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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

You could be having a lovely holiday this month or have some other objective you are looking forward to, and with Mercury in your sign all month discussions revolve around your personal life in which friendships play a meaningful part along with close family. You might oppose someone at this time or they will surprise or disarm you, you also feel limited in some way or have a sense of frustration but this will eventually pass; there is a certain amount of backtracking over old ground and retracing your steps but you can move forwards after the 27th ; it's important to be vigilant with your health just now, it's never too late to introduce a new health regime. It's possible there could be a small financial loss or some other kind of loss this month but on the whole your security and financial position are looking good. From the 7th onwards you get on well with siblings or other relatives and feel sympathy with their problems, around the 27th is significant in some way. You also have a gift for conversation in this phase and communications of all kinds are pleasing and non hostile. Many of you derive great benefit from your home and it is a place to reveal your caring and compassionate side with those you love.