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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2017

With the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in the same sign all types of communications and discussions are significant; you talk to your partner or close friend with much empathy and sympathy for them, you also talk to siblings or other relatives who have much going on in their lives. Early in the month something troubles you, your partner or close relative may have a problem that requires thought or action. You are definitely in a spending mood at this time and think deeply about the things you buy for others, everything is carefully chosen as you want to keep everyone happy. From the 7th onwards you get on well with siblings or other relatives and feel the love which is in abundance; you also have a way with words and others love talking to you, communications are harmonious in this phase. Close relationships are also emphasised with something unexpected or a problem that requires you both to sit down and talk things over; Jupiter’s position is helpful for discussions and communications as well as good things coming to you via siblings or other relatives.