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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2018

Your close relationships make your spirit soar, in fact you have much to be grateful for, as well as this your friendships and groups that are integral to your life engender powerful emotions. You will tend to be on a bit of a spending spree, enjoying your hard earned cash on holidays and things that bring you pleasure, and as a bonus feelings of self worth are escalating. However you can be on a short fuse at times, so when you feel yourself getting angry try mindfulness. At the start of the month creativity is blocked, certainly something in your life has an obstacle, but from the 10th onwards you could be enjoying an amazing holiday; if you are single you could encounter 'the one' on foreign shores, love can come out of the blue while those attached enjoy a romantic time with their partner. You also have powerful emotions when it comes to work with the possibility of a surprise or the unexpected.