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Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

There is likely to be the unexpected, and it may be linked to money or to a person who is close to you, whatever it is it engenders deep feelings; however you tend to be thinking positively about other aspects of your life especially where a parent or your home is concerned, and this continues to be an excellent year for updating your home or finding a new one. Your work and daily life are structured and serve you well, you feel secure in the presence of those you love, and you know they will help you in any way they can. Your private life gives you much to be thankful for this month, and time spent in peace and contemplation is time well spent, also you get on well with those close to you and selfless service brings rewards; if you have a health problem it receives good and helpful treatment. Some of you keep a sudden attraction to yourselves, but it can be pleasing to have a secret. At the end of the month Venus moves to your sign bringing out your charm and desirability, others seek your company. Mars continues its journey in your relationship sector and mutual plans encounter obstacles or difficulties, there can be altercations, but you can blame it on the situation we all face; however you enjoy planning together and know that eventually positive change will take place, with combined strength and determination.