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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2017

This could be an important month for you, you may be travelling or studying because of a special interest or hobby, also someone close to you might have a problem or need help. Something that brings great meaning to your life is a priority at this time and if you make any changes it will work out to your satisfaction. You have itchy feet and can’t wait for a change of scenery but it’s a daydream for some of you; if you study you work hard towards an objective and from the 20th onwards travel and special interests bring joy and there is a realisation about your path in life, your career has a special place and for some relationships that are forged at work are to be taken seriously. Conversations tend to be intense and there is a lot to discuss, money could be on the agenda and you are fairly pleased with the financial picture; you achieve a lot just now and moments of intimacy are very special, feelings run deep.