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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

This month centres around you feelings of security and your finances along with your sense of self worth, and in the area of work and your daily routine you have inner strength and value yourself especially when it comes to helping those you love and spending money on gifts for others. You could encounter the unexpected this month or hear something that takes you by surprise, there could even be significant news maybe linked to a sibling or other relative, something communicated at this time results in powerful emotions. Friendships, groups and your hopes are also in focus and you are determined to enjoy yourself whether it is your hobbies, leisure pursuits, or wining and dining, it is a very busy time, however one objective has an obstacle or something challenges the feel good factor, be careful you aren't making a mountain out of a molehill. From the 16th onwards work and your daily routine are very busy especially when you work in unison with others or with your partner, you achieve a lot, and in the first half of the month you are feeling nostalgic and re living the past, from the 16th you are able to move on. Jupiter moves sign for a year so certain relatives are beneficial to you and fortunate matters can come in communications.