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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2017

There is an emphasis on work and your daily routine and with Jupiter in this sector for a year you could find a job that you will enjoy doing or you may be in line for promotion; also your everyday routine becomes a pleasure as you and your partner work in the home together. There is also some sort of difficulty linked to your career, it may have something to do with your partner or friend or maybe it is a family member who is giving your angst. You seek enjoyment at this time it could be wining and dining, your hobbies or a need for a bit of romance, going out with friends is also high on the list. From the 7th onwards your daily routine and your work has the feel good factor, there is a lot of love surrounding you now in your everyday life; family are extra special to you and you plan something exciting. The 25th is notable and the 28th brings you down to earth; you have compassion for someone this month or maybe sensitivity is central to your work.