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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2018

Some of you are enjoying a change of scenery and could be having the holiday of a lifetime, you may even be living abroad; however it may be your spiritual life that gains importance or someone sensitive and other worldly; there is a lot of love for you and from you and your words and telepathy are powerful at this time. From the 7th onwards your career and public persona bring feelings of harmony and satisfaction but around the 13th there is a change in mood when you sense an emptiness. Your daily routine including your work are very busy for much of the month and you exhibit a certain amount of brilliance, but after the 18th energies centre on your close relationships and all that you have learned about your partner; those of you who are single may need to concentrate on other aspects of your life, your time for relationships will come, you won't be single forever. Your children and your creative projects make you feel secure and this month you really enjoy the company of family and feel inspired creatively.