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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017


It's important to look after your health this year and to heed warning signs; you have a deeply caring side but you also need to care for yourself. This is a special year for partnerships romantic or otherwise, and any professionals you have to consult give you great advice or service. Partners get on well with your relatives and they are imbued with plenty of optimism and bonhomie; you both have travel on your mind and there is the surprising or unexpected linked to distances. Try not to be led by others when it comes to escapism and keep an eye on your financial situation, don't take risks and don't lend or borrow or there could be losses. Jupiter is travelling through your zone of communications and relatives until October therefore messages tend to be joyful or even fortunate, and siblings or other relatives bring fun and good news. From October 11th for a year Jupiter is helpful if you want to renovate or sell your home and as a bonus your feel inwardly happy. Because of Saturn's journey it can be a bit of a damper when it comes to enjoyment but any creative work has splendid results. Something could upturn your beliefs and any studies tend to be inspirational, your mind is as sharp as a needle just now. A total Solar Eclipse in August brings a whole new phase for you.

Love and Romance

This is a very important year where your relationships or close friendships are concerned; the pair of you have a wonderful rapport and delight in the interactions, there is a strong sense of commitment. Singles could find a special person who lives at a distance or even in a foreign country but there may be obstacles to overcome linked to work or health matters. June sees a culmination of communications which have taken place in February – June, and in June great things are possible especially linked to distances or a place of learning. In December there is fun to be had and as Saturn moves on to a new sign and away from your zone of pleasure and creativity you feel lighter, the 25th is poignant.

Work and Daily Routine

It is possible that you gain power at work or even have a change of career, some of you work at home or exploit a creative gift; a new direction is possible. The 10th March – 20th April is a busy period of work, you achieve a lot. From 6th June – 4th July there is a pleasant ambience to your daily routine and great communication at work. December is special for your career and life path and from the 25th and into January 2018 your everyday routine brings much happiness, even small tasks bring pleasure.