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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2017

It is a month when your friendships and your objectives are a big part of the picture, a friend could need a little sympathy or compassion and in general friendships are in a state of flux; where your objectives are concerned one aim is unlikely to materialise and you need to come to terms with that; however other wishes or plans will come to fruition because of that Scorpio willpower and determination. This month you have a strong sense of purpose and concentrate on your goals, friendships are also very active and towards the end of the month a friend puts a smile on your face. There is a focus on all types of communications, you talk to family members and have a lot to say, some of you converse with a lover or your partner and talk over the pleasures in your life, in some cases there is much conversation about health issues. You get on particularly well with a parent and you achieve a lot in private; those in a career have much to discuss in this very busy phase, but there is a pleasant atmosphere at work. You get out and about a lot for various reasons and around the 25th a communication from a close friend has you concerned, the 16th is a happy day.