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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2018

You will find your work uplifting this month, there may be pay rises, promotions, new opportunities or new ways in which to earn money; communication and discussions could lead you up a lucrative path. When it comes to your public life you seek pleasures and good times, anything you can afford, you find fun and romance with your partner and if you are single the drive is strong to find a compatible relationship; you also pursue hobbies and interests, deep feelings spur you on. As well as these matters there is a likelihood of sensitive and compassionate emotions in your daily life along with the possibility of a health issue. There could be a thought provoking communication at this time or maybe the unexpected, and at the start of the month a friendship can cause jealousy or a goal has an obstacle. From the 10th onwards you enjoy private time, time to connect with the Universe and to feel at one in a spiritual sense; any solitary work goes well and medical problems are sorted as you receive beneficial treatment. A few of you hide a secret infatuation but most of you are gaining good Karma by helping someone unselfishly.