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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2018

Don't be too over optimistic financially, ground yourself and face reality to avoid disappointment; however you are feeling more secure in several ways and if you have a partner you are sensitive and caring towards them. Your feelings run deep this month whatever your circumstances, your life is changing for the better and windfalls or shared resources bring a smile to your face while your hidden sensitive side gives much back in sympathy and compassion. You have a way with words at this time and can help others who may have problems, a sibling or other relative benefits from your input and from the 20th onwards it is your home that receives care and attention or possibly a parent, you get on well with family just now. You are busy career wise and in your public life until the 16th when your friendships become a priority along with all those objectives that mean so much; however it is important to take care in all you do as there is a likelihood of silly accidents or disagreements.