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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2018

Your feelings run extra deep this month and for some of you it is your financial situation that prompts this, but for others a new love has appeared bringing a sense of excitement, while those attached seek more intimacy with their partner just now. Conversations revolve around your home or parents, travel and good times; there is a lot to consider and although impromptu travel is sought there may be other priorities, however a few of you do manage to get away. Singles who are linked romantically possibly through some form of communication have some wonderful conversations, you also talk about possibilities and problems to someone older and get their take on the matter. You seek pleasure and romance but from the 18th onwards you are very busy in your daily routine and work, it's important to look after your health in this phase. Everything and everyone you care about are on your mind along with their difficulties and joys; on the 11th you are thoughtful and communication is a must, there is a lot of love this month.