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Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2020

You may be wondering if travel can be achieved this month, you need to stay hopeful and realistic. Life at the moment is wrapped up in those people who are important to you and memories of past happy times and for some of you old flames you have left behind; it is also a good time for reaching beyond the confines of this world, spirituality in all its forms can be comforting, and as far as your place in the world goes you are well established and others look up to you. It is an important month for you in some way, there can be the unexpected in a communication or a life event linked to someone you know, it could even be a financial surprise, also your thoughts may be centred on your career or on your public life, or even on a parent, and shared finances are a big part of the picture. It is a very busy month for your work or daily routine and by the end of the month you realise you have achieved a lot, for some of you a relationship feels more established. Take care of your health in this phase as stress or disagreements can take their toll, so remain positive and upbeat even though these are difficult times.