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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2019

You feel deeply about certain matters this month and can feel haunted by your imaginings whether they have any basis in fact or not. You could hear something surprising or unexpected and need to take care with any financial matters, always read the small print and watch your financial transactions. Another strong focus is on your work and daily routine along with any health problems, you are in a particularly busy phase whether you are at work or home; those in a career find it hectic but at the same time achieve a great deal; you all achieve a lot this month and these tasks give you a sense of belonging and give your life meaning. As far as your health is concerned it's important to look after your body so take steps to stay fit and healthy. It is a particularly nice month for your close relationships and your dealings with others, you have a knack of verbally diffusing any heated situation and your words flow like a gentle stream at this time. Those looking for love could have an encounter around the 21st so don't let it slip by or you may regret it, those in a happy partnership find joy in being together.