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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2017

All the things and people that make you feel secure are relevant this month with great feelings of compassion for someone. At the beginning of the month you may be anxious or have a problem which could concern someone close, but as the month progresses you feel more settled, there is a lot of love surrounding you and someone close at this time. This is also a good phase for finances and feelings of self worth, Jupiter is helping you in this area, you are blossoming like a flower and communications are fortunate or a great support. You are full of get up and go with much determination and sense of purpose at this time especially when it comes to your close relationships, you love doing things together and having fun while singles seek a bit of romance in their life; lovers sense they are in it for the long term and feel settled with a partner. From the 6th onwards communications have a special part to play, the 13th, 25th and the 28th are noteworthy.