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Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2017

It is a month when you seek time alone to come to terms with those challenges in your life, you could lose yourself in music or meditation and may spend time pondering on your close relationships or the problems your partner has to deal with; towards the end of the month feelings are deep and you feel much compassion for someone. A lot is achieved with or for your partner and there may be appointments to attend and health matters for yourself or someone close. There is also a strong emphasis on your home and family and these matters come to the fore this month; the way you feel inwardly and how you feel about your life and those close to you is significant at this time; for some of you an inherited condition flares up and needs attention. Perhaps you have to put matters linked to your home on hold or maybe there are changes in the lives of some family members due to circumstances; there is also a focus on friendships and you feel happy this month in the company of those you call friends, there is a lot to talk about and discussions are uplifting, objectives are also looking good.