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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017


This is a very important year for you in many ways, it highlights your personal life, your partnerships and possibly your health which by the way looks set to improve. There are beginnings and endings to solitary work or to health treatment and your life path ventures into the areas of spirituality, secrets and whatever goes on behind the scenes. The aura that surrounds you is shining bright and you radiate peace, you are able to connect with something greater which includes many of the intangibles of life; also you may find that your meaning in life is to travel and experience what the world has to offer or maybe you want to study a profound subject; the position of Jupiter is linked to these matters and brings benefits in these areas up to October. After October 11th for a year Jupiter can bring work opportunities and can bring a new direction in life. The position of Mars reflects your spending and your sense of self worth, you could be on a bit of a spending spree and find that communicating with others helps you to feel good about yourself; try not to delude yourself financially or your capital will dwindle. Saturn continues to limit you friendship wise and aims have to be thought about carefully, you may have to abandon a goal. Uranus continues to bring unexpected communications or surprises linked to siblings or other relatives; while Neptune requires you to look at the financial picture without rose coloured specs.

Love and Romance

This year you are super magnetic and at your sparkling best; you draw love and admiration whether attached or single; in a close relationship you have a spiritual connection. A second marriage for some of you could be with a Pisces or a Sagittarian or perhaps you meet someone in a distant location. You find that from 21st April – 4th June you are in need of romance and pleasure but you are more likely to find it from 5th July – 31st. There are plenty of activities with your partner from 21st July – 4th September and much harmony and good times from 26th August – 19th September, you feel a strong sense of commitment.

Work and Daily Routine

If you do solitary work or look after others unselfishly there may be beginnings or endings to this work. From 5th June – 20th July your work or daily routine is busy and there is a need to take care health wise. In August harmony descends and your daily tasks or work bring pleasure. From the 11th October for a year Jupiter brings work opportunities, you could find the perfect occupation and from the 7th November – 30th your career brings satisfaction, it is a special month. From 9th December – 26th January 2018 work is hectic but you achieve a lot.