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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2017

This month centres around your home and possibly your parents, you feel a lot of compassion just now. Your home radiates a warmth and joy and you could be entertaining others, there is a lot of love around this month. At the start of the month you may be concerned about someone close, or you mind is on deep and weighty matters, but as the month progresses happiness takes over as you look forwards to celebrations. You are very busy this month getting out and about and communicating with others, you also feel in charge of close relatives when they turn to your for advice; some of you are planning a holiday and can’t wait to be off on your travels. Talking to a parent or other close relative brings the feel good factor, you get on well with them just now, it’s also a time to spruce up your home so it feels comfortable and welcoming. The 13th is notable for communication along with the 25th, you have a lot to talk over with friends and family.