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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017


This is an inspirational year for you, you could be travelling more than usual and having fantastic holidays, and if you are a student you make great strides in your studies and enjoy the experience. Spiritual Gemini's feel a sense of connection to something greater and for all of you a lot of love comes your way from those special people. On the other side of the coin there may have been or will be a sadness to come to terms with or you may be helping someone; some of you may feel you are a victim at work or maybe it is that your work involves care and compassion which is a big part of the picture at this time. There is also a tendency for escapism so be careful. Jupiter is in your zone of creativity until October therefore your children make you proud and creative talents give much pleasure; you will have a lot of fun this year. From October 11th for a year Jupiter benefits you work wise and is usually helpful where your health is concerned; shared tasks give you the feel good factor. Saturn puts a focus on close relationships and Uranus makes friendships a blessing and produces exciting plans and goals to aim for. A total solar Eclipse in August brings important communications or a new phase linked to relatives.

Love and Romance

Those looking for love could find it on a journey or at a distance, it could also be found in a place of learning, it will have a spiritual quality. Those happily attached enjoy great holidays together. You continue to discover more about your partner and maybe it is not completely as you would wish, you will need to muster up a lot of love and realise that you have faults as well. There is a lot of love for you this year and in October and November you seek and find pleasure and romance; in December close relationships give you much to be happy about; the 25th is poignant and deep feelings are a result.

Work and Daily Routine

Work shows signs of being very busy this year especially in January, you could feel under pressure or even victimised. From October 11th onwards for a year Jupiter is in your zone of work and everyday routine therefore there will be opportunities for promotion or a change of career so grab them when they come along especially if you are not happy in your present job. Work is blissful in November and in December the pace quickens. Some of you tend to drift job wise so look for an occupation that makes you feel you are doing something worthwhile.