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Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2017

There could be one or two things in your private life that you are concerned about at the start of the month, you may have sympathy for someone close who is having some kind of problem or health issue, you could also be a little under the weather yourself and need a bit of TLC; however with Jupiter now travelling through your zone of spirit, healing and solitary work you are silently protected. Venus joins Jupiter in the middle of the month bringing a sense of universal love, it’s also making friendships special and helping your with your objectives. From the 7th onwards you could be helping someone or happily working alone; you connect to spirit easily if you meditate or have some quiet time on your own to give gratitude for your journey in life. You take the lead in friendships this month and enjoy the company of friends, some of you are the driving force in a group and all of you have determination to realise your goals and to make your dreams come true with a bit of fun on the way. There is much to say and communicate this month as Mercury is in your sign, the 13th and 25th are particularly notable where messages are concerned.