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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2018

Work feels more secure or established and money matters gradually resolve themselves with a bit of caution, you are determined to earn as much as possible as you like to enjoy yourself and treat your family. There is a focus on your private life and any work you do behind the scenes, for some of you it is your spiritual life, you may seek time alone to connect spiritually and gain clarity, you will find comfort in this and be able to get on with your future. You have much compassion for a parent at this time and wonder if you are on the right path, however with the continued presence of Jupiter in your house of spirit guidance and protection are there for you. Around the 16th is a tense time and you need to be careful when travelling, it can be a time when work is stressful or a communication is surprising so take care. Your partner or a close friend gives you much to be thankful for but you wonder how being cautious with money is affecting them; there might be challenges in your life at present but the famous Sagittarian optimism will win the day as better times are coming.