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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2017

It is the beginning of positive happenings or events on your life’s journey and for those in a career there could be promotion and opportunities coming your way in the following year; you are also more intense when it comes to your goals and possibly your friendships. If you have a health issue there is some helpful treatment at this time, but if someone close needs some sympathy you have compassion in abundance. At the start of the month you can feel a bit troubled but as the month progresses you have more optimism and from the 7th onwards there is a lot of bonhomie in your public life and your career, there is a sense of more meaning to everything in your world, close relatives are part of the picture along with happy communications and discussions. You are itching to get away from it all this month but there may be other priorities, trips now and in December may be spur of the moment which makes them more exciting. Talking to friends is in focus from the 6th onwards and communications have a sensitive quality around the 13th, but more optimistic around the 25th.