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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2018

Everything in your life that helps you to feel secure including relationships, family, and special friendships along with your financial situation are looking very positive this month. You are going through a really busy phase especially in the first half of the month but this is a bonus as it brings a certain amount of meaning to your life, the only words of warning I would give is to take care as silly accidents are a possibility and be vigilant with your health, however the Celestial picture is basically sound with much working in your favour. There is a focus on your career and public persona as well as the direction your life is taking, there could be important and useful changes in one of these areas so decide what you want from life and go for it. You get on well with relatives at this time and all types of communications are favoured; siblings or other relatives tend to have challenges or problems or maybe you tell them about yours. From the 9th onwards your home and family take precedence, you like your surroundings to be comfortable and elegant and to feel peaceful inwardly; however at times this is difficult for Leo as the home reflects the past which you have to come to terms with.