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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017


This is a year when you will be getting out and about a lot more to pursue your interests and enjoy yourself; also you indulge yourself in your favourite hobbies at home. Relatives can be important just now, you may even be helping or caring for someone close and there may be more communications and discussions which could be heated at times. It's still important to note that Pluto in your sign can make you want to change your life but it also encourages a need for friendships or groups which are prone to beginnings and endings. Your earnings and your sense of self worth are a strong focus at this time and hard earned cash is building up very nicely, you are feeling proud of yourself as changes could not have worked out better. Jupiter's influence on your life path and your public persona has helped you to redirect your life but it leaves this area on October 11th; after that date for a year Jupiter helps you to make new and influential friends and bring new goals and the realising of special aims. Saturn brings a secret yearning to travel or live abroad or maybe a need to do solitary work; some of you have health issues just now. Uranus can make you unsettled at home and want to be on the move, perhaps to find more lucrative work. The 25th December is special for you Capricorn souls.

Love and Romance

If you are in a happy partnership then this year enhances the physical side of your relationship, there is a lot of love for you. If you are single then love may be found with an Aquarian type, or it may be found in the work place or at a social occasion; you could be enjoying yourself when a glance from someone hurtles you into a relationship. You are determined to find pleasure and romance from 10th March – 19th April, but from 6th June – 4th July you are more likely to attract others and to enjoy yourself. There are a lot of joint activities from June 5th – 20th July and a few sparks can fly. August is special for close relationships and surprises which lead to happiness.

Work and Daily Routine

With Jupiter in your area of career and life path until October 11th you should be flying high, there will be work opportunities and promotions so follow your instincts and don't let fear stop you from grabbing them. Your daily routine is busy from 21st April – 4th June and from 5th July to the end of the month harmony descends over your work and routine. From 14th October – 6th November your career brings the feel good factor, however it is very busy from 23rd October until the 8th December.