrounding someone you love and you might have to adapt to a different set of circumstances, your mind tends to be centred on deep, serious, or financial matters, and something you hear changes things forever. There are more activities and plans this year, and your friendships are very much in the picture, you manage to sort out a lot, and achieve much in the process. From January - 10th May and 28th October until 20th December Jupiter brings your status into focus, affecting work or a key relationship, in between these dates Jupiter can indicate that you form a new and influential friendship, or a friend can be fortunate for you, also there can be the fruition of your goals, so let your heart be your guide. The journey of Saturn can inhibit travel and doing the things you love, but you can always plan and dream, also someone close can be a concern, or you may have more responsibilities than you had in previous years. When it comes to beliefs you either have an epiphany, or feel that you are alone, you may not have time for 'all that stuff'.

Love and Romance

This is a very important and significant year for relationships and the security in your life, for some of you a partnership has reached the end of the road, or it may be that your partner is making waves over your choice of career, there is certainly friction and a lot going on in this area. An attraction can begin at work especially if you are looking for romance, and big changes are likely for many, perhaps linked to money or to the intimate side of your life. January is noteworthy for deep issues, and there is a passing attraction in June, in July you feel loved. October is special for love, fun, even a holiday, a special aim is being fulfilled. From late August – late March 2023 you are all geared up to realise your dreams, and from mid November - 9th December partnerships run smoothly and you feel totally committed.

Work and Daily Routine

You have intense feelings when it comes to your work and everyday routine, you like earning good money, but there may be opposition when it comes to someone close. You have certain goals that you want to realise, and when it comes to your work or looking after others you will achieve a great deal. Jupiter in your area of career (see Life section) is likely to bring opportunities and a rise in status. You are busy in February and work is a pleasure in April, from the 15th April - 24th May it can also be hectic. You make great strides in May, while your private life could conflict with your working life in September; from 24th October - 15th November work and your routine are a blessing, December arrives with a smile, you have come a long way and it hasn't been easy, so give yourself a pat on the back.