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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2018

There is a lot to talk over with your partner and other relatives this month, communication is the name of the game, you discuss all that is taking place in your private lives and all that is relevant to the present including holidays or more weighty matters, your also have much to say to friends. Your public life, outings and appointments are also a theme at this time along with your career, you enter a very busy phase which lasts for a few months; many of you have a lovely break away and there may be the unexpected or a surprise communication in the area of family. Something this month is not as you would wish, there is an obstacle or blockage which is a dampener to your fun side, but as the month unfolds happiness cannot be denied and the pleasures of life take over; singles could find a love that will last, while those happily attached find much joy in each other's company. You are also at your creative best just now, anything created has a touch of brilliance.