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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2018

This could be the month for a lovely holiday or a break from routine, however there may be other priorities as the transit of Mars indicates a very busy phase in the home, you could be using energy and time looking after someone you care for, on the other hand it could be that you are intensely occupied making changes to your home or having work done by others, this hectic phase doesn't really end until mid November and these matters might make it difficult to have a break away of any sort. Financial matters and resourcefulness help you in changing your life for the better and a great compassion for those your love stands you in good stead, they will always turn to you for support as you shelter them with your strength. There could also be the unexpected just now or an incident that evokes powerful feelings. From the 10th onwards friendships are heart warming especially established friendships, there are some great conversations as you have such a good rapport with them; also any objective you have this month is well on its way to being realised, you may even get that break away, dare to dream.