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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2019

Inwardly you feel a sense of responsibility which is linked to family or your home, there may be a need to get some repair jobs done or there is someone close who needs your love and help or maybe your attention; deep feelings help you to achieve much in your work and everyday routine, also a hobby produces great end products. There are strong and passionate feelings in a partnership and there could be a focus on shared resources or intimacy, the way you express yourself especially in a loving and compassionate way helps someone know you love them; at the same time your keen intelligence produces flashes of brilliance and your partner is rewarded, it could also be a sibling or other relative on the receiving end of your positivity. There is some sort of surprise or the unexpected at this time and it could be linked to work or to your partner, it may be something or nothing but you are well equipped to deal with it. Because of the journey of Venus hobbies and pastimes will bring much pleasure to your life, there is also wining and dining with a bit of romance thrown in, singles could make a conquest while those happily partnered have enjoyable times together. Towards the end of the month it is your daily routine that brings the feel good factor and any health problem improves while work helps you to feel good about yourself.