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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2019

Your career and public life can bring the unexpected or surprising possibly in the area of money or partnerships, financial matters figure strongly this month along with deep feelings about important matters and your future. On a lighter note there is a lovely link to Jupiter filling you with optimism especially when it comes to holidays and all those people and things that make you happy; however work, duties or a health matter can cramp your style, but you are a fun loving sort and can't stay serious or negative for long. From the 15rh onwards your career brings sociability and harmony, your public life is also very positive so enjoy this fruitful phase. A journey is possible this month but there may be other priorities, still you can dream and wait for the right time or keep a few balls in the air at once. When it comes to your plans and goals you are filled with determination in the first half of the month, but it's important to consider the financial side of things, keep secure, it may be necessary. There is mutual sympathy in friendships and you care for your friends, they have a necessary place in your life but you can feel helpless about some of their problems so give them some of your sunshine.