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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2018

You get on particularly well with someone close just now and experience benefits through your kinship, your home is also where the heart is and it is a happy place to retreat to, a shelter from the world. The month focuses on your close relationships or close friendships and there is a lot going on for you both in terms of activities, outings and holidays; however there is also a likelihood of friction so try and see each other's point of view. If you are single you may be on the hunt for a mate, someone to share your life with, some of you find this abroad or communicating at a distance, it can also occur when getting out and about, this person gives you security. There is the chance of an unexpected or surprising communication or revelation at this time, someone close could disarm you or it may by you who does this to them, but because Venus is in your sign until the 10th it will be a flash in the pan as you exude charm and magnificence just now especially in a vocal sense. From the 10th onwards whatever constitutes security for you whether money or people is looking good, you feel secure and loved and as a bonus you are feeling good about yourself.