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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2018

Although this is a month where you achieve a lot when helping others or working behind the scenes there may be a sadness or a need to be careful with cash; there could also be an incident that could involve a friend or a difficult person. There is a focus on your work and everyday routine and a sense of good fortune sweeps over you, there could be an opportunity at this time and someone you are close to could be in the process of change or transformation. You have much energy and a sense of purpose when it comes to deep and important matters especially if you have a cherished goal, nothing can hold you back. Venus in your sign until the 19th brings out your fun loving side but there is also a bit of a dampener. From the 16th onwards your mind is on travel, study or one of those special people in your life, you could find that there is a chance of the unexpected or it may be a time of tension; make compassion your watchword and try to remain positive. You seek peace and time alone after the 14th in order to re charge your batteries and connect spiritually.