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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2018

Money matters are looking good as long as you remain vigilant as losses are a possibility; feelings of self worth and whatever brings you security makes you realise that you have a well established position in the world, you are much loved and respected. Your words carry weight just now and talking to those in authority is beneficial, some of you talk to health professionals which works out well for you. You are getting on well with your partner or close friend at this time and goals are being realised, however an objective at the start of the month meets an obstacle. Talking about your aims and conversing with friends is likely in the first half of the month, after the 18th you are busy in private with solitary work or medical matters. From the 7th onwards you talk to and get on well with siblings or other relatives and communications of all kinds bring meaning to your life. Words around the 11th give food for thought and around the 29th you have something to be pleased about.