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Your Monthly Horoscope for August 2019

This month is all about your friendships and all those things and objectives you have been planning; you love talking to your special friends and have a great time in their company. There could be distances involved and a lovely break away but be careful with others as they may feel a bit left out. You take the lead in friendships and in your relationships along with joint plans, however make sure your not annoying someone in the process, others can have opinions too; basically though you get on well with friends and relatives at this time and in certain ways they are fortunate for you, this can also be said of communications of all kinds. There are rumblings career wise with changes on the horizon, you can feel adrift at times, this also applies to your public life; remember changes and obstacles can set you on a more suitable path. Later in the month your spiritual and inner life are highlighted, you feel happier and seek peace to plan your life and connect to the Universe. It's also likely that you could be helping someone you care for and you will tend to be busy behind the scenes, you do this with a glad heart.