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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2018

The private and reclusive side of your life is to the fore, you seek time to be your true self and ponder on the spiritual and artistic or musical facets in your nature, this helps you to implement changes; your words carry weight this month and you talk about the things that bring meaning to your life; for some there are health issues to be addressed. There is a lot of love for you at this time and you give love with a glad heart, you greatly enjoy your friendships and feel a lot of compassion at times. In the first half of the month you are itching to be on your travels but it may not be viable yet so you make plans instead; students get down to some hard work and feel inspired. From the 18th onwards you are busy career wise and in your public life, and from the 7th onwards Venus is in your sign so partnerships go with a swing and you light up the sky with your fire and radiance, others are drawn to your warmth.