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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2018

You do quite a bit of spending on something you have planned for, it could be a holiday that you have been looking forward to or even studies that demand your attention, you are certainly determined to realise a dream. A sibling or other relative could come into the equation along with others who make you feel secure and there is much to say and discuss, also something could occur or be communicated that is unexpected or surprising, it could put a spanner in the works or at the very least give pause for thought. Around the 1st something said could disarm you a little but mostly you feel upbeat and want to talk about joyful matters and from the 10th onwards your home is an extra happy place to be and you get on well with a parent or other family member, however there is a need for caution in a financial sense and there may be the odd weighty matter or loss. Inwardly you feel established on your life path and spiritually at one with the Universe.