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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2017

Your partner is a high priority this month they may have a health problem which you are concerned about, but together you bring at least one goal to fruition something you have been planning, at times there may be small disputes but they are easily ironed out; from the 20th onwards harmony descends on you and your partner or close friend and you realise how deeply you feel about them; the 19th and 25th are important for conversations or communications. In the early part of the month it is the creativity in your everyday life or work that matters and you feel deeply about all those things that you enjoy during the day or at work, you achieve a lot in these areas and feelings of joy get you through the day with ease. There is also a focus at this time on your friendships and your objectives, but there is one cherished hope which could come up against a brick wall or a friendship could end in some way, it may simply be that you have to face reality. Someone close will need a bit of sympathy or a convivial social occasion so concentrate on the happiness.