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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

There may be a new regime career wise this month, and there could be the unexpected in the area of relationships or family. There is a strong focus on your work and your daily routine and at this time things are going the way you want them to, this also applies to your health, Jupiter brings helpful doctors and the best treatment. Jupiter also brings much happiness and satisfaction in the area of work and routine and for some of you there are great opportunities on the horizon, for many of you work and your daily round adds meaning to your life. You have distant destinations on your mind and the urge to travel is strong but Pluto and Saturn are creating limits and obstacles, this is the picture until late in the year; however this is a very busy month for you, your feet hardly touch the ground, this suits you as you can't stand being bored. From the 8th onwards Venus helps with family relationships and all that you do in your private life, spiritually you are being guided and your sensitive caring side is in evidence, also health matters or solitary work go well. There is a lot to talk over this month concerning the above areas, so don't bottle things up and others will help you see the way forward, you are needed.