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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2018

Your work and everyday routine is a priority this month and you are enjoying every minute especially early in the month. Earnings bring feelings of satisfaction and there is a lot of love given and received when it comes to those you are close to. You have much to discuss with your partner or close friend, the same applies to family or others who make you feel secure, feelings of self worth are soaring. Keep an eye on your health just now as there are a few bugs in the atmosphere, if you have a health worry you could have a check up. You will be getting out and about a lot as well as talking and communicating, but from the 18th onwards your attention turns to your home, there may be work to be done that requires an outlay so save those pennies; there could also be more activities linked to a parent. From the 7th onwards Venus brings harmony to your close relationships with the possibility of one tricky issue which you need to discuss; around the 29th something brings a smile to your face, you might even feel elated. Close friends or professionals on some sort can also figure with positive results.