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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2018

There are some enjoyable times this month with fun to be had, and for those looking for love there could be a romantic encounter in a place of learning or at a distance, especially likely if you are having a holiday, while those happily attached enjoy good times together. There is also a powerful focus on your spiritual life and any work you do alone including helping someone close; there may be medical appointments and you will be very busy in private with whatever it is you do in your spare time; however you will long for peace and quiet and space in order to connect with the Universe and leave the stresses of this world behind, this is important for a Pisces as you absorb the troubles of others. There may be a surprise message or the unexpected linked to work or your daily routine even your health, but on the whole these matters have the harmonising rays of Venus so there is little to worry about even if it is very emotive. From the 10th onwards there is a very happy phase in your close relationships, you get on well with your partner to whom you feel completely committed and the pair of you have a great rapport.