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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017


It's important this year to have wisdom when it comes to your close relationships and not to let anyone have power over you; saying that you can also be feisty and tend to criticise so be aware of this. It's a year when your everyday routine brings much happiness, you find delight in your home and family and talking to or messaging them gives you the feel good factor; there could also be changes in the pipeline for close family. You receive an unexpected message this year or it could be a sense of not being able to move forwards in one area or that communication is blocked. Jupiter is helping you financially and giving you stronger feelings of self worth right up the the 10th October, after that it is beneficial where siblings or other relatives are concerned and it brings joy or good fortune in messages and conversations. Saturn can cause limitations linked to the home or there is a need to have work done, you need to address any problems when it comes to your living space. Uranus can bring surprises financially, there can be gains or losses so be extra cautious with money or go for a more lucrative occupation.

Love and Romance

You find love and security in your everyday life this year, some of you find love at work, there is a lot of affection for you at this time. There are lots of activities with your partner or close friend but at times there is friction which may be linked to money or intimacy therefore it is important to be realistic about what you want in your life. January is special for close relationships or friendships, and in June romance is linked to distances and to someone special in your life. On the 25th December you have a sense of commitment or a realisation.

Work and Daily Routine

Your working life is highlighted this year and it is bringing in the cash, you feel good about yourself at this time. Some of you are enjoying working from home and find that it fits easily into your life. January is special for work and there is a surprise in February; the 21st April – 4th June is a very busy period, while July gives you the feel good factor work wise, you are happy in your job and daily routine. You have lots of determination and energy in October when it comes to whatever fills your day.