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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2017

There could be developments in the area of finances and your deep relationship with someone close; you have strong feelings of sympathy or compassion and news can have a dampening effect. There may be the unexpected or challenging matter in your private life perhaps linked to distances or your work; your closest relationship is a priority at this time with lots of mutual activities, sometimes sparks fly, however there is a very committed feel when it comes to love. From the 7th onwards Venus brings a deeper more intimate feel to your love life and financial matters could get some sort of boost especially if it is shared money, and with Jupiter now in this area your life is changing for the better. Friendship is special around the 25th and there could be news from a distance around the 28th. For most of the month your mind is on those things and people that are precious to you, and although there may be the odd difficult matter you have much going for you now.