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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2019

Matters on the surface don't interest you this month, your feelings are deep and wide over relationship issues, a life event or the financial picture; something could take you by surprise and you might feel deeply creative and produce some amazing end products, you also feel passionately about travel at the moment but there are difficulties or hold ups, even other priorities that call for expenditure and consideration; any sort of study can feel hard going for a while. From 16th onwards those in a career are very busy, this also extends to your public life giving you no time to rest. There is a focus on your close relationships and something troubles you just now, perhaps you have secret fears or a troubled partner, this will resolve itself in time. From the 15th onwards there could be a financial surprise or something unexpected, your life with your partner could perk up in the nicest way; also your emotions are powerful, superficiality will not do in any area of your life.