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Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2018

This is an emotional but pleasing month, powerful feelings about family and money and all that makes you feel secure is highlighted at this time. You have much sensitivity and empathy when it comes to those you love and if some of them are at a distance you long to see them; however there may be a small disappointment or an obstacle at the beginning of the month. Communications of all kinds are in focus just now, you get a real buzz from talking to your partner, friends and family and will be very busy at the keyboard or on your phone, you enjoy talking over good times and the pleasures in life and you may feel nostalgic, however there could be the odd challenging communication or the unexpected. Siblings or other relatives are part of the picture and there could be a surprising message, the above phase will be the norm over the next few months. From the 10th onwards there are some helpful and positive aspects that indicate your career is on the right track and that you will feel more established, work is a pleasure in this phase, also your public life or your relationship with a family member is bringing much happiness.