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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2019

You may be at odds with a family member this month, or it could be your living space that is giving you angst. Something you want or someone you care for encounters problems or difficulties, there could also be a massive obstacle so be philosophical as there is much to look forward to. There is a focus on financial matters and your security whatever that means to you personally and there may be a surprise in the offing; however you have a handle on money matters and from the 9th onwards you are especially satisfied with the financial picture and enjoy feelings of security in all aspects of your life which makes you a happy bunny. Your sense of self worth is good at this time and your senses are alive, others want to be near you, so make the most of this and let others see your magnificence. For some of you there is the odd medical matter or it may be linked to someone close. Mars in your sign until 19th November gives you much 'get up and go', you have bags of energy and seek more close up time with your partner; you have a sense of purpose and know what you want out of life, however near the end of the month the wind leaves your sails temporarily and you can feel a little despondent, but don't worry, you're getting there.