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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017


Friendships are in a state of flux, a friend could leave your life or become a greater force in it especially if they are a Scorpio or an intense powerful person. There is also an emphasis on the hidden side of your life or maybe your spiritual beliefs, you will tend to find inspiration in music or fantasy but there is also a tendency towards escapism which basically doesn’t help if you have problems. You may be spending your time in selfless service, looking after others is often the path for Pisces; someone may have health problems someone you care for; others could be busy with solitary work and some lovely aspects linked to the above matters are encouraging or even fortunate. In certain ways you are driven at this time, you have energy and determination for those matters that are close to your heart. Jupiter can change your life for the better this year and even swell your bank balance; from the 11th October for a year it can bring exciting travel or inspirational studies, spiritually you soar. Saturn continues to bring you down to earth career wise, while Uranus can jolt you out of your complacency or bring the unexpected money wise. Your life path is important this year, you need to find direction and prepare yourself for any twists and turn in your life, fate may have its hand to play.

Love and Romance

This year an Aquarian or someone who is unusual is a channel for love in your life, there is a lot of love for you whether you are attached or single and looking for love. There is a spiritual feeling to a special bond or a need to keep love under wraps for some reason; your feelings go deep and many of you feel a great universal love, you sense that there is much peace and joy in the world. In June and July you seek pleasure and romance but it is August that is significant for those of you who want to meet someone special. You are very absorbed in a close relationship in September and October, October in particular makes your heart beat faster.

Work and Daily Routine

You have powerful emotions when it comes to your career or change of career and you could be feeling more affluent; fate steps in this year with a sudden life event and blocks or ends something you had hoped for,the reason being that it is not your life path so be philosophical. From 21st July - 4th September your work or daily routine is extra busy culminating in achievements in September; also from the 26th August - 19th September there are feelings of satisfaction and jobs well done. In December your career or life path feels more established and it’s a great place to be.