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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2018

This month is partly about your deepest feelings when it comes to your home or parents, as well as your daily routine or work; also you feel compassion for someone close who has troubles, but on the plus side a lovely link to Jupiter indicates that your life is on track, there may even be financial benefits. There is also a focus on friendships and all those plans and objectives that mean so much to you; there will be the drive to lead where friends are concerned and you are likely to realise a goal or a dream; for some travel could be on the agenda but you need to rein in that over optimistic streak and keep your feet on the ground. There could be a bit of a dampener to your fun side at the start of the month and there may be surprising news, you will have a lot to talk about. From the 10th onwards your daily routine and work is blessed with good vibrations, you enjoy the company of your partner or friend and even those small routine tasks are a pleasure; work feel like nothing is too much bother and as a bonus you are feeling well and any health problems recede.