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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2017

Friendships, group matters, aims and hopes are at the forefront this month and with Jupiter now in this sector these matters will flourish; however at the beginning of the month there is a worry or a problem but as the month progresses your optimism returns. From the 7th onwards friendships and groups are heart warming and you do what you love doing, you have strong emotions where these matters are concerned, and when it comes to your goals you have every chance of realising them, this is the picture for a year. Work is quite pleasant at the start of the month, perhaps you are more established now or simply love what you are doing; however it is a very hectic time in your career and in your public life; those of you working from home are extra busy but you lap it up as Capricorn never shirks duties and feels very at home when working. Communication centres around private matters, travel or health and your everyday routine, spiritually you feel connected at this time.