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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2018

There is a strong focus on your career and daily routine, work is especially agreeable this month and you get on well with work mates; perhaps you have been promoted or have taken advantage of an opportunity. Communications and discussions at work bear fruit as your words carry weight and may even be fortunate for you; you also have a lot to say and communicate at this time when it involves your partner and your friends, and as far as your goals are concerned be wary of being too impulsive, think carefully before you act. From the 7th onwards you enjoy the company of your friends, you get on particularly well with them just now; however around the 13th you see another side which can feel negative. It's possible that you could travel this month especially towards the end of the month and as another bonus you get on well with siblings or other relatives, you bounce off each other and have a laugh. Caution with cash is recommended.