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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2022

All that you have your heart set on and all you want to achieve is relevant this month, along with your friendships or a partnership that has weathered many Moons, they are integral to your life and you have great empathy with this person, they need your loyalty and compassion. From the 23rd onwards Venus is in this area making friendships heart warming, and a special goal is possible, so don’t give up on anything as you have the right stuff to succeed. Some of you are going on a lovely holiday, or at the very least planning one, you get a great deal of pleasure from getting away from it all; whatever you do, there is some kind of lucky break this month. For those of you studying it is a very busy month indeed, you have an aim and have every chance of making your dreams reality, and for those who want to publish an opportunity could come your way. Where your career is concerned a pleasant and amiable atmosphere descends, but when in conversation something disturbs your equilibrium, however messages and talks with family and work friends sort out a lot of deep and meaningful issues, words carry weight and are helpful to your situation.