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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2017

Earnings, money and security are part of the picture this month; it is not wise to lend or borrow as there could be losses, but on the whole earnings are good and you are no fool, quite a bit of spending is likely at this time, just remember to save a little and tackle money matters with wisdom. With Venus and Mars in your sign for part of the month all that Leo magnificence comes to the fore and you radiate warmth and bonhomie; you get on well with siblings and other relatives and achieve a lot; local travel is likely and perhaps even a few days away somewhere relaxing. When it comes to work and your daily routine there is an element of compassion and sensitivity perhaps you are helping others; also you should take care of your health at this time, you could even begin a new health regime by cutting down on those indulgences and using your creativity to produce healthy meals. Your work and everyday routine could also be subject to changes so go with the flow and find joy in your daily tasks. You enjoy talking and debating this month and have a great deal of interesting stuff to talk about, you are full of ‘get up and go’ and have lots of exciting plans so enjoy!