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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017


This is a year when enjoyment is a top priority; whether it is your hobbies and pastimes that keep a smile on your face or it is a great year for your children and their achievements. It is also a special time for other family, your partner or close friends, there could be changes in the pipeline when it comes to family or to your home and the possibility of the odd medical matter for yourself or someone close. Watch an escapist tendency that surfaces this year and start counting those units. It is an especially busy year for your daily routine, it gives you a sense of security, however you need to find time to relax to counteract stress and exertion or the body will pay. Jupiter is in your sign up to the 11th October bringing good news resources or people into your life who will benefit you; after that date Jupiter is in Scorpio for a year bringing feelings of self worth and positive financial changes. Saturn continues its journey with possible troubles for siblings or other relatives but it is also teaching you a better way to relate to others verbally. For some of you there is a significant life event or a new living space to make your own, it is a very positive year in many ways.

Love and Romance

For those of you in a committed relationship there is a lot of love passing to and fro this year, you have some great times together and the spark is extra bright. For those looking for love romance is very likely to come your way, you could fall in love and it could be 'the one'; January is special for these matters along with February and March which are important for close relationships; in May there is a surprise and a sweetness where partners or lovers are concerned, June has an air of excitement. Sometimes you are annoyed with your partner but the tension can lead to some enjoyable interludes.

Work and Daily Routine

With Mars placed in your zone of work you enter a very busy year; some of you go into partnership with another, while others are looking after someone and in a caring role. In June you feel limited but it is a very busy phase for your career, this phase continues until the 21st July. In August a pleasant ambience descends at work and on the 20th December Saturn changes sign bringing a more serious frame of mind to your work and home.