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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2019

This month reflects whatever is going on in your public life and career, a busy phase soon eases and pleasure and friendship become integral to your work; also a woman who is key to your life and who you feel deeply about could surprise you or simply be great company. In the area of friendships you could be astounded by a communication and with Mars in this area all month you take the lead in friendships and are driven to make a wish and a goal materialise, you have great determination at this time and a special goal involves your partner in some way, it could be a nice break away or holiday or something to do with relatives, the month gets busier as it progresses. Your ruling Planet Venus is helping your career run smoothly apart from the odd chance of a challenging issue, but you are feeling mellow and able to smooth things over. In your public life there is the likelihood of an attraction especially if you are single, and for all of you social occasions go with a swing. At the end of the month friendships and your goals are sprinkled with fairy dust, so enjoy.