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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Plans and objectives are on your mind this month but because of circumstances there are certain limitations when it comes to fun and the pleasures that mean so much to you; however you could still enjoy a lovely holiday which is on the cards for many of you. For some of you friendships are the priority and there could be a surprise or even a shock which you feel deeply about, it may even concern finances. There is a lot of love for you in your private life when it comes to those you care for, some of you work patiently looking after others, a few of you need care yourselves and it is forthcoming at this time. In some ways you are backtracking and retracing your steps when it comes to certain matters but on the 27th it is time to move forwards, this could be linked to your home or your family in some way. From the 7th onwards Venus is in your sign where it is at home and this can render you irresistible to others, full of charm and radiance, use this wisely or there will be regrets so focus on the peace loving side of Venus. The 27th is a significant day in one respect.