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Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017


Something may change this year that needs adapting to or maybe you have had to come to terms with an event in the recent past. The things and people that bring meaning to your life are highlighted including friendships and groups, you could find yourself helping others or one particular person in a selfless way; however for some of you drowning your sorrows can become detrimental. You could be involved with medical matters yours or someone close and something could be a big surprise this year. There is an emphasis on your life path and your public life and something wonderful is in the mix; your destiny may take an unexpected turn and there is a lot of love for you on a daily basis and in your public life. You achieve a lot this year and Jupiter brings depth of feeling; after mid October attention focuses on your partner or close friend, if you are alone it could bring a new love into your life. Saturn continues its journey bringing powerful emotions and possibly financial matters to sort out. Holidays at a distance that bring peace and excitement could be craved at this time but there may be other priorities.

Love and Romance

For those of you looking for love it's a good idea to attend social occasions, you could meet someone who gives you new direction; this also applies to your career, an attraction at work could be on the cards. There is also a chance that great things could develop from a friendship. From the 20th September - 13th October is a great time for romance or happiness in partnerships, you seek pleasure in September and October. November is important for close relationships and in December there is a more caring scenario. From the 11th October for a year Jupiter could bring love or a big change in your life - the Phoenix is rising.

Work and Daily Routine

With the emphasis on your career and life path you are flying high this year, your life could take a new direction. You achieve a great deal and are a valuable employer or employee, and with Jupiter in your zone of work until mid October there are some great opportunities if you desire a change; you feel deeply about being useful and the money is rewarding. If you are in a caring role there are special rewards, your daily routine gives pleasure from the 14th October - 6th November and you are very busy from 23rd October - 8th December. The beginning of the year is crucial for your life path.