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Your Monthly Horoscope for December 2019

Something can rock you on your heels this month, it may be linked to close family or to your partner, and you will feel it to the very core of your being; however with Jupiter's move of sign for a year most of your surprises this month are good ones. Conversations tend to revolve around money and your sense of security, a lot can be sorted out especially if there are impending changes in your life. Inwardly you are feeling quite chilled and have a sense of ease in your home, you like to feel comfortable and have lovely surroundings, also getting up close and personal is special at this time. You are definitely in the mood to spend on those you love, and you eventually achieve all you set out to do, energy levels rise as the month progresses. From the 20th onwards it is all about enjoyment with those you love and care for, you are also at your creative best; romance with a bit of wining and dining is high on the agenda. Many of you have a special place in your heart for your parents and this month you feel deeply about them, love is a priority just now so enjoy celebrations and the company of those close to you.