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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2018

One theme this month is centred on your friendships and their troubles, another on your plans, objectives and dreams but you could feel a little limited in one respect. A relative could be fortunate for you in some way or a communication beneficial, and you might have a lovely holiday to somewhere that is a home from home. There is a lot to talk over with family and friends and you have much sensitivity and compassion for your partner who is glad to hear your tender words. There is also a strong focus on your work, daily routine and possibly health, you have powerful emotions when it comes to these matters and with Mars mainly in these areas until mid November you will be very busy indeed; you may have to balance work and other priorities so be careful it doesn't take its toll on your health, get plenty of relaxation whether it's gardening, meditation or just having a lazy day. There may be something unexpected this month in the area of your private life, it might be financial or to do with work. From the 10th onwards Venus is in your sign bringing out your earthy sensuous side and your powers of attraction so make the most of this heart warming phase.