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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2017

It has been difficult for many of you Pisces but in different ways, there may have been problems for you or for someone close and at times you can feel negative which tends to be part of the picture at the start of the month. However from the 7th onwards there is much to be happy about, some of you are off on a lovely holiday that raises your spirits and makes you feel romantic, you and that special person enjoy a lot of love just now. For some of you it’s all about those people and things that bring meaning to your life, or spiritual beliefs that bring much comfort, you are able to connect with something that is not tangible which takes you to another place and time; for those who study you are on the right track and find your studies inspiring. You have much compassion and empathy for those you love at this time and your actions and words go a long way in making others feel loved. Your drives are strong this month and money matters can obsess you, perhaps you are doing a lot of spending, you are a bit too concerned about ‘who spends what’ so try and be realistic. The 13th and 25th are notable when it comes to communication especially relating to your career and public life or to your home life and relatives.