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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2019

Although someone you care for has their problems that you feel sympathetic about, your life is good in many ways and this month there is a strong theme surrounding those special plans and goals, you could have a lovely holiday or do something you have longed to do. Mars is in your sign therefore your 'get up and go' has returned and plans are infused with energy and determination, you know how to party. Friendships are also highlighted and a friend is supportive with a good listening ear which is down Venus in this area, however early on Venus moves sign bringing your private and inner life into focus with all that is going on behind the scenes, discussions with loved ones are helpful in these areas. This is a time when helping others makes you feel good and a spiritual connection is felt and acknowledged; subconsciously you are at peace and love who you are, so enjoy this blissful phase. At the end of the month Venus is in your sign therefore you shine like a star and grace the stage of life with your warmth. Something is surprising or unexpected and there is much to talk over, it could be linked to your partner or your career and path in life.