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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017


You have a lot to say, communicate and to discuss this year and you have to accept what you cannot change; life is transforming you and fate leads you up challenging new avenues. Beware of an escapist tendency especially in January it really doesn't solve anything. You are helping someone you love this year and have empathy and compassion, but at times there is friction because there is so much to do, it can make you feel a little unwell occasionally. There is a strong focus this year on your home and family and your inner feelings; there is a lot of love passing to and fro and you feel very caring to those you are close to; you also give much time and attention to your home, it has to meet with your satisfaction. You have a cautious attitude to money these days but your financial situation should make you feel secure. Jupiter moves into your sign on the llth October for a year which is good news for you; resources or helpful people could enter your life perhaps changing it forever; prior to that date Jupiter is protecting you and is helpful in medical matters. Saturn continues its journey making you ultra cautious with finances even if you have nothing to worry about; your security is often a subject of discussion, relatives are also involved.

Love and Romance

Love for you this year is centred around the home and family, some of you may pair up romantically with a distant relative, there is certainly a lot of love for you whether you are looking for love or not. You are out to conquer this year, and are driven to seek pleasure and romance, but be careful you don't overdo it as it could cause problems. Those happily attached have some great times together and find new things to love about each other; January is special for the above matters. Close relationships are challenging with lots of joint activities from 10th March – 20th April, but from June 6th – 4th July harmony descends. In December Venus in your sign gives you much allure, you bewitch others easily and feel depth in love.

Work and Daily Routine

For many of you there are changes in your working life, you want to try something different and feel restless with the same old tasks, there may be a home versus work dilemma. New careers are likely to be with computers or running your own business, they could also be unusual in nature or have a humanitarian quality. In February you enter a busy but pleasing phase and the feel good factor continues until 5th June. Your career is very busy from 21st July – 4th September but from 26th August – 19th September it is full on but enjoyable.