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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

There are surprises in communications and discussions either in the area of your career and public life or linked to someone close especially your partner or maybe a parent. As far as relatives are concerned there are still fears about having too much contact, with a need to be careful in all exchanges with others; also if you notice anything not quite right health wise, get it checked out, the earlier the better. It is definitely the case that your everyday routine and work are undergoing changes, Pluto encourages you to leave behind all that does not serve you now, while Saturn brings you down to earth, you realise that only hard work has its rewards. Feelings run deep when it comes to the above matters, and shared resources are discussed bringing a sense of satisfaction, it is actually a great month for your financial situation and whatever else makes you feel secure, there is a lot of love for you from several sources and in some ways you are soaring above problems. The journey of Mars continues making you feel restless and longing for a change, but hold fire as obstacles and limitations are still in place; if you study the amount of work feels daunting, but stick to your plan and eventually you will experience enjoyment and satisfaction.