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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

This is an important month for you in certain ways, there is likely to be a lot of activities with your partner or a close friend, or possibly it is linked to a relative, you could even travel to somewhere warm and inviting, you certainly have a positive and optimistic frame of mind just now. There is a chance of the unexpected career wise or in your public life, and if you have any health niggle it is important to get professional advice, ' a stitch in time' etc.; there is also a possibility of changes in your working life or daily routine, maybe a purge would be in order. Jupiter changes sign for a year bringing you fun, laughter and romance, any children in the family will make you proud so enjoy this beneficial phase. You could be spending quite a bit on celebrations and you achieve all you set out to do, this is a likely scenario for you Leo's as you are known for your generosity, you like to make others feel good as you are big hearted. In the first half of the month you could be nostalgic or retracing your steps especially when it comes to communications or relatives, but from the 16th onwards you move forwards with ease. Uranus has moved back into Aries therefore expect the unusual abroad or if you are single you could encounter someone at a distance which may lead to romance.