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3rd May 2016

Jonathan Cainer RIP

I feel deeply moved by the death of Jonathan Cainer; he was an amazing Astrologer and had the knack of lifting myself and many others out of the doldrums. Even though I never met him I felt I knew the man and was inspired by his writings, he will be sadly missed.


2nd May 2015

Kate and Will's New Baby Girl

William and Kate's daughter will be extremely beautiful and academic, a very determined and at times stubborn person. She will be prone to living with her head in the clouds and has a sensitive and compassionate side. In her lifetime there are some powerful emotional upheavals and she may rebel against parental guidance. She will have a good rapport with her brother and be sensitive to his problems. She will learn her most important lessons in life through compassionate work.


16th January 2013




Uranus in your sign lends a certain rebelliousness to your nature and you can be a bit of a maverick. It can bring inspiration when you are being creative and bright ideas come out of the blue. Others may find you unpredictable and exciting and friends will play a major part in your life.


Uranus in Aries affects your 12th house therefore it can bring the unexpected in your private life and you will be even more philanthropic. Many of you will work to help others possibly in the healing or caring fields while others go to sea or work in the wine or beer industries. Hidden talents could surface but so could secrets, and sudden events may happen because of subconscious prompting.


Uranus in Aries is in your 11th house so friendships and groups are more important to your life; you could make new friends or a friend could leave your life or maybe shock or surprise you. Unusual events could occur abroad or on journeys, while some of you plan a course of study in a subject that inspires you. Some goals will not go to plan and other goals will take their place.


Uranus in Aries is in your 10th house so financial matters are a high priority therefore your work is extra important, also a major life event could occur whereupon you will follow a new path or something could become public knowledge. Intense feelings about work are likely and work may involve serious matters or be computer orientated; if you run your own business you could branch out and you need to follow your gut feelings.


Uranus in Aries is in your 9th house therefore your partner or a close friend brings special meaning to your life and singles could find someone to love who is at a distance or in a place of learning. Some of you enter a second marriage at this time. There are certainly indications of surprising or unexpected events at a distance or in a college and there are legal matters or getting a book published for some of you.


Uranus in Aries is in your 8th house so there could be surprises to do with earnings or shared cash and work or duties may somehow be linked to windfalls or losses. There is likely to be an unexpected event that could change your life and it's a good time to start a healthy eating plan or new health regime, look after yourself at this time.


Uranus in Aries is in your 7th house therefore don't expect total harmony with your nearest and dearest but do expect good times and shared pleasures. Your partner will at times surprise you and if you let your eyes stray there could be fireworks so take warning. Singles could meet an Aquarian or Aquarian type and hobbies may involve other people.


Uranus in Aries is in your 6th house therefore you are likely to be helping a close relative and at times wish your life was different, or maybe it's at work that you long for change and feel dissatisfied, you may want to do something unusual or work from home. Sometimes with this placing illness is a nuisance, but if anyone can self heal you can.


Uranus in Aries is in your 5th house so communications can lead to love affairs, therefore emails, phone calls and getting out and about can be crucial if you are looking for love. Siblings could surprise you and have much to say about your love life and there can be an unexpected addition to the family. Communication is a pleasure these days and your ability to communicate is a gift.


Uranus in Aries is in your 4th house therefore you only feel at peace and have lots of self worth is your earnings are up to scratch and enable you to have a comfortable life style. You can feel edgy and restless for no reason and it can make you want to up sticks and move or do something to threaten your security so be aware; there may also be the unexpected where close family are concerned.


Uranus in Aries is in your 3rd house therefore there is an emphasis on communications, writing and getting out and about. There may be unexpected communication or the phone call or email that doesn't come and siblings or other relatives could surprise or shock you in some way. Take care when getting out and about as there could be unusual occurrences. You have some brilliant ideas or sudden inspiration at times.


Uranus in Aries is in your 2nd house therefore your earnings and sense of security may be affected. There can be windfalls or unexpected losses or your talents could make money, a talent from a previous life could make money for you in this life; also hidden matters could affect how secure you feel. Perhaps you worry about someone's health someone who makes you feel secure, try to be happy and centred in the present. It's important to note that subconscious issues can affect your outlook.