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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2018

There is a lovely link between the Sun and Jupiter which indicates that work and your daily routine are in harmony, and for those with a health issue you have an insightful and helpful medical professional, there is a lot of sympathy and compassion in evidence just now. There is a strong emphasis on your personal life with lots of getting out and about along with communications of all kinds, you could have more dealings with a sibling or other relative and it could be a month of the unexpected. Your partner or close friend could surprise you in some way or there may be something that you don't agree with, there might even be jealousy or a stumbling block; on the whole however there is harmony in close relationships especially in the days before the 10th following this Venus enters your house of deep emotions bringing special moments of intimacy and to top it all shared finances are very pleasing. You get on well with others at this time and if you are looking for love there could be a romantic encounter. It is certainly a busy month and this picture continues until mid November with a few respites, you will be filled with 'get up and go' and you may be quite challenging at times so cool it. To end on a high note many of you have a lovely holiday with lots of excursions or at the very least plan a lovely break.