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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2017

In many ways things are falling into place in your life, the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in your sign make this an interesting birthday month, Jupiter especially is bringing you much needed security whatever that means to you. With Venus also in your sign from the 7th onwards you are surrounded with the light of love, whether it is in your close relationships or is a feeling of universal love you find others are appreciative in this heart warming phase. At the beginning of the month something concerns you but as the month progresses you feel happier. There is much going on in your private life and behind the scenes, you could be actively helping others or busy working from home, family may need your assistance and you feel much sympathy and compassion for someone close. A few of you keep something under wraps at this time and those of you in a love affair find it difficult if you are parted because of distance; those who are happily attached have a good and productive month. The 13th and 25th are notable for communication and feeling of security.