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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2017

This month reflects how you and your partner co-exist, but the most powerful focus is on how you relate to younger family members, do you know how to get them on your side? Are you saying the right things? Imagine how you would feel when you were young. It is a month when your help or advice is needed so give out a little of that Virgo wisdom to help with the changes in the lives of those close to you. You continue to find great pleasure in travel and joy isn’t far away; Mars is in your sign from the 5th onwards which fills you with energy, ‘get up and go’ and a sense of purpose; feeling run deep about life issues and finances. From the 20th onwards Venus is in your sign bringing out the inner flirt and celestial charmer that you are, others want to be near you and your partner delights in your sensuality. You achieve a lot this month and there is much activity behind the scenes; helping others may be a priority while conversations can be surprising and delightful, you discuss your plans and finances and have a laugh with friends.