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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2018

You are becoming aware of more responsibilities in your life and in many ways this is a significant month for you, you may be travelling to warmer climes or simply find that family especially younger members are the greatest boon to your world and bring you much joy, you are extra proud of your family this year. You are also passionate about your daily routine and work and your drives are strong at this time, this lasts for a few months, you may seek more intimacy and your psychic senses are finely tuned; your ability to act on hunches especially in the areas of work and family stands you in good stead. Financially there could be the unexpected or there may be a hold up at the start of the month, on the whole however money matters look promising. From the 10th onwards you are gifted with a silver tongue, you are insightful, progressive and friendly, you give great advice that can come from a spiritual source or from a deep knowing.