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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2017

This month is partly about money and all that is shared and the sense of security it gives you, also you are inclined to give to charitable causes because you are deeply humanitarian; however it is not wise to lend or borrow at this time or there may be losses. It is a month when feelings run deep, perhaps there are issues to be addressed with your partner, siblings or other relatives, around the 19th could be notable. From the 20th onwards moments of closeness with your partner are special and money matters are looking satisfactory; that which gives meaning to your life is very much in evidence. Something behind the scenes or a subconscious issue that comes to the surface needs to be approached with love and acceptance; you could also have a health issue that needs the appropriate treatment, you have powerful emotions when it comes to your health. In the first part of the month there are three Planets in your relationship sector, it implies that you achieve much together, your partner or close friend has a lot to talk about and you are happy in their company, you spark off each other with ease and have a laugh. At times you seek solitude in order to connect spiritually and to reflect on all that has passed and what you want for your future life.