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Your Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

This month either focuses on an important woman in your life or your life in the public eye, and something unexpected or unusual could take place. In the area of work, daily routine and health there may be appointments for your self or someone close, but if the emphasis is on your career you experience powerful feelings and there is a sensitive or compassionate element surrounding your working life. Talking to someone close at this time is therapeutic, also music soothes the troubled soul as does losing yourself in some kind of fantasy, don't take this too far though. There is a lot of love for you this month and intimate moments are high on the list, it's also possible that money could come your way; you feel a strong sense of commitment and for those looking for a new abode success is a strong possibility. You have a need to seek pleasure and fun but there are limits as money could be needed for other objectives, something is definitely cramping your style. If you manage a holiday this month or a break from routine you would enjoy yourself, but if that is not on the cards then it means you are getting on well with those close to you, students find study a pleasure and have much commitment to their goals.