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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

Conversations are pleasant and sympathetic with those who matter most to you, young and old, however there are things you want out of life that aren't happening, it may be the wrong time, you will have to be patient. There could be something unexpected, perhaps financial, or something else that comes out of the blue giving you a bit of a shock, it could be linked to distances and those things and people that mean so much. There is a focus on happy times and being creative, you could have travel on your mind but there are other things to consider, so don't be too hasty. There is a great atmosphere at work this month and it can be extra busy, whatever your occupation you are well liked and loved by many, your status is second to none. Caring and compassion is integral in this month's picture, you are able to feel and sense what is needed, others turn to you for your wisdom and good advice, a Libra can restore the balance. Your public life is busier now as well as being enjoyable, there are pleasant outings and occasions and you have powerful emotions where your partner is concerned or it may be friends you feel strongly about; from the middle of the month onwards you meet up with good friends, and you are determined to realise certain goals that mean so much, at the end of the month friendships bring happiness and an aim grows closer. Jupiter can bring new work opportunities, or a helpful doctor if you need one, communications could be relevant and important.