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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2017

This is a poignant month for many of you, perhaps you are thinking about someone who has gone from your life, someone you miss; you could also be pondering on the lives of younger family members and feeling compassion and empathy for their problems. This month reflects all those people and things that give your life meaning, some of you have a holiday or a short break somewhere relaxing; there is a tendency just now to seek enjoyment and to be busy in your children’s lives, from the 20th onwards you get on well with them and there is joy in your daily routine; romantic moments with your partner are special and for those looking for love it may be found at work. It is a busy month in many ways and there is a lot to discuss; your home is a priority and you might want to do a thorough clean or decorate, whatever you feel like doing will give you a sense of achievement. You get on well with others this month and selfless service is appreciated, there are joyful times and deep feelings so be happy.