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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2018

Long term friendships bring a great sense of comfort to your life and your objectives have every chance of being realised; also travel or a sensitive compassionate type of person brings meaning to your life along with your beliefs and spirituality. There is a focus on joy, creativity and younger family members who bring you happiness, and with Jupiter gracing this area until November the 9th you have every reason to be proud of your work and daily routine which involves those you love. For many of you there is a creative element to your work which is blooming at this time, you have some great ideas. Singles could meet a Sagittarian or Pisces type of person and romance could blossom, while those attached find more to love about their partner and work as a team even when the going gets tough. However in the first half of the month there may be disagreements and much activity while in the second half there is a likelihood of tension or the unexpected, psychic or financial matters may be relevant, see my blog on how Uranus moving into Taurus affects you. You may want to help someone this month and feel much compassion, you caring side is strongly expressed; while from the 20th onwards Venus gracing your sign brings out your best qualities and lights you up like a silver flame.