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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017


There are issues and scenario's linked to money this year, some of you have savings or been given a lump sum which could run out so take care; others see a source of cash dry up or diminish, a parent could be linked in some way. For some of you drinking can cause health problems so be aware, also you feel dominant in your home and could be tackling long overdue tasks or having work done to your satisfaction, you could also be caring for someone just now. There is a focus on communications and relatives, you have discussions relating to your financial situation and your security and feel happy when talking about those things that bring pleasure and your creative ventures; also talking to your children helps you to feel closer to them. Relatives who care for you results in a lot of love coming your way and your interactions with them are particularly pleasant; you are also grateful for the friendships in your life, Jupiter in this area until October 10th brings beneficial friendships and the realisation of a special goal. After that date for a year Jupiter works silently to protect you and is helpful spiritually and health wise. A surprise or the unexpected is on the cards this year and one goal may have to be shelved or left behind; also Saturn is still in your sign bringing greater responsibility or a strong urge to make money, there may be limitations but you will just have to knuckle down and go with the flow.

Love and Romance

Love this year comes to you through some form of communication or getting out and about locally; if you are looking for love you will find it this way, it could come out of the blue. It is important for you to feel secure this year and to make someone close feel secure. February – 5th June is special for love and romance whether you are single or happily attached, by June you fee closeness and very committed to someone. You seek a greater intimacy from 21st April to the 4th June, however there may be the odd bit of friction, it helps to put yourself in their shoes. From 5th July to the end of the month you are very happy in your close relationships and in December Venus gives you a peaceful and attractive aura.

Work and Daily Routine

You feel a need to earn as much as possible this year and the Planets are on your side. Work or your daily routine is hectic from 10th March – 20th April but you find the energy and a sense of purpose. From 6th June – 4th July harmony descends on your work and daily routine even small tasks bring joy. Another busy phase begins 5th September – 22nd October, and from 20th September – 13th October there is a pleasant ambience in the work place.