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Your Monthly Horoscope for December 2019

You are very busy this month when it comes to your home and family, you feel quite driven and determined and a times a little irritable; those in a career have to find balance between home and work. Don't let silly imaginings spoil this sociable and celebratory time of year and look forwards as the move of Jupiter to a new area for a year will benefit your work and daily routine making them a pleasure, daily tasks will bring meaning and joy to your life as you work in tandem with your partner or someone else who is close; as a bonus any health problem should be easier to deal with. Nice surprises are very likely this month and creatively you are inspired, so believe in yourself and others will admire your creations and bathe in your charisma. Singles may have a romantic encounter at work, and work itself is extra harmonious along with all that constitutes your daily routine, and from the 20th onwards your interactions with your partner and others brings the feel good factor, while conversations sort out a lot that is on your mind especially if there are any sort of changes in your life. Enjoy all the good aspects of this month and don't allow negativity to cloud your enjoyment.