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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2018

Your home is a very nice place to be but you also love nature and walking in the countryside or by the sea, all of these things make you glad to be alive. It is an important month for your career, your public persona and your life path; perhaps there is a new direction or an opportunity that pleases you, it could also bring a new friend or an old friend back into your life, and you could realise some sort of goal or wish which has financial connotations. Some of you are fortunate in your health professional or someone you are consulting as they are very insightful. There's a lot going on in your private life with possible revelations, spiritual epiphanies or lots of activities including getting out and about and communicating; it can also be a time of tension especially around the 16th when you need to watch out for silly accidents or the unexpected, your personal life is filled with activity for a great deal of the year, siblings or other relatives may be involved. There are some happy times this month but also some concerns, something could involve a small financial loss; also you feel compassion for close family and want to help where you can, after the 20th your health improves and your daily routine brings pleasure so enjoy.