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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2018

This is a special month for many of you as a new Moon on the 15th opens up a whole new phase in your life, this is felt strongly as the Planet Uranus also moves into Taurus ( see my blog on Uranus in Taurus ). You get on well with those important people in your life and a trip away is a pleasure for you and someone close, there is also plenty of compassion for others and friendships are mutually sympathetic. Your partner or close friend is in focus this month and sensitivity is called for; you work together in private and have much energy and a sense of purpose, but take care as there is a danger of silly accidents. Your daily routine brings feelings of security along with positivity in financial matters, but now and then doubts creep in, these feelings are transitory. From the 20th onwards communications are emphasised as are siblings and other relatives, there are messages and discussions; from the 16th onwards your career or public life is a driving force, tension or the unexpected could occur around that date.