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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2020

You enjoy communicating with friends this month, and with Venus in this area for over two months pleasantries are exchanged and there is an immense feeling of mutual sympathy and understanding. You also talk about plans you have for the future and all of those things that are missing from your life at the moment; talking to a woman who may be a family member is constructive helpful in these difficult times. Leo's can be quite emotional in private but can feel guided in life, you have a side to you that is caring and sensitive. Shared resources are integral to this month's financial picture and can help you to enjoy life in this time of restrictions, but be careful when ordering online, and don't borrow or lend as there can be losses; friction over resources is also a possibility, and around the 13th is significant somehow. Talking to friends and family in whichever way you like to communicate is an essential part of the month and you get on well with others, communicating your hopes and fears is very healing. There may be a surprise or the unexpected and you will find lots to be happy about despite what is going on in the world.