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Your Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

Your private life and whatever goes on behind the scenes is significant this month, you or someone in your close circle has appointments of the medical sort and you may be keeping information to yourself; on the other hand your secret psychic ability could be spot on when it comes to your assumptions. You feel deeply about news and messages but also emotions can be powerful when it comes to your financial situation, you wont get away with just living on the surface of life at this time. There is a lot of love for you this month and any health or work issues have the benign influence of Jupiter, therefore be grateful that this is working in your favour. Those in a career embrace changes and early in the month your popularity soars and the atmosphere at work lifts your spirits; as the month progresses Venus shines down on friendships and there is great camaraderie, also any plans and goals can move forwards. You find joy with your partner or close friend this month but feel limited in some way, those of you who are single sense the empty space and long for someone special in their life. Don't ignore any health niggles this month and take care to avoid silly accidents.